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I have been accumulating tokens for the last couple of months. Since, we all are probably aware of the upcoming bull market. Some are even predicting this bull market is going to be a massive one or to be more precise this bull market will cross borders beyond imagination! Well, no one can say for certain, what the future awaits for us but under the current circumstances everything is pointing towards positive gains in the crypto market. That being said, what have you been upto lately?

BTC is probably out of the question for many of us to hold onto. Since the price is out of reach for many investors. While talking about low cap coins, this year is going to be one of the most efficient year to become wealthy, financially. Lets explore the situations a little bit.

Since, I am into HIVE blockchain since its inception, I am quite heavily invested in here, rather than anywhere else. I have been much more successful when it comes to investment in HIVE, compared to other places. This is probably because of the ecosystem of this blockchain. It has enhanced my thinking, investment and overall performance regarding crypto and its atmosphere. Which is why, I have been doing my task for the last couple of months and so far I have been gradually approaching towards my goal.

To begin with, I have slowly been accumulating Splintershards(SPS). I am currently sitting at 66k staked SPS and somewhat similar to this amount in liquid. I have been trying to accumulate more SPS via arbitrage, buying high selling low with the liquid amount. If everything goes according to plan, I am probably going to end up with a handful amount of SPS in the coming days before I get to see a full run in SPS in terms of price ;) Although, as of this moment I intend to keep on increasing my staked balance and just enjoy the APR and all the other benefits regarding SPS :)

I also am trying to accumulate some funds to increase my card holdings. After all Splinterlands cards have been one of the basic needs for us all ;) This platform has become more like a go to family in the internet for the early adopters. I would like to keep this going as long as I can afford and I am keen to see what really awaits me in the upcoming days in the land of Splinterlands.

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Now lets talk about HIVE! I am planning to collect as much HIVE as possible before the bull run hits the HIVE market. As you might have noticed the Koreans have already taken into consideration to pump HIVE and in the last 48 hours or so we have already seen HIVE spiked a little bit. Which is literally a good news for us all but also somewhat disappointing for me tbh. Well, I wanted to collect even more HIVE in this rate lol. Yea, I am sort of thinking other wise lol. But lets face it, this bull run we are probably going to see some crazy ATH of HIVE and every other promising coins in the crypto market.

That being said, lets talk about few altcoins which I am holding into my bag.

  • Manta
  • DYM
  • COQ (Official meme coin of Avax)
  • Atom

Few AI coins that I am slowly bagging!

And few others in small amounts. While I also want to mention that significant gains are going to be obtained in new coins this season.

Crypto community has come a long way. A lot has changed over the course. Now we have a different scenario. It is going to be a very difficult situation in the coming days for old users if they can not transform them self to this new environment. As new big players are entering the market and it is going to be one hell of a ride for us all. Lets see what really happens for us in the coming days.

I do really hope that everyone in the crypto space can get something beneficial from this bull run, if it ever takes place btw! Just saying lol ;)

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Atom you staked somewhere or keeping in liquid ?
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50% liquid and 50% staked in Leap Wallet, staked to validator!

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