Any plans for GLX & Arcade Colony?

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The crypto market is getting fired up from the past few weeks. BTC creating ATH's of this year and breaking it again. It seems like as if BTC is keen to explode at any moment! Lets hope we get to see one of the most amazing crypto bull run in the year 2024.

If you are in crypto market, you might be aware about the fact that at recent times, there has been a trend going on for the last couple of days. The trend of "Airdrop"! People have been actively participating in different types of airdrops. Some have been making significant amount of money, while some have been trying their best to make something out of these tasks. I was able to pursue few of these airdrops and so far I was eligible in few of those as well. Which is why, I am sort of excited to see how things play out with my other attempts of pursuing these so called airdrops ;)

That being said, HIVE blockchain has been the cherry on the cake for me and every other users of this blockchain. The social media blockchain which has been active and giving out to the community in every way possible. While, with the recent event that is coming to HIVE blockchain is the airdrop of Arcade Colony! I am literally excited to see what will this game bring to the ecosystem of Splinterlands and HIVE itself. As Arcade Colony is a subsidiary of Splinterlands and all of this is happening in the blockchain of HIVE. I have been waiting for this since the announcement went live. As to be honest, I was slowly loosing some hope in GLX. As the updates that have been being brought were not adequate for investors to keep investing or keep on going.

Screenshot 2024-02-19 193524.png

Although, this update brought by Arcade Colony is not entirely related to GLX but I suppose in the coming days, it would be wise to expect some good updates related to the project. More users will probably flock into game and this will probably get users explore the ecosystem of Splinterlands and in no time we might have users jumping into HIVE as well. If this scenario actually happens, this will be one of the most generic publicity happen to HIVE. As for a long period of time, even though HIVE has been successfully building its ecosystem but compared to that users are not coming into the chain. With this approach we might as well see some user growth and upon that phase we might as well see the overall growth of every other projects which are based on HIVE.

Yes, at this point everything is based on speculation. But you might not have seen an AIRDROP Hunter lol. They can go to extreme lengths for this sort of things. Even though nothing is guaranteed in an airdrop but they are but they will pursue these projects tasks and make it their everyday routine if possible.

Yes, I must say not everything goes according to plan but airdrop is free money after all. And to be honest there was a time when I used to get rid of every airdrop that I received. I mean to say, I used to sell during TGE. But as of the current situation, I am holding into everything that I am receiving in an airdrop. few facts regarding this approach

  • Upcoming bull market, where price will see some appreciation if its a good project
  • Sometimes these projects gives a steady APR for staking the tokens
  • Also these so called airdropped tokens becomes a criteria to get future airdrops lol

Which is why, for the airdrops that I am going to receive for GLX, I am going to keep them and hold onto them. As the project that Aggroad is bringing upon us, if it clicks somehow, than it is going to be one of the most amazing project that we are going to be a part of. And I do not want to miss any sort of opportunity in the coming days!

If you stake 25,000 GLX on GLS you’ll receive 25,000 COLONY on Arcade Colony

So the criteria for getting an airdrop is given above and according to that I will be eligible to get little over 70k Arcade. Lets see what really happens and how this event actually turns out to be!

Screenshot 2024-02-19 203509.png

How many GLX do you have staked in your GLS account?

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I am also excited for the another airdorp for GLX holders and I have 32k GLX staked.
This aridrop will happen on 26th for GLX and SPS holders ?
@sagarkothari88 vote

This airdrop will happen on 26th for GLX and SPS holders ?

Yep, the snapshot will be taken on that day!

The airdrop is not a single event, but consists of a series daily airdrop of tokens for five years There's that !

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I was already heavily invested in SPS and GLX (to a lesser extent). I never had to "plan" anything. I was already set to profit from the Fork + Airdrop.


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