Introducing The SBT Token (Airdrop Available)

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Just days ago I discovered this awesome new token. The name of it is SBT which is short for Splinterlands Battle Token. This token was not created by the official Splinterlands crew but nonetheless I think it has some promise. I certainly think its a great idea for a token but we will get to that later after I share with you its Hive-Engine description. For now lets look at the tokenomics.


Token Name : SBT

Supply (Circulating / Total / Max)

202 M / 202 M / 1 B

Issuer: @itzninjafool

Website URL: Splinterlands

Hive-Engine Description:

A reward token that you choose to give out to people who you have enjoyed battling against within the Splinterlands game. It does nothing inside of the game and can just be collected, sold, or bought. Simply reward this token as you see fit. See you on the battlefield.

SBT On Hive-Engine


Splinterlands: Ready To Rumble?


SBT Buy & Sell Orders

On Hive-Engine


Put Em Up

RentMoney's Final Thoughts

I think the SBT (Splinterlands Battle Token) is a great idea for a token. Did you get your butt kicked in battle (Send some SBT to your opponent). Did you kick someone elses butt in battle (Send them some SBT tokens). Did you have a draw (You get the drill by now). Such a simple but yet awesome use case. With the right marketing push I can see the SBT token becoming popular. Currently the Splinterlands Battle Tokens are very cheap but just because I think they show promise that doesn't mean you should jump right in and purchase some. Remember the number one rule with investing, Never invest what you can't afford to lose and always do your own research before spending any of your hard earned currencies.

Breaking News

The creator of the SBT token is airdropping some of the SBT token. All one needs to do to be included is leave a comment in the official SBT airdrop post by clicking anywhere on this highlighted area.

Watch A Battle Below

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SBT sounds interesting. If they can develop an automatic distribution system like !LUV or !LOLZ tokens it would increase use significantly.

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Mutton Honey.

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I agree, it would make it much easier to transfer the token. It would also be interesting to see Splinterlands themselves allow transfers of approved Hive Tokens within game. It that ever happens I can see SBT being very popular.

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Good looks on the promo!!

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Thanks for the curation.

Have some !BEER and !PIZZA while enjoying some !LOLZ.

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Nice! Thank you! I need to acquire some tokens for tipping also :-)

Its a great project! my girlfriend and I commented and got 1m tokens each. We plan to hold them, there is talk of staking in the future possibly also!

Nice, thanks for the added information.


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It will definitely be a useful token someday !LOLZ

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I think so to.


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So, it can only be bought and sold? I can't be earned somehow? Thank you for sharing this!

Bought / Sold and gifted.

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Congrats you were sent 500 SBT Tokens

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Wow! Thank you so much for those SBT!!!!!!!

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Wow thank you so much! He gave me lots of SBT! You are awesome!!!



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Hmmmm, a curious token Rent. Figured wouldnt hurt to add it to add it the portfolio to sit on too, just couple bucks worth. Good research and update sir!


I believe that was a good move on your part.

Thanks for the !PIZZA

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I think you should also include his post about getting free SBT tokens. I currently just sit on my tokens because I never remember when I am doing fights.

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Good idea, I thought the post expired but I see there is a fresh one up that is airdropping the token. Thanks for mentioning it. The airdrop post has now been included.


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I missed the original post. Thanks for sending this out. Definitely could be a fun way to interact with people on Splinterlands. As you say, I don't know how much value they will ever achieve, but that doesn't necessarily need to be the point with a token like this. It's more about the interaction it can incite.

I agree with everything you said.

Enjoy some !BEER.

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A very interesting ecosystem is being created and this token can be part of it.
I definitely need to find more information and see how to get some.

There is a link in the OP to an SBT airdrop.

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Another one?!? I'm getting tired of keep up with all these airdrops! Hehe...

Thank you for the SBT post. This kind of stuff ensures that people will get in. Thank you for creating time to do so. It is greatly appreciated.

You're Welcome.


This is an awesome example of community driven economies. What a great incentive to use SBT to thank worthy fellow summoners on a well fought battle!

Interesting idea for increasing interaction. Right now I have little to none with my opponents.

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