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HIVE has been one of the biggest crypto adventure for myself. It has been almost four years. A lot has changed over the period. Crypto has become a second home to many of us. HIVE blockchain has taken a significant part in our life. To this day, HIVE has evolved but it has not gained the exposure that it was suppose to, for all the efficient activities that it is delivering as a blockchain. Probably because the majority portion of users (of crypto) is not aware that we even exist. Not to forget Hive provides solutions to the ongoing complains of crypto users such as GAS FEES, security, Stable coin yield, community and much more. We just need exposure and upon diving the chain, folks will realize what they have been missing all along.

Even though the market is bullish from the current scenario, HIVE seem to have a history of being stagnant. To be more precise, HIVE is literally unpredictable! It can sometimes do wonders in a bear market, while when the whole of market is on ATH, HIVE will either keep declining in price or just go through the consolidation phase. On another scenario, HIVE could practically make you see stars even in bright day light ;)

That being said, HIVE has been going through a consolidation phase. The chart below is of a month. As you may notice the price has not been fluctuating a lot for the last couple of days. The chart is of Binance. As at the moment compared to other exchanges this is where HIVE has the most amount of liquidity and volume. Volume is one of the key point for a token to get visibility in the crypto world. Since, Binance is not accessible in many countries that provides a barrier to a massive investors. Which is a downside to the economy of HIVE.

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  • What can be done?

To be honest, it is very difficult to say what needs to be done! To begin with, we probably need to create a shout out to the whole of crypto community that we exist. A blockchain with zero downtime, zero fees, social platform, gaming platform and what not. We exist in real time. Layer2, layer3 ecosystem are trying to figure out a way to make their ecosystem thrive by solving issues regarding gas fees, transaction fees, blockchain going down and many more. Whereas, HIVE has solved it way back and thriving!

More major exchange listing, more liquidity, more publicity and more education regarding our blockchain. So much can be achieved with the power of HIVE. But yet we are not exploring it. Even in this current bull run, I do doubt that we will be able to get the exposure that we originally deserve.

Yes, we might see some crazy pumps in the price of HIVE due to the Koreans and many users of HIVE will eventually get the benefit from this pump but we need much more than that. And to be honest, as a fellow user of this blockchain, I am keen to see HIVE Blockchain reach to the level where it can not only evolve itself but it becomes a HUB for all the content creators, developers, investors, gamers and all sorts of crypto adopters. I suppose we will reach that level in the coming days.

As a user of HIVE blockchain my portfolio consists of mostly HIVE and its ecosystem's coins/tokens. Which I intend to keep on increasing as time passes by. As I firmly believe, I will get much more value for the holding of mine in the coming days.

I intend to DCA in HIVE. I have been planning to obtain a substantial amount of HIVE in the coming days. As I do not want to miss this unpredicatable run of HIVE in the bull market ;) The adrenaline rush of watching HIVE reach its ATH is going to do be one of the best feelings of this year ;)

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Yeah, is unpredictable but I am swaping all my HBD rewards for Hive since a month trying to accumulate the more possible tokens below 0.50

That's a great plan!

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