Splinterlands finally creating a buzz....

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Splinterlands has been on the blockchain industry since 2021. Traditional card game which has implemented crypto in its payments system has been changing the way we view the gaming industry. It has been silently making impact in its user base and now it is time to make the world know what Splinterlands has been doing for the last couple of years.

3.5 Billion games played

2 Billion transactions on chain

1.2 Million transaction per day

3.5 Billions game played over the life span of Splinterlands. This number is an insane amount. Players taking their time out and creating a team, submitting the team in the battle field requires roughly an estimated of 2-5 minutes for each match. Given that time frame the number of time spend in the game would be an astounding number. Which shows how much a player is into this game.

2 Billion transaction, I mean this is insane. Lets just say, even if we have paid a penny for those transactions in any other blockchain the total amount of gas fees spent on those transactions would be insane. But all those transactions done without a single penny is amazingly amazing. On chain transactions on HIVE is completely free (if you stake HIVE as HP). That being said, till to this HIVE blockchain has been doing an impressive job as a whole of blockchain.

On the contrary, community is what makes a blockchain reach its success. If I may share a story that took place recently in the blockchain. The airdrop of Starknet has been one of the most anticipated one for the last couple of months. But while giving out the airdrop to the mass community, the team of Starknet screwed up real bad. Their decision of making the airdrop towards the community was not well received. Yes, the airdrop is not entitled and neither it is a charity. It sole purpose is to reward the community, developers, investors and those who have been supporting the chain since the early days. But this is where the team f***d up real bad. Their majority criteria eligibilty was for developers and other core members. Although, I am aware hoe much this information is legit but overall majority of the community missed this airdrop due to a simple eligibility criteria for the airdrop. This piece of action backlashed for Starknet, which impacted the eco system of the blockchain. resulting is people pulling out liquidity and some were even furious to quit the ecosystem of Starknet.

As far as I am concerned, I heard they were going to do a second phase of airdrop and I doubt they will ever get the same appreciation from the community which they received previously. That being said, community is what makes the ecosystem of thrive. Splinterlands has got that. A dedicated community which is with the game from the very beginning. The majority of the stake holders in the game are here for a very long time> And they do not intend to leave the game any time soon. As a fellow player, investor I do not intend to leave the game anytime soon. In fact, I am eager to put in more effort and investments into the game ;) As I know what the game can achieve in the coming days and how gigantic this game can be in the coming days as well.

In my opinion, the above statistics says it all! Splinterlands has been slowly building its infrastructure over the years. There has been plenty of play to earn games peaking during the previous bull run but they have vanished into thin air due to way they have presented their ecosystem towards their community. Lack of trust, poor implementation, frustrated community, no investment and many more reasons were the reasons for their demise. But on the other hand, Splinterlands has been growing ever since. It has been making its way towards higher high since the inception.

With the recent presence of @aggroed in the killerwhales show, Splinterlands is going to get the presence that we have been talking for a very long time. This will act as a key point towards this game's development and onboarding users in the coming days. That being said, if you can share the news of Splinterlands in Twitter as it is already getting some appreciation from the users of HIVE and Splinterlands out there.

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Liked the tweet, replied to the tweet and retweeted it! Go #splinterlands! I've been playing since day 1.

And if you want free #SPS just visit the game faucet.

It looks like things are getting ready for something big.. do you think so?
@sagarkothari88 vote

Yeah, bro! Excited to see what's cooking up!

I hope so! I've always loved this project and have been wanting to see it grow.

We will see what happens!

I saw the Aggroed video, I too had the feeling of something important

Hopefully sth amazing is coming!

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