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There seems to be multiple ways to make your $$ work for you in crypto! Although, the ROI seems to be quite low but figuratively speaking in comparison to the real world, the ROI is much bigger and stable. Also do not forget about inflation in the process. Lets talk about few of those process which could possibly grab the attention if you have some extra dollars to put into.

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Lets breakdown, a 100k portfolio for the understanding of this post.

HIVE is such a place, where one can easily grab some opportunities of a stable income. Yeah, it may not be much but it has been stable and the ROI is quite big compared to other available options.

  • HBD (30%)

It is among one of those earning options, which many of the crypto dudes search very eagerly. 20% APR in a stable coin, is indeed an insane opportunity to have in crypto space. Yes, there are multiple options to get more APR but there risks are involved in an insane amount. HBD being backed up by HIVE is indeed one of the most secure place to enjoy the APR. 30K HBD, which will be printing 20% APR. Monthly, I will have 500 HBD in my disposal.

  • DEC-USDC (20%)

Another stable coins pool, which will generate me a stable income without worrying about loosing my fund in terms of $ value. DEC-USDC offers 29% APR. Which reluctantly would provide me a rough estimate of $300 every month. With both being stable coins, I will be less stress free compared to other pools or trades.

Now that I have almost $800 to secure my month, I can literally play with the other funds of mine. Now there has been countless opportunities which has been lurking on the horizon of crypto. With the funds that are available at my disposal, I can literally do some stuff which would give me some additional boosts to my income.

I believe in multiple projects in crypto space. I would dive into some of them as a long term hodler. To name a few Splinterlands would be one of them. In addition to projects I would hold onto some of the coins which I find promising.

  • Splintershards (10%)

SPS is one of the promising coin that I intend to hold for long term in my portfolio. I would literally keep a stash of this coin and just stake it and enjoy a decent APR from it. As I am aware of the team and I know there are some great news upcoming. I would just stake probably 15k USD worth of coins and enjoy the APR. I would hold the everyday returns of my staked SPS. And will decide what to do with those once we get some movement in price.

  • RUNE (10%)

I must say, Khalelkazi has somehow influenced me to dive into RUNE. As the way he promotes RUNE other than LEO/HIVE, it is difficult to not dive into the project and do some research. Which does gives some positive vibe from the project. I would hodl into some of these into my portfolio. As I would definitely take some profit once I get to see the increase in price.

  • HIVE 5%

Yup, how can I forget HIVE! I do see it crossing its ATH in the upcoming bull run. I do not want to get miss out in these opportunity. So why not take the benefit of the current price of HIVE.

  • 20% in different Altcoins and a portion in BTC

This is for pure profit along the way. As the ETF approval date is coming near, we can do wonders with our funds. With the rest 5% I would just do some trades here and there and search for opportunities to make some profits.

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That being said, there are multiple times where various opportunity arises in the market. Such as crash, that we often see in the crypto market. During those period, with the stables that I have in my portfolio, I would dive into those opportunities and make some profits out of those. As the crash that happened almost 24 hours back, anybody with stables could have made 20-30% gain within a very short period of time.

Its good to visualize certain paths in life. It does gives some motivation along the way. Although, this is just something that I would probably do with having 100k portfolio. But the main theme of this post was, to attain financial freedom along the way. Let's be honest 100k is not even close to be financially free for us all. Which is why this could be just the beginning. As there are multiple ways to arrive in the next coming days where we could get some decent ROI for our investments.

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