Panic Selling or Buying the DIP || SPS, HIVE.....

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The dump in the crypto market which took place in the past 24 hours was horrific. Millions of dollars were liquidated. Since the halving event of BTC is getting closer, the overall crypto market seems to be getting volatile. It is better to be careful while dealing with trades in the current scenario.

Since everything is taking a hit my portfolio took as well was affected. I usually keep my portfolio is three stages. One is for long term, the other one is for short term profits and the last one is for day trades. While for the cryptos that I have in my long term portfolio, I am not worried about them at all. On the other hand, my other two sectors are where my money is at. By that I mean, I am constantly rotating these money to promising coins and taking profits from these trades. and by doing so, I am rebalancing my long term portfolio for the time being.

While, I am taking a hit on my long term bag. Which does includes SPS and HIVE. As a matter of fact my larger chunk of my portfolio (long term) is consists of HIVE and SPS. I am aware that HIVE will somehow go up in the bull rally. As we know that the Koreans are a very good fan of this particular token. Which is why a boost in price is imminent in the coming days. If everything was going according to plan, I would not have been worried about SPS either. But as it seems the game is becoming much more difficult to go with. So many things are rounding up in the server. Twitter is getting messy and so much more. I am not really getting that past vibe like I used to.

But yet, I do feel like Splinterlands will somehow do some magic like it is used to and it will get back on its feet and just do wonders like it is used to. Which is why even in the current scenario I am not in the mood of getting rid of my long term SPS bag. Instead, i am trying to increase my bag of SPS by re-staking my staking rewards and collect as much SPS as possible from the other sources.

That being said, SPS is currently trading just above $0.015. This is quite shocking to see that SPS coming back to this area. As there has been quite a lot of updates given out by the team in the last couple of days. But considering the market the price decline is reasonable.

On the other hand, if we get to see something good coming up in the upcoming days, Splinterlands might see a boost in its economy and as a fellow user, player, content creator, investor in this game, I would really love to see some nice push upwards in its economy. Which is why I am getting prepared and still collecting SPS and bagging them in the current price. Just for the sake of argument, lets say SPS reaches $0.03 if everything goes well our money will double. In the current scenario of the market it is literally doable. As memecoins in general are genrating millions of dollars worth of trading volume and pushing coins which literally do not have any sort of use case at all. But SPS if it gets the lime light like any other gaming coins, it will thrive in the upcoming bull market. Which is why better not sale the tokens at cheap rate,

DYOR: Although, these are just my personal opinion and not any sort of financial advice at all!

Best regards

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Im right there with you, most of my crypto value in tokens is staked hive and sps. Thanks for pointing out sps price, 0.045 hive each I just grabbed some. definitely an attractive hive price to buy at for me.

I think the recent binance settlement with gov, will start opening the money floodgates to all bsc tokens in the coming days/weeks/months and we know sps was created as a bsc token.

bitcoin is setup well to move towards 100k in next xyz period of time, it looks like it could be



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i am buying more sps , i think it is best time to increase sps bag , very easily double from this price to 0.03 , i agree with you

SPS is close to its all-time lows, from the graph it seems that no one has been buying for months and months. Hive didn't have a good 2023, even new users seem to have been very few in 2023. I'm currently a bit disappointed, but I'll get over it

Well the volatility the crypto space is experiencing right now is actually expected and we might see more even after the bitcoin halving. It will take like a few weeks after the bitcoin halving before we can start seeing the stability back

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