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It has been quite an exciting day! The crypto market has been on a rough patch for the last 24 hours. The Kucoin saga continuous. The FUD in the market, caught the attention. Kucoin users were busy in withdrawing their funds during the last 24 hours. It was a chaotic situation for KUCOIN. Although the crypto exchange is claiming the funds are SAFU but the users are reacting in the opposite direction. I hope the situations settles down a little and we get to see some nice uptrend in the market!

Well, before I begin I was going through my Splinterlands assets. Upon going through my merits sections I found some merits lying in my account. Than and than just grabbed the merits and bought a pack. Without much of a delay, I opened it. To be honest, I was not really expecting any good cards coming out of it. But to my surprise, I was greeted with one of the card which I have been expecting for such a long time. Yeah, Quora Towershead on the deck! I have been wanting this card for a very long time. Finally she has onboarded the deck. Now that she is onboard I now am becoming even more greedy lol. I want more of her in my deck :) Hopefully next packs are going to be as exciting as this one.

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According to a recent statistics the price of cards seem to be much lower compared to the previous times. Which is probably a blessing given the fact that it would be much easier to grab some cheap cards to build the deck. While on the other hand this is not really a good sign at all. The price of cards getting down which does not indicate to a positive venture of the game.

The value of cards were almost double couple of days ago. But it seems like the price of cards have declined quite a lot. Although the investment that I have done in acquiring the decks is for the long term purpose. Which is why, I am not really that worried about the price decline. But giving the fact that the bull run is upon us and yet we are not able to or get anything significant from our investment is really tiresome. But yeah, the team is trying their best to make

Screenshot 2024-03-28 010407.png

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When it comes to sniping opportunities, I believe this could be one of the best chance to grab some cards and build the deck for the future. Although, it is a decision which is completely based on you. That being said, with a mere $1700 you can get a Diamond level cards at the current price.

Even though, the numbers are not really that accurate but it is an approximate amount. The image below is the estimated amount for the Chaos Legion pack and if you go through the other set of cards I believe the amount would be much less compared to the price for the last few weeks.

Screenshot 2024-03-28 011719.png
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I wish I would get another decent set in this current price as I am pretty sure the team is doing what they can to make the game much more effective and as profitable as possible for the gamers. But as of now, I am already heavily invested in the game and its other attributes, which is why even if I want to get another deck but I can not afford it atm.

Lets see what happens in the coming days! And all these information are my personal opinions. And of course there are no financial advices given out in here! DYOR!

Best regards

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