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There has been a lot going on in the realm of Spinterlands. If you are not up to date, you seem to be missing a lot. A lot of DAO proposals are up, various debates are going on, new tactics are being created to create a better environment into the game and so many other features are being introduced which could potentially make the game even more interesting.

One update which corelate with Splinterlands, is the latest token release of PUSH and SHOVE PNS token. Even though, this has nothing to do with Splinterlands (Officially) but the intend that it has been made with could eventually lead to something big for the community of SPlinterlands.


This post will elaborate what PNS is and what it aims to do in the coming days. Yes, it is a meme coin created on BSC chain. It is entirely a community driven project which could eventually lead to a great success or it can either to go the other way around as well. Which is why please be aware and do your own due diligence before you move ahead with your investment.

There are couple of aspects which I really liked about this initiative. First and foremost it was based on the sacrificial round of SPS. Where holders of SPS would sacrifice their SPS for this token. Yes, it was a great success in this initiative. Which technically made it possible to get PNS token go live and think forward about this initiative.

As of now the PNS token is live and being traded in Pancakeswap. The TGE have been great. The price has been stable and going sideways for the time being.

How to BUY PNS!

PNS stats on Pancakeswap

  • Price : $0.00024 per token
  • Marketcap : 735k as of writing this post
  • Volume : Almost 8k
  • Website : https://www.pnstoken.com/
  • Contract Address: 0xcb59a22868a6195d126d7d89896a5fd190df90da

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The sad part here is, I was not able to be a part of this sacrificial round. As I was busy else where and was not able to dig much deep into the token or the way it would operate in the coming days. But if I am being honest, I am really really excited to see it become a reality.

Some points that I would like to state from the PNS token

  • The primary goal of the PNS token is to grow in its own right and spread awareness to the greater BSC and memecoin community about Splinterlands.

  • Since liquidity for this token will be added against SPS and DEC on PancakeSwap, it means as the price of PNS increases, more DEC and SPS will be locked up in liquidity pools, thus potentially taking out a significant amount of SPS and DEC out of circulation. However, these tokens are simply locked in liquidity and not burned, which means if PNS prices fall SPS and DEC will enter circulation again.

Community is one of the most driven aspect in any major project. Community can make a huge difference when it comes to make a clear approach. Another milestone created by the community of Splinteralands. Zero marketing, with zero VC funding and techincally with a vision PNS came to reality. Now as much as I want PNS to succeed, I really would like to say, coming this far was out of the question but since we are here now, it would really be awesome to see PNS rock and roll in the coming days.

I highly suggest for you go through this post and get some idea about PNS!

Announcing Push and Shove Token $PNS - The Unofficial Memecoin of Splinterlands

Best regards

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