To Survive Till The End

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Most of the people who have recently entered into the blockchain and Crypto world, might wonder about watching the whole thing of it. Because, he feels everything new here, a new and an unfamiliar world which he hasn't imagined in his dream before.

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As when one enters into quite deep of it, he knows another world within a world which is blockchain-based social media where one can share his thoughts, ideas and experience of his life too. By doing that one can earn some coins as rewards and which can be converted into dollars.

Oh, well. A strange might get excited watching the whole thing and might feel that he would have gotten a great journey ahead. Wait, wait, wait! In most cases, I have seen the excitement doesn't last long. Yes, you heard right. Four to five months earlier,

I have seen some newcomers on the platform, although each and every day someone new is acquainted with the platform. At that time the crypto market was Bullish, most of the prices of the coins were extremely high. People who entered into the platform during that period he felt like he is in a dream, everything is happening so smoothly.

Because By making a post he got a good portion of hive as a reward. He felt if everything goes like that then I will have a great journey with it. But, It will be tough for you to believe most of the newcomers who entered into that period are not too active now. In fact, some of them truly quit it.

Because, at present, the crypto market is quite in a dump. As a bear market is going on, their reward margins quite fall down too and that is the prime reason for them quitting here. As the reward margin is quite falling down than their entry time, It does not fulfil their expectations.

Well, what do you think quitting is a good decision? From my personal experience, quitting something so early is not an ideal thing and in fact, if you have the attitude for so long, you will have to suffer in the long run. Yes, I accept you are not getting the rewards according to your expectations,so what?

Do you need to take a decision quit so early? Have you thought like that, as the market is in a dump, It's true you are getting a comparatively poor reward but you are getting more hive than the bullish period. In the long run, if you hold something great things will come up to you.

Let me share an experience of mine with you, once I was a newcomer on the platform too. At that time, everything was not that great. So, I did select the quit road like other newbies. A couple of friends and me started the journey together.

It seems that the older you get the more you know, your experience will assist you during taking a proper decision in your life. Yes, I was quite young at the time but when I felt that quitting is not a great thing then I instantly get back again.

You may wonder how such a thought arose in me. Well, in one word the answer will be a couple of my friends. Yes, you heard right. They are in a good position because of being consistent. Your willpower and interest play a great role to continue a new thing.

The thing you are doing if you don't love the entire thing then you will not have a long journey with it. If you have no passion for writing, having a good amount of money in return you will not keep it up for so long.

Because I have seen some people quit just because their heads are empty to write something on a regular basis. One comes to write one or two pieces and then they become disappear just lack of enough will, interest on it.

I believe as much as you have believed in something you can make a smooth journey with it. To survive with the thing which you love to do has a great feeling.

Yes, I have believed in it, I strongly believe it is a long time game as much you spend time on it being patiently the results will be that sweet of it and I love to go with it till the end of it.

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