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Introduction of lands in the eco system of Splinterlands has created a major impact into the game. There has been a significant boost within the eco system, due to Land. It would have been one of the greatest move to invest into Land presale but it turned out there were few, who knew the potential of land. Hence, they are enjoying their investments as of now.

While, I was able to grab a piece of the pie. Although, it would have been awesome to get hands on few more of these plots. Nevertheless, it feels great to be a part of something. To be honest, if I would not have own this plot, I literally would have no idea about this feature. It would have been just words for me.

Now that I am a part of this feature, I can say for certain that there are lots of things happening within the game. And things are going to be really interesting in the coming days.

  • My plot

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I have been farming grain from the beginning. I have accumulated 85k Grain so far. Although, I have tried farming SPS but seems like it is sort of in vain. As the outcome that I get aka SPS after every 24 hours, it is close to nothing. Also it requires a certain amount of grain to claim the SPS. Which is sort of a double edged sword for me atm. Which made me switch back to grain for the time being. Since, I won a single plot, it is sort of a hassle for me. As I do not have much option for me lying down there. Which is why, I would probably continue farm grain for now.

Screenshot 2024-01-20 211533.png

  • Land market

Land market has been seeing a decline in price. I am not sure what is happening out there but seems like there are some cheap plots available to grab. I can confirm the magical plots were far more valuable than it is now. Which makes it an opportunity to grab, I would say. Although, these investments are mostly long term. As we have seen in the past, the previous edition of cards have seen some significant increase of price and since land also has limited supply, which may have the same impact in the coming days.


With everything that is happening around Splinterlands, as a new user it would be very difficult to get hands on the theme of Splinterlands. As it now requires a lot of efforts, money and dedication to get something out of Splinterlands atm. Splinterlands has evolved a lot in the recent years and it will grow even further in the coming years. It is still not too late to grab a share of the play to earn game. Better late than never. Well, its not any sort of financial advice btw!

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