What the fuck is this new lingo?

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¿Update your wallet what?

Transaction Broadcast Error

I know the Hive Devs are messing with the blockchain code at the moment in sight of the upcoming HF24 announced for October the sixth. But in more than four years that I've been wandering over here in these blockchains. First Steem and now Hive. It's the first time I see a "Transaction Broadcast Error" message as confusing & cryptic as this one I'm getting since 1:45am until now 3:30am UTC almost two hours later.

Damn folks! Could you be a bit more explicit about these sort of errors?

Could you write a short message that is somewhat more eloquent and coherent so that most users can know what the hell is truly happening and what to do to try to correct the situation with some specific action?

  • Should we just wait for you guys to finish fucking with the code?

  • Should we be the ones who should take some action to correct the situation?

If it is either of these two above...

Why the fuck not formulate and express the 'error message' way more clearly?

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Yea, That error reminds me of a meme group that references the most vague memos and posts

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Yeah man. These Developers are just a gang of gamers and porn MeMe lovers only!!

Just imagine in what they can turn out very soon if they insist in drinking that beverage with the pink elephant everyday as breakfast?

PS: Couldn't reply earlier because I'm still getting this "Transaction Errors" even now. Yeah! other different gibberish nonsense message this time, but same fucking results. };)