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SPS has been taking a hit lately! The price has been declining and it has reached in the zone below $0.02 price point. To be precise, it reached the price of $0.0188 area in the recent dump. I was getting the impression whether it will follow the dip of $0.013 area. But so far the price has hold onto $0.02 area and we might see a uptrend if everything goes according to plan.

Since the last couple of days, Splinterlands realm has been active. In terms of coming up with different ideas and making it come into fruition via the DAO proposal. As it seems we have reached in an impass. There are majority of the users who are desiring to get listed in a Tier 1 exchange, while there are some whales who are literally not ready yet to go after Tier 1 listing. This has created some buzz within the community. Which has been created the DAO proposal to get edited and re-edited for quite some time. And now that a pre proposal has passed into the main phase with amendments, we have seen another preprosal regarding this issue of Tie 1 exchange listing. Both are available in Splinterlands official website under proposal TAB.

Well, I hope we get to see something positive out of this. The issue regarding these two proposals are

  • Immediate listing without any sort of delay. This step will ensure us some visibility outside of HIVE. As we might get some positive feedback from the outside world. Thus the eco system will thrive and as a gaming community which has been in the crypto play to earn industry for such a long time will reach to the place where it deserves to be.
  • On the other hand, the whales are thinking this might be an exit plan for many big holders. If this happens, then the economy of the game will fall down to floor. As once the whole world sees, the own community is dumping the token in terms of exit plan, the outcome will not be that fascinating. Resulting in the demise of the game.

These are my two cents on the thoughts of both proposal. On the contrary, the way we are moving within the game it is slowly walking towards the dead end. No extra revenue is being printed. No new players are arriving in the game, no money is flowing into the game from outside overall, only limited number of players are just throwing the money here and there. I am not sure where we will be going if this goes on in the coming days.

Whales play a very important role in any ecosystem. As they flourish the network and help the ecosystem grow by their influence and their fund. Also not to forget community is also a basic pillar for a project to thrive. As an example, I would like to state a recent event which took the world by surprise. Starknet an Ethereum layer-2 scaling solution which was flourishing with users into its ecosystem. Among many other issues (Such as Airdrops) also the DEV calling people words which heated up the community resulted the blockchain loose its transaction over 80% in the last 30 days. Community does play a major role in any given project.

We all as players, investors love to play this game. As even after all this we are here for a reason. We want the project to succeed in every possible way. Which is why before going down any path lets be sure what we are getting into. As any wrong move could destroy our beloved game which we have been nurturing for years. Think in every possible aspects and in every possible way before making a decision.

I Just would like to see this game be successful like any other play to earn game.

Best regards

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No new players are arriving in the game, no money is flowing into the game from outside overall, only limited number of players are just throwing the money here and there.

How do you know this is the case?