Efficiency in voting "The Vote Weight Multiplier"

Voting well is the goal! Well can stand for "fair", it can also stand for "fast" or "efficient". Within these characteristics, the reason why a vote was given can of course be quite different. There is probably no reason to write a guide on how to vote, what to vote, why to vote. We are all different and we should accept each other's values, we don't have to share them.
Of course there is still vote abuse, all those who were on Steem at the time know the vote bots who distributed a large part of all the rewards in return for payment.

Today I will only talk about efficiency. The resource "vote power" is limited on Hive. The daily recoverable limit is reached with 10 one hundred % votes. Because of the many tribes and tokens, it makes sense to look not only at the hive rewards but also at the tokens that yield curation rewards.
The solution can be an extra account in which you stake certain or only one tribe token and vote individually. If you don't want to have an army of accounts, there is also a solution to vote 10% on Hive and 100% on the Tribe Token for one and the same post.

The Vote Weight Multiplier

How well known this tool actually is is a mystery to me because I haven't seen a post about it yet. Surely this tool was introduced somewhere. It is part of the LEO network and offers the multiplier for many tribes on the hive chain.

What is a Vote Weight Multiplier

It enables the (%)value-independent voting of Hive and Tribe tokens for the same post.


  • Set the multplier of the creativecoin (ccc) to the value 3.
  • A post with the matching tag #ccc is given a 30% vote which is applied to Hive.
  • At the same time all tribe tags of the post are voted with 30%, except the #creativecoin which is multiplied with 3, the vote on the tribe is 90%.
  • You get ccc Curation Rewards for a 90% vote. For Hive and all other tokens CR for 30%.


Many more posts with high votes can be distributed to tribes without the vote power for Hive going completely to its knees.

Of course, any value from 1 to 10 can be set (possibly more, I haven't tried). At 10, a 10% vote on Hive would then be enough to vote 100% on the Tribe Tokens.

With which tribes can this be done?

Without guaranteeing completeness, e.g. these Tribe-Tokens:

  • creativecoin
  • leofinance
  • trafficinsider
  • broadhive
  • proofofbrain
  • battle
  • ctp
  • archon
  • stem
  • foodie
  • porn
  • cinetv
  • lern
  • alive
  • weed
  • pimp
  • onlinebuzz
  • bloque64

There are other tribes in the list if you have a stake of them, but it no longer works for all of them. I can't say why this is, whether it's a technical problem or whether a tribe's owner doesn't like this and can turn it off, but maybe one of you knows more.

Is there a way to set the multiplier for a tribe independently of this tool...?
maybe... I haven't found it yet. I had hoped for a while that there might be a way to set it by entering the path directly with multiplier and token, but I searched for it in vain, it doesn't seem to work like entering a Witness proxy.

Where do you adjust the multiplier?

You have to log in to the https://leodex.io/ website, where you will find all the tribes for which this tool is activated under Rewards. However, only the tokens for which you have a stake are displayed.

This makes it relatively easy to utilize the capacity of the tribes to 70 or 80 percent vote power without the hive vote value ending somewhere around 30%.
I hope that this little excursion into the world of tokens was helpful, questions and remarks are of course very welcome.



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