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When it comes to NFT's, I believe Splinterlands has created a land mark! It has introduced NFT's quite a long time back. So far the trend has been going on but somehow it has not reached the lime light that it was suppose to unlike other projects. Hopefully this will change in the course of time and we might see something big for the players and the investors of Splinterlands. There happens to be a reason for me mentioning Splinterlands in this particular post. Keep on reading, you might find it useful. Even better if you have RUNI in your possession.

Magic Eden

Today, I came across a leading multi-chain NFT marketplace supporting non-fungible tokens on Solana, Ethereum, Polygon, and Bitcoin. Magic Eden platform enables users to create, buy, sell and collect NFT's. Even though they have other features which makes them one of the pioneers in this NFT market place. Get to know more about it here!

In a recent announcement, Magic Eden has announced a reward program for all those users who have been trading NFT's. The eligibility criteria is for those users who have been trading NFT's in ETH chain since 2017.

This reminds me of Splinterlands players. Especially those who have purchased RUNI or traded from time to time. I was curious to see if I was eligible in this criteria. Seems like my RUNI account has been eligible.


Although, in this phase of rewards from Magic Eden they are giving out DIAMONDS. It all depends on the volume of the ETh that a user have traded over the period. The more volume a user has, the more number of diamonds a user is eligible for.

Few questions

  • What are these Diamonds worth?
  • What is the use case of these diamonds?
  • Are they even worth it?
  • Is the site safe?

If I am being honest, nowadays anything that arrives in the market becomes a trend. There has been new trend of points in the market. Where projects gives out points to users for tasks within their eco system and surprisingly these points are being traded in insane amounts in the pre market. Crypto market is indeed one of the crazy places that any one can think of. That being said, these Diamonds could be worth simply nothing. Or if the magic eden team plays something good, these could turn out to be something great in this current market.

For users like me, I might not be eligible for Diamonds but there are OG's in the NFT market place who can transform this into something big. Only if Diamonds being given out to users gets to hold something valuable.

Steps to check out, if your wallet is eligible or not!

✅Go to
✅Connect wallet
✅Click rewards

I seem to be eligible for 2000 Diamonds. 400 Diamonds are claimable for now and the rest, I am yet to discover.


It is your responsibility to get to know about the project and if it is legit or not. DYOR and connect your wallet at your own discretion. None of the details in this post is a financial advice. And it is your wallet, your fund, your decision :)

Official Tweet from Magic Eden

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