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I have been playing Splinterlands modern battles for the last couple of days. I am going through a strange phase at the moment. It is as if, I am transforming myself into something. Which is good, IMO! Deep diving even more into Splinterlands. Well, let me share battles from the gameplay which I found interesting and there are some other aspects which are currently taking place into Splinterlands.

I was able to explore the Gold league but came down to Silver 3. Well I will get up to upper league today that's certain. That being said, it is sort of a whole new experience when you are in the battle with veterans. Their way of thinking and monsters placement, strategy is on a whole different level. A lot to learn!

The battle that I am sharing is of 30 mana. And both of us in the battle field almost thought alike. As most of our monsters are on the same places and I bet the opponent of mine was successful in decoding my line up lol.

Two rules in the match. Legendary monsters may not be used in battles. Fire and regret, which will enable ranged attacks return their attack to thyself. I was given the option to choose the deck from Earth, Death and Life Splinter. I was thinking of coming up with a strategy which would go perfect with death splinter.

CURSED WINDEKUOne prime reason for choosing Windeku was because of its Thorn ability. Since it will be able to do some return damage to the opponent(melee attacks) in every rounds. In addition the healing ability would be a useful tool in the battle field.
SHADOW SNITCHI need a reach monster which would do damage in a very wild way. Snitch is perfect for that. It's affliction ability sometimes comes in handy in the battle field. Upon successful hit with affliction, my opponent would not have a chance of healing itself. A very useful tool when it can do its damage
SILENT SHAVII was in dire need of a sneak attack monster. Also I decided to put this one in such a position that even if my from row gets wiped out this would be able to maintain the front lineup of mine till my other monsters can perform their tasks.
SCAVO TECHNOMANCERChoosing this monster was almost a last minute decision. As I was thinking of going full melee but decided to choose this monster due to its Blast ability. As this is a very important skill that comes in handy in battles as such. Also the rust ability gives some additional benfits in the game play
SOUL STRANGLEROne of my most favorite card in death Splinter. Due to its ranged attack of 4, little mana holder and not to forget the poison ability does really makes a huge difference. Also in this particular match as you may see, this ability came in handy. I was aware of Fire and regret rule but it was beyond that rule set for those moments during the selections of monsters.
SOUL STRANGLERSelecting this specific card was because of its magic attack. As I was hoping to get some damage in terms of health. That being said, the Life leech ability is a very effective strategy in the battle field. Also not to forget the redemption ability. My initial thought was if it gets taken away it will do some damage to my opponents even in death bed ;)

Screenshot 2024-03-12 103444.png

Overall, my opponent was almost thinking in similar way as I was. Which is result as you may see our lineup matches in 50%. Although, I suppose my attacks from my monsters came in little handy in the match. But if I was not going for slightly extra damage with my monsters, i would have ended up on the other side of the match. It was a spontaneous decision during the battle. Although, it was a bet during that time but i suppose it was really worth it.

I dived in Splinterlands tournaments. Which was indeed not what I expected lol. That place is a completely different zone. It is a literal blood bath in the battle field. I probably will need some more time exploring the strategies. But I am loving this experience. I am hoping to get something out of this effort. Let's see!

Best regards

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