Increase of Liquidity in Tribaldex

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Tribaldex has been playing a very crucial role in HIVE eco system. The impact of Tribaldex is enormous within HIVE. I suppose almost every one of us (HIVE users) have somehow engaged with Tribaldex in one way or another. Liquidity in a DEX is a very important fact to run its operation. Tribaldex has recently seen a surge in its liquidity over the last couple of days.

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To begin with, for the month of December there has been a stagnant liquidity of around 4.2-4.6 million dollar worth of assets in all the liqudity pools of Tribaldex. But it has been noticed a sudden inflow of funds has been injected into the liquidity pool of Tribaldex. Although, the price of some of the coins have played a significant role in this price surge but this surge is almost double of the previous average TVL. It is quite an achievement compared to the previous provided liquidity.

Splinterlands has played a very crucial role in this total liquidity. As it seems, some of the pool in the top list is of the pairs of Splinterlands. Which gives some nice push to the liquidity for allowing it to cross the 10 million dollars of liquidity.

To make this happen, the lucrative APR has played a very important role in here. Especially Splinterlands liquidity pools has seen some increase of APR for liquidity providers. Even for me, it was quite irrestible to back off from this offer. For example, to get 31% (approximately) APR for two stable coins(DEC-USDC) is quite crazy in today's market. And the team of Splinterlands has been taking multiple precautions to keep it this way even for long term. This dedication is a much needed one for the community and the ecosytem of Splinterlands.

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I must say, this liquidity of Tribaldex compared to other giants like Uniswap, is probably close to nothing. But considering the fact that HIVE ecosystem is still compact and it has a huge potential to grow in the coming days, makes it one of the most promising project to explore. The rewards ratio is quite big compared to other liquidity pools out there.

Coming to talk about security, it is going to quite difficult to exploit this liquidity pools as there are multiple layers of security. Also HIVE eco system plays a crucial role in here as well.

As a fellow liquidity provider myself, I have been watching my assets increase in both price appreciation and the daily reward ratio has been helping me to increase my portfolio even in the bear market. Although, there are risks involved in providing liquidity but in longer time frame, I have been on the positive side for my assets. I am more than willing to increase my liquidity in the coming days for some more pairs, such as the stable coin pairs (USDC-DEC). Hopefully this 2024 is going to be amazing for us all.

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Thanks for this post about TribalDex which I have never tried. Question: Can HIVE or HIVE second-level coins be staked on this decentralized exchange?

For now, all a user can do is provide liquidity and earn some rewards in pairs. Although, it varies from pairs to pairs!

Thanks for reply

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