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Last week @taskmaster4450 and I had @blocktrades on our show, and this was an amazing interview. Some of the raw insight we were drip fed from this man was unbelievable. It was quite a privilege to interview such a thought leader in the crypto industry.

I'd like to apologise before I lead on. I had mic problems and I couldn't get talking at first. Then, I managed to fix all my problems but I found out later that the video didn't record my speech.

Sadly I had to cut my talking entirely out of the podcast, and then make @blocktrades answers to me seem as if they were run-on answers. This seemed the best way to attack this. There is no information lost, and the whole interview was a mind bender.

I hope all of you enjoy this as much as we did. He was such a pleasure to have on our show.

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I had totally intended to watch a movie on TV and here I am listening to Blocktrades instead! Great interview!

Glad you enjoyed it - I sat there and my mind was blown!

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good interview. love how much raymond speaks also. :)


I did as a few questions but I had to edit it out because you couldn't hear me. So it just seemed like blocktrades was continuing :)

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Excellent work BROs! First opportunity I have had to listen to this and definitely got my day off to a flying start. 👍

Love this "cryptosalad" interview concept overall and thought @taskmaster4450 did a great job of putting together his questions for @blocktrades. The historical perspective, current thoughts on where we are heading into the next HF(25), and the key sections about Dan's views on the future were all very informative.

Should be "must viewing" for any serious investor on our Hive blockchain! ✔🙂

P.S. Hopefully @raymondspeaks get his technical difficulties sorted out before the next one. I didn't hear a thing he was saying ...

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The sad part was that I did ask a few questions but I had to edit the video as if I had asked none. It completely muted me for some reason. I didn't miss blocktrades answers though. Hopefully my awesome editing skills made it look like his answers to my questions were just a continuation on his last answer :)

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Well, your editing skills clearly salvaged what turned out to be an impressive interview. Good of Dan to make the time available to the both of you, as it was very informative!

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Great interview. Nice to see how long term the thinkin is. More then one can say for most of the chains out there.

Yup! Task and I be hive maximalists :)

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Awesome interview! Great questions and great answers. Learned a lot. Especially, parts about scalability.

You forgot to ask my question. :)

I know, sorry! Maybe next time ;)

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i thought you lost the recording, @taskmaster4450 is mentioning it for a week now :D

Yeah, I had to edit it quite a bit since I lost my voice lol

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Informative Conversation
Waiting for more

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was a very good one. Thanks!!!

Thanks for the interview!

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i did not finish waiting yesterday but the part I listened to was quite interesting. this is the first time I am hearing Dan speak.

it is also nice to hear how the hive blockchain is been optimized to reduce cost and also to enable the blockchain to handle more transactions is also refreshing.

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Great interview, thanks for this!