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RE: Dcity Helper #11 making a 100 Hive starter city for @roelandp with 301% APR

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That's a massive return, surely it can't last for everyone?

Do you know what the average annual return is over the lifetime of the game per player and how that's distributed?

(Not my time of game btw, i tried it, and didn't like the feeling of keeping on slipping down the leaderboard everyday so I sold everything ages ago, I still made a fair whack mind you).

To each their own!

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@revise.leo Well that's the biq question innit?

To be honest, i don't think 300% APR will be sustainable in the long term and it will gradually decline to lower, but still attractive levels. Gerber keeps adding very smart additions to the game, which give value on their own.

For example holding liquid SIM gives you holding rewards now, which come down to 31% APR right now. So holding SIM is more profitable than curating content on Hive atm. ;-)

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Well good luck to you! Enjoy it.

But as to those returns: if something sounds too good to be true, it is.

Even Hive returns are insane don't forget!

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The other thing is that I'm not really a gamer btw, I prefer just writing and commenting!

It's great that Hive's got so much diversity.

Best of luck to you in your endeavours!

It would be good to push this outside of Hive, it's starting to get quite an appealing look to it - the cities I mean.

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@revise.leo You are quite right. The current APR does seem to good to be true and it won't hold as the game progresses into it's mid-life phase.

That's why i like how @gerber keeps adding new gameplay and ways to earn. The holding SIM rewards, which yield over 30% APR atm, are a good example of more sustainable rewards. The current funds in the @dcityfund account can cover the payouts for more than 400 days right now if no more new funds are added. And i implore you to check how much that account grows daily. ;-)

And Yes, Dcity will push outside the Hive ecosphere soon i am sure, and by doing so will turn out to be a great driving force for new Hive accounts as well.

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@jelly13 Great post, you are probably right that lux homes would have made an even bigger splash. I am trying to make my posts as simple as possible, as not to confuse new players before they even get started, but i will take up the challenge and skip apartments for lux homes for the next whale who gets a free city.

Haha and yes, the city comes from my own pocket and yes, it does pay for itself in the end with the post earnings. Hell, on this one i even make a little hive, though i can't be certain when i front the 100 hive. ;-)

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