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Excellent work BROs! First opportunity I have had to listen to this and definitely got my day off to a flying start. 👍

Love this "cryptosalad" interview concept overall and thought @taskmaster4450 did a great job of putting together his questions for @blocktrades. The historical perspective, current thoughts on where we are heading into the next HF(25), and the key sections about Dan's views on the future were all very informative.

Should be "must viewing" for any serious investor on our Hive blockchain! ✔🙂

P.S. Hopefully @raymondspeaks get his technical difficulties sorted out before the next one. I didn't hear a thing he was saying ...

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The sad part was that I did ask a few questions but I had to edit the video as if I had asked none. It completely muted me for some reason. I didn't miss blocktrades answers though. Hopefully my awesome editing skills made it look like his answers to my questions were just a continuation on his last answer :)

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Well, your editing skills clearly salvaged what turned out to be an impressive interview. Good of Dan to make the time available to the both of you, as it was very informative!

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