SBT Givaway Continues

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If I may have missed you the first time...

Due to the number of people who have taken interest in #SBT, I may have missed who commented and wanted to be issued this token. It is difficult trying to sort through every comment and see who I have or have not issued to.

Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

In case I have missed you for the giveaway the first time, please start a new comment section on this post. There is still plenty left to give.

Current issued as of making this post- 169 million SBT

If you would like to take part in the future uses of this coin and how it can improve. Or have a usage suggestion you would like me to share in a future update, please comment through the following link

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Thanks for pointing me to this post @rentmoney! Hive is the best! Battle Tokens!!!!

Thanks @rentmoney for pointing this out to @protosphere. Enjoy the tokens!

You're Welcome.

I attempted to spread the word.

That is awesome! I appreciate it! A little can go a long way. Even if it doesn't necessarily bring in a shipload of people. The reach is still there. The more people the better. I would love this to become a sort of trend. Appreciate your hard work and efforts! Thanks!

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Thank you for my Battle Tokens! Following you to stay informed! Excited!!!

You're Welcome.

Please do count me in. I love the concept behind this token and it would surely be fun to have it implemented. Honor system does go far in other games and surely promotes sportsmanship.

I am glad you like the idea behind why I have created this token. Should be interesting nonetheless. Enjoy the tokens I have sent! Have some fun with it!

I would like to be counted in too. Hope the project grows succesful!

This sounds like a most interesting project. I'll definitely be interested in joining in too.
I've only started playing Splinterlands for about a month, but I'm already fully engaged and have started blogging and posting on the Hive blockchain.😄

Thanks. New players are welcome! I think this token will serve as a great appreciation token for battles. Hope you like it. Enjoy!

Hope i can join the project!!

You are in! Enjoy the SBT!

Thanks!! will make good use of this!!

This is such a cool idea :D

Thanks! Cool ideas have been flowing in creative ways with this token from within the community. Hope you like them. Enjoy!

Please count me in, I am curious how the new token works. Thank you

Thank you for your interest. The token would basically just be sent to opponents through your wallet. Inside the transaction, you can attach a memo with a link to the battle. And leave a brief comment. This all can be seen publically through the hive chain. Currently, SBT is in the works of allowing for easier distribution. Thanks! Enjoy the tokens.

I would love to accept tokens!

Tokens sent. Enjoy!

Thanks @itzninjafool this is a great project and I will be holding and distributing some on my Twitch stream for any awesome battles! Twitch Stream

Cool idea, I would love to share SBT around if you have any left.

Thank you for your interest in SBT. Glad you like the idea. Tokens have been issued. Enjoy!

Thanks, the battles and the distribution is on. You definitely deserve some !PIZZA

Liking this idea... kudos for going through with it. Just an idea you did mention staking in one of your posts... To get more people involved especially I would say the investment side of SPL look into staking options. For instance when you mint more coins save a percentage in a wallet to pay out to stakers of the coin very simple concept and should generate for the coin more interest just my thoughts.... can I get a GG lolz again congragulations and good luck on the future of the project.

Thanks, @jitbag. You telling me this is a post, that will likely be my final milestone, if not sooner. I know that there are plans for a few things involving SBT. Working out the details and will be providing more on it as soon as they are sorted. Staking is one option that has been requested by a few commenters and something I will likely include as soon as the funding is available for the necessary Bee required. I look forward to improving SBT any way we can and am currently looking for more ways to help bring it value. At this time, I cannot fully state what all is going to happen with SBT. But, can say that there have been a few options that are available while moving forward. I look forward to making these improvements as soon as I can. Thank you for your interest. Enjoy!

This is an interesting idea 👍
Hope I can join the project 🤞

Thank you for wanting to be included. Coins have been issued. Enjoy!

My wife just showed me this. if it isn't too late I'd like to be included.

Thanks to your wife you have been included on the 1 million SBT drop. Thank you for your interest. Enjoy the SBT!

Well-done on this one, there is future in this project. Thanks for the privilege @itzninjafool and @protosphere

Thanks! I truly believe that amazing things will come from this coin. It should be interesting to watch it all play out nonetheless. Enjoy the tokens!


Hi, my guild informed me of this and I would love to use these tokens as well.

Thank you for your guild's interest! I am glad guilds are picking up this idea. Enjoy the tokens that I have issued. Have fun!

I would love some of this token. I love the concept. Good job.

Thank you for your interest in SBT. I am happy to hear you like the concept of it. I have issued you your tokens. Enjoy!

I just heard of this, such a good idea!

Thanks! Glad you like the idea of SBT. Lots of neat projects are involved around it within the hive community. - is holding weekly battle challenges. Where you can earn more. It is very interesting. Looking forward to seeing what all creative ideas are out there with SBT. Enjoy!

I like the idea

Thank you for your interest in SBT. Tokens have been issued. Enjoy!

I´d like to get some SBT too :)
Actually I will buy a little bit to take part in this and give it out to awesome new CL teams as well :)
Would still be nice to get a bit airdropped haha

Right on! Thank you for your support in SBT. Appreciate it greatly! Tokens have been issued. Enjoy!

Still give out tokens. Would love to get in on it.

Tokens have been issued. Enjoy! Use them sparingly and wisely.

Would love to get some SBT too!

Thank you for wanting to be apart of SBT. Tokens have been issued. Enjoy!

i want too please! thank you

You're in! Enjoy the tokens!

Hello,I would love to be part of your project!

Thank you for wanting to take part in the SBT project. Enjoy the tokens!

I wanted to send tokens to some friends and the guys of my guild.. If you can include me in this I'd be happy :)

Thank you for your interest. I appreciate you wanting to send some to fellow guild mates. You are welcome to share this post. Tokens have been issued. Enjoy!

Hope i can join the project!! Thank you in advance.

Welcome to the SBT project! Thank you for your interest. Tokens have been issued. Enjoy!

I am very interested in this token, awesome to see that the community is innovating. Keep up the good work!!! :>

Thank you! I am happy to see the community interested and wanting to take part in SBT. I think SBT will go places. Right now, gathering information and deciding which directions to take is where we are at. Enjoy the tokens!

I would love to accept tokens! =)

Tokens have been issued. Enjoy!

Hello this is nibmuzz and I am interested to take part in this sbt token. Is there a way i can acquire them? Thank you in advance. ^^

Hello, I am interested also - thanks. @wobs

Thank you for your interest in SBT. Tokens have been issued. I sent them to @wobs. Enjoy!

bro, the sbt you sent is now worth 30 dollars! but still im gonna hodl :) thank you again

I would love to be included, as well! Thank you so much!

Thank you for your interest. Tokens have been issued. Enjoy!

Thank you so much!!!

Wow, dude! You are so generous! I thought it was something like 500 SBT... 1 million!? It's amazing thank you so much!!!!! OMG!

This is interesting, i have often earned tokens for posting in different communities, and its finally a time to earn SBT playong games. Bravo

Thank you @monica-ene! I am glad to come up with something that the community will help evolve. It should be a very interesting addition to tokens that are earned. I have issued you SBT. Enjoy!

This could be a great tool. The Ultimate Burn. Dust someone and then send them some tokens, just to rub it in. lol I love it!

I think this token can get interesting with comments like this one. Thanks, @dagger212, I may mention this in a future post. It could make things around this token more interesting. Lots to come with SBT. Enjoy!

If in not too late to the party, id love to take part in this token. I can think of a few battles ive had where the other person absolutely deserved a reward for whooping my ass!!! Love the concept, hope it pans out well :)

Still in time! Just been busy for a couple of days outside of the network. Thank you for wanting to be included in SBT. Enjoy the tokens! Feel free to share the post. (221 million issued) as of this comment. I feel like it will grow into a strong coin. Thanks again!

I would very much like to participate in this token, if I'm not too late! Seems like a very fun added element to reward enemies with after especially cool matches! :)

I thought it was a pretty interesting concept. The design's main purpose overall others were the main idea behind why I created the token. I am glad to see so many referrals to this post, as well as, the number of people who have been interested. Thank you for your support and interest. Enjoy the tokens!

Free tokens you say? :)

Yes, I did indeed say free tokens. Enjoy the SBT!

Thank you! :)

You're welcome!

I’d love to participate in this! Such an added battle honor system/token is a great addition to the Splinterlands token ecosystem. Sending a gift to a worthy opponent after a crazy close battle is truly good sportsmanship.

Thank you for wanting to take part in SBT. I am truly appreciative that you enjoy the concept of the token. There have been some great ideas for usages and the one you mentioned is why SBT was created. I think you will appreciate the tokens. Enjoy!

Thank you for the tokens! Very much appreciated!

Is it too late to comment? Just seeing this. If like to be included

You still have time. Thank you for your interest in SBT. Enjoy the tokens!

Please count me in!
Love the idea of showing appreciation in the community for battles that gave you joy!

Thank you for your interest in SBT @plints. Tokens have been issued. Enjoy!

Awesome, thanks!

Hello @itzninjafool,
I would like to take part in this project if its not too late.

Thank you for your interest in SBT @middle-earthling (great name btw). You are still on time. Almost halfway to the 500 SBT milestone. Feel free to share. Enjoy!

Would love to be part of something new!
Hope to hear progress going forth!

Thank you for wanting to be part of SBT. It is a little different for a reward. I think it will go places. Just a matter of getting there with everything else laid out for transparency. I would love to see this grow into a strong community token. Anyway, thanks again. Enjoy the tokens!

Do you still give them out? I'd love to take part if possible. Thanks!

Thank you for your interest in SBT. I am still giving them out. I have issued you your tokens. Enjoy!

Thank you so much!

You're welcome! Enjoy!

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Got here thanks to @protosphere, what's the idea behind the token? Or should I just do some digging 🧐

ok found out, great idea and would be really cool if Splinterlands officially adopted it and made a little button at the end of battle to share one (or some) sbt with your opponent. Will you post a proposal in the feedback box? Or maybe wait for sps governance :-)

On behalf of all my awesome opponents in SPlinterlands, still waiting.. ;-)
!giphy wait

Thanks man! Glad you found your way here from my discord post on @psyberx .

Hooray this sounds like a fun concept.

Awesome, Glad to hear you like the idea! Enjoy the SBT, thanks!

I'd be happy to accept tokens.

Thank you for your interest in SBT. Tokens have been sent. Enjoy!

I read your previous post. This is an interesting idea. I would like to be a part of it if I may mate?

Counted you in. Tokens have been sent. Enjoy!

Thank you mate

Please add me to the list. Are you planning any more token utility besides tips?

I hope so! I have been looking for ways to improve this token. Also, I am open to suggestions. We can only wait to see what happens for its future. Mostly basing it on ideas that have been discussed within the comments. If you would like to stay current on the outcomes of SBT you can follow me. I will likely be posting about it often as news arrives about where this token is going. Coins have been sent. Thanks and Enjoy!

I'm Interested . I like The Project.

Glad you like it! The tokens have been issued. Enjoy!

Hello im interested in joining!!

Thank you for your interest! Enjoy the tokens!

Can I join? thank you

Yes, you may. Thank you for your interest. Enjoy!

Thank you sir

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