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Last few days have been spectacular in the land of Splinterlands. With all the updates flooding in the game, it literally became the talk of the town within the entire HIVE eco system. It's an exciting period which we are going through. Besides, the real excitement is yet to be felt as there are quite some upgrades which are yet awaiting in the pipeline of Splinterlands.

Have you noticed the land expansion of Splinterlands. Every user of Splinterlands were awaiting for this upgrade. As soon as it hit the game, it was an instant hit. Although, there are quite a lot of work that needs to be implemented within the game. But it was a boost that was much needed for the players and everyone within the game.

  • Passive Income

This is probably one of the most anticipated phrase of this period. Anybody who is financially free can enjoy their life probably to the fullest. That being said, crypto, play to earn game and other sectors of the crypto industry has set the heights of achieving this goal. There are numerous numbers of people who have reach that goal and others are following that path.

The LAND update in Splinterlands has set a new height of goal within the game. There are plenty of important updates which took place due to the update of land. Which is a promising time going on in Splinterlands.

  • Urge of DEC in players

  • DEC reached Pegged value

  • Staking cards within Lands

  • SPS got some boost

  • SPS burning happening

I am very excited about the outcome of this land feature. Users are literally printing money with very low effort. Although, they do deserve it as they have been waiting years for this update and as of now they are bearing the fruits of their patience. As being seen the date is speaking for itself.

A huge portion of DEC is staked at land. A little over 23% of the total supply. Can you imagine a native coin which is staked almost 1/4 of its supply in a new realease version upgrade within the game. The amount of dedication shown by the players is immense. Although, these are just staked and can be unstaked immediately from the land.

Screenshot 2023-12-07 153638.png

Now that we have seen the performance of DEC, let us look at SPS. With the update of Land and SPS got some significant boost in price and burning rate. Can you just realize SPS being burned that even for loss to acquire DEC (in some cases). That is something that I have never seen in any of the token till date. But its good to see people are enthusiastic and giving their best to play their part in the game.

Screenshot 2023-12-07 154050.png

A little over 3% of SPS is burned and removed from existence. I believe if DEC keeps going the way it is, it will show some immense burning of SPS in the coming days. Which will not only provide an utility for SPS token but it will also allow some opportunity of arbitrage and it will significantly boost the price of SPS and we will slowly get where we have wanted for a very long period of time.

Screenshot 2023-12-07 154302.png

It is probably a matter of time before SPS catches the eye of investors outside the game of Splinterlands. As the DAO is becoming stronger everyday. And if this goes on, in the coming days, we might see a proposal popping up about the listing of SPS in a reputed CEX. IF that happens, it will be a perfect gift for all the hodlers of SPS, who have been holding SPS no matter what.

Were you able to get hands on LAND?

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