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Below we will see the current available Rewards card stats. These stats included Card Name, Rarity, Card BCX, BCX Burned, Total BCX, Percent Printed and USD value of each card. The below screenshot was taken from Splinterstats. The Splinterstats site has features which include but may not be limited to Season Report Card (Generates information such as earned DEC for the season), Cards by League Cap and Rich List.


My Past Seasons Rewards


Global Reward Card Stats

Below we will find some general Reward Card stats that is based on all Reward Cards that have been printed to date. For me the most interesting number displayed is the cost of a full set of maxed Reward cards. Surprisingly the cost is just $21,824 USD. This information can be found on the previously mentioned Splinterstats site. Located on the same page as the Reward Card Data.


Cheap Chaos Legion Pack

Not that long ago @rentmoney created an NFT on one of the Hive Blockchains frontends. This NFT is not just for looking at. It can be traded for a Chaos Legion Booster Pack. The NFT was created on the HiveME.ME site and is purchasable using MEME tokens only. There is only one listed for sale and its cost is just 18,000 MEME. Using the last sale price for MEME that means you could potentially trade it for a Chaos Legion Pack at the cost of roughly $2.95 USD. Link To Purchase NFT: https://www.hiveme.me/nfts/rentmoney_meme-spl-trades_meme-for-splinterland-booster-packs

SPT Burn Post Week 23

@monstercrusher is running an SPT burn post in which they are burning all the authors share of the SPT earned from the post. Burning SPT (or any other token) means that the burned token is no longer in circulation (no longer can be held or traded) thus reducing the over all supply of said token. If you have some SPT staked and want to add to the burn pile click the following link and smash that upvote button: https://hive.blog/hive-167922/@monstercrusher/spt-burn-post-week-23

SPT Content Creators List

The SPT Content Creators List is a curation initiative for the SPT Tribe that also supports other tokens such as OneUp. Their group of SPT Content Creators has recently surpassed 100 Members and they are celebrating with a raffle. To learn more about this initiative and the 100 Member celebration click the following link: https://hive.blog/hive-167922/@monstercrusher/spt-content-creators-100-member-celebration-legendary-card-giveaway-progress-update. Prizes include a Legendary Splinterlands card, SPT, Hive Basic Income shares and BATTLE Tokens.

New Exchange Listing For SPS

We're extremely happy to announce that we've listed with Crypto.com. An SPS:USDT trading pair is now available! We'll also be hosting a huge marketing campaign on their platform to reward users with $500,000 worth of SPS tokens! If you'd like to participate, you should get signed up today and check out all of the other great services that Crypto.com offers. Thanks to the community for your support and please welcome Crypto.com to the Splinterlands family! Quote Source.

WAKA Card Price Review


As the above screenshot shows the current cost of a WAKA Splinterlands NFT (when purchased directly from the Splinterlands company) is $1,500 USD (paid in WAX). The gold version costs $7,000 USD (paid in WAX). Lets compare that price to the price on the Splinterlands MarketPlace where the WAKA Spiritblade card can be indirectly purchased using a large variety of different currencies from Splinterland NFT collectors. Currently there isn't any Gold versions of the WAKA NFT available for sale on the Splinterlands Marketplace. However currently there is eleven regular foil that can be purchased. Out of those eleven three are being sold in the $1400-$1448 range (the price quickly jumps up from there).


To redact the lesser community interest in operating on WAX, Splinterlands will be recalling all remaining Waka Spiritblade NFTs (both regular and gold foil) from the “wakasaleacct” AtomicHub account and bringing them back into the Splinterlands game.

The plan is to then sell the remainder of the Waka Spiritblade NFTs in the Splinterlands in-game market, as well as on third party markets at the same $1500 USD regular foil / $7000 USD gold foil price point in DEC/Tokens.

The sale will run from 12pm EDT on April 5th to 12pm EDT on April 12th, 2022. Following the April 12th date, ALL REMAINING CARDS WILL BE BURNED. Quote Source.

What Is Splinterlands?

Splinterlands is a blockchain game built on the Hive Network. The game itself utilizes NFT's for game play. These NFT's can be won in battle and/or purchased from the official Splinterlands marketplace or many other secondary markets. Game play rewards players with cryptocurrency and in game assets. Click here to get started with Splinterlands.


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Great update post. Crypto.com listing of SPS is awesome for Splinterlands.

Great idea, Chaos packs for MEME tokens !1UP !PGMBOOST5 !PIZZA !LUV !WINE !BEER !LOLz !Giphy great rewards

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It's pretty wild we are only just pushing over 30% on those reward cards and I feel as if it's slowed down since they added in some featured to discourage the bot usage.

I don't think we will see a drastic uptrend in price till we hit that 80% mark I believe is when it took hold last time during the last rewards card set. I also heard there will be some new ones added soon!

In any case I'm very excited to see what develops here over the summer I think we are in for some pretty awesome stuff along with a bunch of new members and a rally unlike any other. I'm feeling optimistic

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A lot of info squeezed into 1 post.
My brain hurts a little. !LOLZ

Sweet didn't know crypto.com listed sps!

So, it would have been smart to sell my Waka right after I bought it and then waited until now to repurchase it for $1400. I could have pocketed over $500 on the trade. I'll have to remember that next time they try one of these limited promo card sales.

It was a tough spot because the card was the first of its kind.

I would of been in the hodler group if I had one.


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At least that's what she wrote in her diary.

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