Save & Win: The No Loss Lottery Winner September 1st, 2022

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The “No Loss Lottery” Winner Announcement: September 1st, 2022.

  • what if you could buy a ticket to a lottery which made you eligible for cash prizes every week, but you could also get your ticket price back?
  • Do you think that would still be a lottery?
  • Or is it more like a savings account?
  • Or could it be both?

No Loss Lottery

  • The No Loss Lottery is called No Loss because your lottery ticket purchase price actually is a deposit into a savings account, which also makes you eligible for a prizes, in addition to your savings.

  • Therefore it is like a lottery, in that you buy tickets, and can win prizes, but like a savings account, because you never lose your money.

Prize Linked Savings

  • Some people call it Prize Linked Savings because it is like a Savings account, but the account also gives you a chance to earn prizes, in addition to saving your money.

  • Other people call it a Super Savers Account because in addition to saving money you are eligible for prizes.

  • Prizes are derived from earnings from ticket purchase price amounts being invested in Cubfinance DeFi Farms, so there is a possibility of impermanent loss, but balanced by gains over time.

  • This last two weeks total liquidity pool earnings on Cubfinance Cub-BUSD pool was enough Cub to swap for 110 Leo ! 😀 When we subtract the lottery admin fee of 10%; 110-10= 100 Leo, which is given away as a prize.

This Weeks Prize Winner of 100 Leo goes to #1782 who is @d-zero

How is the Winner Determined?

  • Each ticket is assigned a number in a ledger.
  • Then a Google random number generator is used to generate numbers between 2 and 5152 the total number of tickets sold and Leo deposited so far.


How is the Prize Money Distributed?


Congratulations @d-zero on winning the #nolosslottery




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Congratulations to @d-zero for the winning. No loss lottery seem a good option to try and see luck favours

Thanks for having such an awesome lottery!!! Powered up my prize. Have a !PIZZA & !LUV

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