Bloom Community Essay Contest Winners

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Contest Concluded: Winner Announcement: one month InLeo Premium Subscription


The Contest Rules

  • Write a post about Bloom Community explaining why the C.U.T.E. strategy will make you successful on tokenized social media on Hive.

  • Learn more about Bloom Community HERE

  • The contest ran for 7 days 11/28/2023 to 12/05/2023

Leo Premium Winners:

@iamchuks and winning post

@mviews and winning post

@mviews already has Premium so when it expires I will gift him a month




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I am really happy to see the community growing
Thank you for your effort

Your welcome.

Thank you so much for this opportunity and the contest.

Good to see the community growing.

Congratulations @mviews
Please contact me when you get close to the expiration of your current InLeo Premium.

Alright thank you.

I will.

Happy to be among the winners.

Congratulations @iamchuks
Enjoy your InLeo Premium!

Thrive Community focuses on teaching and rewarding for Engagement: comment, upvote, tweet, earn and educating your self I have articles on these topics on Thrive Community Feed on things like the reward pool, dust rewards, delegations and HIve Tokenomics to maximize your earnings ethically.

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