Comparing Web 2.0 Twitter Tweets to Web 3.0 Leofinance Threads

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Twitter and Threads, is like Web 2.0 and Web 3.0.


  • Twitter is a Web 2.0 blogging site, where people exchange information in the form of short comments called Tweets, which are less then 251 characters.
  • Twitter is an important place in the history of the internet, as a product from the Web 2.0 Era.
  • Twitter is unfortunately a Web 2.0 era product, so you don't own your account, you don't own your Tweets and even if your the powerful and famous President of the United States, Twitter can freeze your account, or delete it altogether.
  • Twitter not only doesn't pay you, but the new owner, Mr Elon Musk wants to make users pay to use the site.
  • The irony of this pay to play situation is that your Tweets on Twitter are what attracts people to come to Twitter, and while they are their they look at Advertising.
  • So the attention that your Tweets attract allows Twitter to sell Ads.
  • In fact Twitter makes all their money from Ads or advertising.
  • So not only do they make money off the attention your Tweets attracts to their site, but they also want to charge you to give them Tweets, which they use to make money.
  • It sounds so unfair when I say it that way does it?
  • The Truth is sometimes painful.
But there is more....
  • You don't own your account.
  • You don't own your Tweets
  • Nor do you own the list of people who read your Tweets every day.
  • This is just some of the downsides of the Web 2.0 bEra logging platforms.
  • It is very one sided in terms of ownership, control and who gets paid for your time, attention and Tweets: Twitter not you.


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Threads is an example of Web 3.0 Era product, which is the future. Lets discus what that means.

  • You own your account.
  • You own your Tweets.
  • You own your list of followers.
  • You get paid by the people who enjoy your content, because their likes are cryptocurrency, which you can trade for dollars.

Twitter versus Threads, let us quickly compare.

  • On Twitter you don't own your account, but on Threads you do own your account.
  • On Twitter you don't own your Tweets, but on Threads you do own your Tweets called Threads.
  • On Twitter your account can be suspended or deleted, but on Threads your account can't be deleted, if people don't like you they block you individually, but your account is still on the platform.
  • On Twitter your Tweets are used to earn Advertising dollars and you don't get paid, but on Threads your followers like your content, and their likes are money, so you get paid.
  • So on Twitter your Tweets help Twitter get paid, but you don't get paid for your Tweets.
  • While on Threads you can get paid.

Web 3.0 versus Web 2.0


Twitter is part of Web 2.0 and Threads is part of Web 3.0.

  • Twitter is part of the past.
  • Threads is a bridge to the future.
  • Elon Musk has a vision to make Twitter an more amazing Web 2.0 product, and he has the talent, intelligence and money to do so.
  • But Twitter will still be a Web 2.0 platform, stuck in the past.
  • Additionally, Elon Musk has said that his plan may not work, and Twitter may not make it.
  • In other words, Twitter may die trying to become better at being a Web 2.0 product.


  • Threads is a newer platform, and it is part of Web 3.0, which is the future, where you have control and you get paid.
  • Threads is also part of Hive, a online community with over 2 million accounts, and over 200,000 daily active users.
  • Threads is part of the future, a future which gives you control over your account, your Tweets, your folowers and you can make money. You get paid for your Tweets called Threads.

Threads is designed to be very much like Twitter, so it's easy for you to use it.

  • Threads is like Twitter in these ways:
  • Like Twitter you can post 250 character Tweets called Threads.
  • Like Twitter you can post pictures
  • Like Twitter you can post links
  • Like Twitter you can leave tags or tag people whom you want to see your Tweets called Threads.
  • Unlike Twitter you can edit Threads.
  • Unlike Twitter links don't count towards your 250 character limit.
  • Unlike Twitter pictures don't count towards your 250 character limit
  • Unlike Twitter on Threads you can get paid

How to Join Threads and Take it for a Test Drive?

  • In order to make it easy to join threads you can sign up with your Twitter Account, using a process designed to mirror the process used to sign up for Twitter and Facebook; it is Easy.
  • You can sign up using your Twitter account, your Facebook account or your metamask wallet at this link :

Instructions for signing up:



  • You can sign up using your Twitter account, your Facebook account or your metamask wallet at this link :

Once your signed in you look at the right side of the menu bar for Threads:

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You then click the Threads Word in the Menu and it will take you here:

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Now you click the big orange threads button and write you first thread!

  • Or scroll down reading and looking at threads. - Or look at the Trending list to the right and click on a topic which interests you.
  • And you can start replying to Threads with replies, and if you write something interesting you will get a like , which is worth money.
  • You just opened an account for free
  • You can nowlook at pictures, read stories, enjoy music, and leave COMMENTS for Free and get Paid.
  • It doesn’t cost anything to leave a comment
  • The person who LIKES your COMMENT pays you cryptocurrency.
  • It sounds simple and once you learn how to use the program, just like you learned how to use FaceBook, it will be easy.
  • Many people spend hours Viewing Content on FaceBook, InStagram, TikTok and other Social Media Sites for free.
  • I am telling you to spend some or all of that time potentially getting paid.

Money Part 1

  • In seven days you will check your wallet page and see a list of payments made to you for comments that you
  • You can transfer that cryptocurrency to a Cryptocurrency Exchange and Exchange it for your countries currency, or US Dollars, Euros, Yen, Won, etc, etc, etc

Money Part 2

  • On Threads you earn a cryptocurrency called Leo, which you trade or exchange for another cryptocurrency called Hive on an cryptocurrency exchange called Hive-Engine, at
  • You will open an account there and your Leo will automatically appear there, so you can trade or exchange your Leo for Hive there.
  • Now you need to move your Hive to another exchange to trade or exchange it for Bitcoin.
  • You need to open an account at one of 30 exchanges which allow Hive trading and find one which operates in your country or where you can trade it for a currency you can use like Dollars, Euros, Yen, etc..
  • Go to this link to find an exchange:
  • Once you trade the currency for Bitcoin and sell it for your countries currency, you will connect it to your bank account and transfer the money to your account.


  • Once you trade the currency for Bitcoin and sell it for your countries currency, you will connect it to your bank account and transfer the money to your account.

More information

  • You can find more information about cryptocurrency and Leofinance, and Hive at the links below.

FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

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FAQ Link


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Discord Link


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Twitter Link





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Thanks for such overview. While reading about Twitter Web2 dimension I was already thinking on how to create a Web3 tweeting platform and I did not realized that I already had it under my eyes! Much useful!

Your welcome. Hive is a very diverse place and there is a lot going on here, so it is easy to miss developments.

  • Unlike Twitter links don't count towards your 250 character limit.
  • Unlike Twitter pictures don't count towards your 250 character limit

Character counts for links and images were removed or discounted? I thought that was still on the To-Do-list for the dev team.

D.Buzz (like Twitter) has a 280 character limit. Old Twitter used to have a 140 character limit. LeoThreads has a 240 character limit.

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Thanks for the info about

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

Is threads planning on building its own application soon?
Cos that would be easier for usage

It's really going to have to be its own site and app before it can seriously compete with Twitter. I love Threads because I've already been on Hive, but I just don't see how it'll appeal to the masses. I'm not trying to be a hater, just a realist.

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

I don't think so. @khaleelkazi is devoted to proving how much can be built on Hive, but Threads development and Leofinance ecosystem development is continuing and who knows where it will go.

Threads it is, tweeting elsewhere is futile! 🖖🏼😎🤙🏼

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