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RE: Hive Decentralize Standards And Journey To Power Web3 With Scalability

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OBI is a cool development.

As I was reading, I kept thinking about reducing the block time, so I am glad you covered that. My question around that is, is it easier to switch the block time now while we are relatively small or wait until later? If it is relatively easy to change, I think it is something to consider sooner than later. There are so many scalability issues with crypto, I think it is quite the selling point to have them in place ahead of when we need them. One of my “worries” is that Hive gets its 15 minutes of fame, people flock here overnight and we cannot support them and they leave. People won't stick around for the few months it takes to solve the issue. I agree current resources need to be spent elsewhere but we should have someone slowly working on scalability at all times in my opinion.


I agree with your thoughts. To answer your question I will quote Blocktrades, as I don't have technical knowledge or skills of how it would be accomplished. When I asked Blocktrades if it will be possible to lower the 3 second block production time, the answer was as following:
"It is definitely possible, based on things we've done to latency times in the p2p layer. But I suspect there would be a fair amount of work on the blockchain side of the code and it would need further investigation."

Thanks! And this is kind of what I thought. Going from 3 sec to 1 second block times would require a decent amount of work, something we wouldn’t have time to do if we start getting sudden mass adoption. Doing it though would 3X our capacity and 6X it if we also doubled the block size.

So better to stare investigating and get answers all lined up.

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Fantastic, it's better to be done now and see the progress that can be made because more people diving here would only put everyone on there toes and that would be tantamount to what we really wanted.

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