Better get prepared with HIVE & SPS!!

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The whole of crypto market is going parabolic for the last couple of days. BTC finally crossing its ATH. ETH is follwing. Altcoins are preparing themselves for the high jump and in the coming days we might even see some of the huge jumps of ALT's which we have been expecting for the last couple of days. Although, I am loving these pumps I was expecting HIVE and Splinterlands to follow this trend. But seems like the situation is different. Let's explore few of the points!

HIVE has a completely different path compared to alts. Like I stated in my previous post, HIVE is indeed unpredictable. It can do wonders even in a bear season, while during the full bull season it can still act like as if nothing is happening around itself. The situation of HIVE at present is similar to my above point. That being said for the last 48 hours or so HIVE has been playing in the price action and slowly moving in uptrend. It has been able to reach to almost $0.50 today. Which is a very big news to HIVE. As the price action of HIVE does really lasts that long and if this is happening than there is certainly something happening in the back ground.

There might be a probable scenario happening at this current moment. HIVE might be going through a certain stage of accumulatiuon. This has happened in the past. HIVE going sideways in a bull market and Koreans are buying the coin and a sudden uptrend follows HIVE, taking it to the peak. Resulting HIVE to reach some insane gains and in few scenarios reaching its ATH.

Who knows, the history might repeat itself!

You better get prepared with your HIVE!

I am also heavily into Splinterlands. Most of my portfolio is into HIVE and Splinteralnds. Even though HIVE will see some lime light due to Koreans but seems like SPS is being clearly neglected in this bull run. The price action is sort of speaking for itself.

The bull market has officially started! We are already seeing some insane gains in altcoins, memecoins. BTC reached its ATH damn...... SPS not making a move even at this point is not really a very good sign. Although, there are multiple reasons behind it. Let me state some and these are my personal opinion after watching other play to earn games.

  • No visibility
  • No easy access to the token
  • SPS in No Tier1 CEX
  • Userbase

In terms of visibility Splinterlands seems like it does not even exist. As a play to earn game Splinterlands has done wonders. Unlike Axie infinity Splinterlands is here. Even in bear market we survived. Now we might get some exposure due to the Killer whales episode, thanks to Aggroed. But this hype will not last that long. As an investor or commencing a trade I do keep in mind few simple steps.

  • What is the coin?
  • Team and community
  • Liquidity of that coin in dex
  • Is it available in any reputed CEX

These are the four major aspects I personally look into before diving in a coin. But even though SPS checks out for one or two points but in terms of an investment mind set this does not really satisfies an investor. In order to get userbase, investor and players we need to get an exposure. And yes as of now we have it. We need to give the players some incentives to keep on playing in Splinterlands after making a significant amount of investment. Lets agree, Splinterlands is not really an easy get in game. It has become quite pricy to get some returns from here.

When it comes to investments, lets agree that CEX plays a very crucial role. Yes, people who have been holding onto this token needs some return. Also, this might initiate a dumping of this token into the exchange. But if we do not get a tier 1 exchange listing, we will remain where we are for the next coming years. This uncertainty will drive away new players, investors even before they jump in the game.

I have some points to make regarding the issue of SPS being listed in tier 1 exchange

  • Increase the unstaking period of SPS from 28 days to 60-90 days or even more
  • Since most of our SPS is locked this would give some additional assurance for us
  • This way we would have enough time to get in the flow of bull market
  • This increase of unstaking period may also act as a catalyst and a selling point to the outside world. That we will not dump the token to the new investors or players
  • Since this wou

Well, I am pretty sure the whales have their reasons and theyare acting upon that. But lets see what the bull market awaits for us. Stake based Decentralization can be a really tricky card to play ;) Lets see where we can reach at the end of this bull market.

Best regards

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Now we might get some exposure due to the Killer whales episode, thanks to Aggroed. But this hype will not last that long.

If we all like HIVE and SPS and the Splinterlands game, we should all share this Killer Wales episode everywhere we can! Aggroed is at the 27 minute mark. Anyone can watch for free.

Since this wou

Maybe it's just me, but this is what I see above for your last point about "SPS being listed in tier 1 exchange".

Yes let's be prepared! We could get a big spike in HIVE at any time. It has happened several times over the years.

Wishing all of us the best of luck in this bull market. WAGMI!

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