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There are users who have been able to obtain substantial amount of growth in their portfolio even before the start of bull run. Some might call them lucky but I would rather refer to those users smart and even more comparably they were persistent. There have been multiple opportunities for users to turn their money into literally 10-100x in the last couple of days. Some have been able to hunt down meme coins which were very early, while some have been actively hunting airdrops. On the other hand some users have been wise enough to scratch good projects at a very early stage. Although, digging through these stories might even sound like fairy tales lol. But upon digging through their wallets the story is much more different that we can think about.

There has been numerous wrong trades which sort of rekt them in unexpected way, while some trades brought them the success they were seeking. Which is why being on the right track is really necessary. For the time being in crypto market, there are different types of HYPE being generated. Which is the coming days would create a huge buzz and people would be able to take some massive profits from their investments.

  • AI Sector

Screenshot 2024-02-22 232431.png

One of the most growing sector for this year. It is expected to see genuine gains in this particular sector. To be more precise some very big investments are being made into this sector. Which does have a promising future for this particular sector. In addition, the changes that are taking place in our everyday life due to this AI, the next generation will see a significant enhancement in AI. AI related projects will create a massive impact in the ecosystem of crypto. Lets see how that actually goes!

  • Decentralized physical infrastructure networks (DePIN)

Screenshot 2024-02-23 011821.png

Another sector which is creating buzz in a very subtle way. It is sort of like a sleeping giant. There has been hype already regarding this particular sector. As it has seen some real life use case which will dominate few sectors. In addition to that the coins that are available in this category are getting proper appreciation from the market as well. I am sort of very bullish regarding this sector. I am also constantly trying to improve my holdings on this sector. Although, it is sort of difficult to be everywhere at the same time lol.

  • Gaming sector

The one that I am most excited about. As most of my significant assets are in this particular sector. I wish I could have grabbed enough of this coins for the next bull market. But it is what it is. But to be honest, the gaming sector has exponential potential for the upcoming bull run. As people are getting to see the benefits of web3 integration into gaming. Which is not only enhancing the gaming community but it is also incentivizing this industry to a whole new level. The next couple of years we are going to see a revolution in this category and those who are grabbing the opportunity at this point will eventually smile upon their investment.

A lot is happening at the moment in the world of crypto and to be precise it is difficult to grab all the opportunities. Grab as many as possible and just enjoy the bull run in the coming days!

FYI: This post is not a financial advice of any sorts!

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I think they all knew the bull run was coming so I won’t say the had grown though

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