Tutorial: How to Participate in the CakePop IDO on CubFinance

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In this video I go through the steps on how to get cub/busd tokens and add liquidity to the Cub-BUSD pool on Pancakeswap V2. Those LP tokens are required to participate in the IDO.

This video was my first run through the process so there was some discovery during the process.

The IDO launched a couple hours ago and is live for about another 22 hours from the time of this post.

Not financial advice, make your own decisions on IDOs.

You can read more about the project here: https://leofinance.io/@cakepop/usdcakepop-token-launch-strategic-partnership-with-cubfinance

NOTE: If you desire to use existing Cub-BUSD LP tokens you need to unstake and liquidate, then use the funds to get V2 LP tokens.

CakePop IDO Participation:

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Great tutorial and this is what any newbie needs to get with the CakePop IDO DeFi on CUB Finance!

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But isn´t it strange that the IDO token has the same name as the Pancakeswap token?

I'm not sure what you mean??? More info please.

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I mean the name CAKE. Or is the IDO token CAKEPOP and the dividend it pays out CAKE?

Yes, CAKEPOP and dividends will be in Cake from what I understood on their announcement post.

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Nice tutorial.
Very timely.

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Haha nice, it's my tagline on tiktok.

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Always in time :)

Thanks for the tutorial, I have already seen some people having questions so this should help them out

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Great tutorial! Will be coming through and reblogging it with the @coinlogic.online account so it shows on our front page rotating feed on https://coin-logic.com!

Awesome, glad it helped and thanks for spreading the word!

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I have 2 issues, the CUB-BUSD LP balance isnt showing up on the contribute page and the gas fee being suggested is almost two hundred bucks! How do I fix this? Thanks in advance for any solutions you might have for me. https://leofinance.io/@hivecoffee/cakepop-ido-happening-now-2-bugs

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Someone in discord mentioned having this issue. I believe they pulled the cub-busd liquidity and then added it again and the LP tokens showed up. I'd jump in discord and ask around if it keeps giving you issues.

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What gas price would you suggest? I am getting $186
suggested but thats way too much, what is this Ethereum?


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I just unpooled and repooled those LP tokens at a cost of 0.0017482 BNB in total ($0.810465 BUSD) but this did not change the ui glitch for me sadly.

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Jump into the leo discord the calvary will help!

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Also, are you using cub-busd V1 tokens from the cub-busd farm? If so that is the issue. Those need to be liquidated back to cub and busd, then you can add liquidity on PCS V2 cub-busd and get into the IDO. Only other person I saw had that gas issue that was their cause.

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That was the trick! The gas issue resolved itself once I had the right LP. Here is the link to pool BUSD-CUB LP on PCSv2

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Thank you @scaredycatguide. That helped resolve the issue with cub not showing up. In the end I had to close everything and start afresh to get it working. Now I am an Ape!

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This is great!

If only I had seen it before I invested!
I will however spread it around as it’s super useful!

I had already purchased CUB-BUSD LP tokens on Cubfinance, and had them ready for this IDO, but I read the Leofinance How to IDO blog and cashed them in to buy them on PanCakeSwap. There I couldn’t find Cub on the token list, so I waited for it to populate, no go. I checked my Metamask wallet and the Cub and BUSD was there, I ended up grabbing the contract address for Cub and the CoinGecko URL from the Cub Docs and manually adding it to the PanCakeSwap Token List. A bit of a technical hurdle, but hey that’s the benefit of being on Leofinance, your constantly learning and pushing the envelop of your skills.

One of the things I loved about The Leo Roundtable was you and Roland were learning crypto stuff from the other two, but they were also learning real estates and stock trading stuff from you two. That’s how it should be, each of you bring knowledge and skills to the round table, and your interaction with each other, of recognizing each of your value is a core part of why I am here.


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Awesome! Yes, I miss the roundtables. Gonna have to ping the guys to do one soon.

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I am always telling people to read the FAQ in our game when they ask a question that is covered there and what do I go and do - buy the LP tokens on CUB then look around the LEO Discord to find out why it's not working :P

Thanks for the video, now I am in!

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thanks for this. Just whammed $100 in for a laugh. Lets see where this goes....

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