Deadlines, commitment, etc.

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Shortly before my last break from blogging I had delegated some of my HP to Leo.voter account. It's been nearly a year and a half since then and that delegation has accumulated nearly 2k LEO in my wallet, that's twice more the LEO I have earned from posting. (Mind you, back then I used to write quite frequently on Leo).

Make what you will of that! But that is story for another day.


The 2k LEO would have been extremely juicy 1 and a half year back. Right now, not so much. The leo team has been so focused on polycub, the original LEO token and CUB has left to rot in the gutter. The prices of neither seems it will improve anytime soon (prove me wrong). I wouldn't even be surprised if CUB hits close to $0. I wouldn't like it, but I wouldn't be surprised.

It's at 4 cents now, so not too far! Handling and progress of Cubfinance from the LEO team has been extremely disappointing.

Yes I know it has been said on numerous occasions that cub is a long term project....don't look at the price and as such. But the fact remains, "The market is always right." And the price of CUB and Leo speaks volume of how little interest there is in these coins beyond the HIVE ecosystem.

This is not to point fingers at anyone, but these are simply facts. Cub has been at 4 cents well before the market began to pullback this month. Cub has been in a gradual decline with no words from the team regarding a solid plan about the future of it. The only positive here is, it didn't crash further from 4 cents while the market crashed around it.


"SOON" has become a trademark of LEO and while it is taken as a running fun joke, it shows exactly why cub and leo is doing as bad as it is - no commitment to timelines.

No one in the wide cryptosphere will ever take a project seriously that is as clumsy at deadlines as Leofinance is.

Having said all that, even though I fear CUB to really go to zero at some point, I think LEO will not walk down that path given it is the original token of that ecosystem. There is still some interest in it at least within HIVE.

Will probably take ages for it to go back up in price, so for now....let's power that 2k LEO up and see where we're headed.


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Exactly my thoughts.

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I think your right , the price of Cub is really bad right now.

I wish I had practiced better loss management now.

However I think the project can be saved with many of the options being placed on PolyCub.

I have hope in these updates:
The plans to bring everything on PolyCub to Cubfinance once the polycub software is battletested enough to safely deploy it in bulk onto Cub.

I will be interested in the effects of farms focused on bringing value into Cubfinance and limiting opportunities for capitol outflow by incentivizing purchase and staking of Cub.

Other features like collateralized loans, project owned liquidity, token scarcity due to permanent sequestration and multiple streams of income for the project to increase value of Cub.

I think you are clearly right about the price of Cub, but price is not the same as value, it is simply price.

People pay thousands for NFTs at the height of the recent bull market, which have cratered in price.

I think Leofinance is building value, utility and community.

I think price is what you pay, value is what you get.

I understand your opinion that Leo and Cub have no value, but I think the price will catch up to their new value once PolyCub changes come to Cubfinance, in time.

I'm aware of some of it, yes. Not all of it.

I have been invested in cub from day 1, literally. I have seen it fall from grace from start to bottom and nothing much has been done. I see your optimism and I understand it. I hope you are correct, for if it does recover...good for me as I myself am quite well invested in it.

But having seen how it has been handled, I'll keep optimism away untill I see some solid progress.

There's always optimism from the leo community, too much I'm afraid. Too much optimism is not necessarily a good thing. It kinda starts to become like and ostrich burying It's head in the sand and ignoring the storm.

I think you are clearly right about the price of Cub, but price is not the same as value, it is simply price.

Yes and no. It is kinda hard to justify 4 cents to investors who entered at $5 just by "we are creating value." Hence, I stand by what I said - I'll keep optimism away till I see some progress, not progress "behind the scenes."

I disagree with your opinion that Leo and Cub have no value

Leo still has value within the hive ecosystem. Outside the ecosystem, not so much and that's where we need to expand. Within hive, leo will always have value as one of the OG tribes.