Happy 1 Year Anniversary! | Incoming Token Airdrop for LEO Stakeholders and Year-In Review

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Happy 1 Year Anniversary! | Incoming Token Airdrop for LEO Stakeholders.png

Hey everyone! LeoFinance was launched on July 3rd, 2019 which means that it's time to celebrate our 1 year anniversary!

To celebrate, we're going to do a token airdrop on July 13th (next Monday) with a total of 1200 SPI tokens just to show some appreciation and have a little fun.

Airdrop Details:

  • Eligibility: must hold a minimum stake of 1,000 LEO POWER
  • Amount: the amount of SPI you receive will scale up with your stake. The more LEO POWER you have, the more SPI you will receive
  • Snapshot Date: July 12th
  • Distribution Date: July 13th

@spinvest is a great project on Hive-Engine, which is why we chose their token for the airdrop. Their SPI token pays out weekly dividends in HIVE, learn more about SPI here.

There haven't been any official airdrops to LEO stakeholders before (just other Hive community-created tokens being airdropped to our community of stakeholders).

We've been asked if there are plans to do airdrops in the future. Airdrops will likely happen continuously over the coming years as the project matures and other communities look for a great group of existing users to airdrop to. We've seen a few of these happen recently.

As for official airdrops like this one, there aren't plans but we may just do airdrops randomly/work with projects who would like to airdrop to LEO hodlers. We just don't want to make the whole ecosystem about hodling for more airdrops. Instead, you should HODL LEO if you feel that the project has value now and can reasonably grow over the coming years as we develop new and better products and increase our userbase.

Past and Present

A lot has happened over the past year that we as a community should be proud of. I thought about doing a full year-in-review, but I'll just give you the cliff notes version in this post.

When we started last year, we had a token called LEO and an idea to utilize the service that Steem-Engine provided to create a "tribe" which included a condenser interface (which is now leofinance.io), a token distribution model (scotbot) and a few other small iterations for our community.

Outside of that, we've come a long way in buidling our own products:

  • LeoDex - for a better Hive-Engine trading experience
  • LeoShop - We launched V1 on Steem several months back and are working on V2 which will relaunch on Hive in 2020
  • LeoPedia - buidling an evergreen library of crypto-educational content
  • Hivestats - providing a clean, gamified stats interface for Hive users
  • LeoFinance - currently working on a modified version of Steemit's condenser which we've added onto quite a bit. We're in the process of building our own interface from the ground up so we can retire condenser entirely

On top of these websites, we've built a lot of stuff on the backend that make LeoFinance more robust.

Since the start of 2020, we've made a big push for outward marketing. Taking to Twitter and building our following there 100% organically from 0 to 1275 followers as of today.

Recently we've been spreading across other platforms to bring in more users and our onboarding efforts have taken off.

We've built out a few LeoPedia resources that we continually send out to people who are interested in joining LeoFinance/Hive:

Integrating analytics into all of our websites is something that we've done recently. The great part about the way we've got it set up is that anyone in the community can check in on the real-time stats whenever they want. This allows us to all work together to track the progress of different initiatives and find ways to improve our onboarding tactics as a whole community:

You can also join our community on other platforms to help spread the message and drive traffic back to our content creators and Hive-based apps:

We've also started some small test cases with paid advertising. The goal is to bring more readers to the interface and simultaneously get some account signups for Hive/LeoFinance rolling.

This ad test, for example, cost $3.88 so far and we've brought in over 140 link clicks and have gotten a few messages on Facebook asking about how to signup for Hive, start earning crypto and convert into the Lebanese native currency (the ad targeted Lebanese citizens and the article was related to the Lebanese currency crisis and how Hive could help your average person get into Bitcoin/crypto without buying it).

The rest of 2020 is a jam-packed year. The next product we release will likely be the new LeoFinance interface.

The journey of launching and buidling this community and our apps has been so much fun for the past 12 months. Cheers to another 12 and let's see how much we can expand in the coming year 🚀

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Congratulations for the milestone and the constant progress!

Your little airdrop thing gave me a push to invest enough to go over the 1k threshold as opposed to earn it little by little as I've done until now.

Also delegated a little bit to leo.voter earlier today.

I noted your conservative prediction for LEO from a while back: 60 cents per LEO in 5 years. ;-)

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Yes I watched that video also. That seems like a very conservative estimate over the next 5 years.

Of course, the ROI was just increased by this airdrop. Whatever is received in SPI pays weekly dividends in HIVE. So over the next 5 years, some HIVE will come into your wallet each week just by holding the SPI token which was given just for stake over 1,000 LEO.

What an awesome deal. 😁

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Thanks! The community has grown to greater heights than I think anyone could have imagined. We'll keep pushing forward and will make the rest of 2020 both surprising and productive.

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Congratulation LeoFinance.

Even after having more than 1000 LEO, I will miss this airdrop as my LEO are in split in 2 accounts.

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Maybe you can push those up to cross that 1k mark in time ;)

Posted Using LeoFinance

Congrats on hitting 1 year old. 1st of many we all hope!!

I think the SPinvest weekly dividend list is about to grow :)

Look forward to continuing to work together on your platform.

Posted Using LeoFinance

I saw a lot of new names on there that I don't think had much interaction with SPI in the past, I hope most of them have stuck around after the airdrop and I think they are in for a treat once they see those dividends rolling in ;)

Posted Using LeoFinance

Great initiative. Looking forward to the airdrop!

Thanks! I am as well, just a fun way to show our appreciation for the community of hodlers and active content creators

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Tempus fugit and all that jazz

Posted Using LeoFinance

I will admit that I had to look up "Tempus fugit".

I bet I am not the only one.

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lol I guess I like old clocks.


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I hope I can make it for the airdrop, but even if I don’t, I am lucky to be here ❤️ happy birthday!🎉🎂

I believe in you! Glad to have you here and always happy to read your awesome content, keep up the great work

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Congratulation on completing a fantastic year...and a great way to make it memorable with spi airdrop....great days are ahead...looking forward for more years of association ...hive on 🎉🎂💸

I agree, the future will be even better than the past. It's been a great 12 months and Hive has been a blessing in disguise

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oooo awesome graphic.


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Happy birthday 🥳

Good times are ahead

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Thanks Nathan! Always appreciate your support on Twitter as well. We will all grow Hive together 💪🏽

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Happy anniversary !

Full upvote from our HODL Community !

We would love to work with you in the future if anything comes to your mind.

Cheers 🍻 and keep BUIDLing ! 😉

Thanks Hodl! We should definitely do something in the future 😎

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🎂 thank you thank you

Posted Using LeoFinance

Well done! Looking forward to airdrop :)


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To confirm as long as I have 1k LEO staked I am auto eligible to receive SBI right?

Posted Using LeoFinance

The airdrop is for SPI tokens, not SBI.

You have certainly come a long way since launch. While I am not much into the crypto finance side of things I do appreciate having you guys around and a having a place I can post my progress status reports.

I also really like the HiveStats page. I do miss how I could see how many votes I cast and how many unique accounts I voted on, but I am sure that statistic is in the works, and I am a relatively patient person.

Once again congratulations, and even though I do not have 1000 leo any more if I ever did, it is nice to see you giving back to the community with this celebratory air drop.

Thanks @bashadow. Yeah that feature is on the list for a future Hivestats update. We've got a ton of features that we're developing now and in the future, so it will be exciting to see the community's reaction as we roll those out alongside our new interface and other projects 💪🏽

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Congrats on the 1 year anniversary!

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Posted Using LeoFinance

Congratulations! I am going to stake some more LEO tokens now to be eligible for the airdrop!

What a great year, I love those SPI tokens too!

Posted Using LeoFinance

It's been fun!

Posted Using LeoFinance

congrats guys!


Posted Using LeoFinance

Very Nice!!!

As a big HODL'er of SPI, this makes me glad to be connected with LEO. Hopefully see some people "adding to" their SPI stack, that they are
getting from LEO!

I am currently getting a pretty big Weekly Dividend, and IMO this fantastic token is also a great hedge against HIVE-flation and Price drops. SPI is
growing very well. Kicking ASS in fact!

I only have about 860 LEO but I don't think anyone's airdrop is going to affect my status in the SPI community 😹🤣😂🤣😹

Posted Using LeoFinance

Glad to hear it! I think a lot of people will stick around with SPI now that they've been made token holders and have skin in the game to dive deep and learn about what SPI is up to. You guys have a great community around the project and I enjoy seeing how it continues to grow and innovate


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I seem to have benefited disproportionately from for airdrop error... I am interested in making a contest out of these ~3 SPI tokens and perhaps add a few of my own. I am #1 hodler and I can spare a few LOL
Some sort of deal to find people who would be likely HODLers and maybe even buy some new ones on the exchange. Also stacking more LEO all the time!

Yeah! Time to buy some Leo tokens ;)

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Wow, how fast time passes ...

A path full of challenges and victories for sure. Congratulations to the best Hive blockchain community.

The future will be incredible and I have no doubts. It is an honor to be a part of this. Ah ... Thanks for the airdrop to come! LeoFinance is always generous with his community.

May many more years of prosperity and success come!

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It's crazy and has been an absolute rollercoaster ride. I've enjoyed it and know that many more years of fun and rollercoastering await :)

Posted Using LeoFinance

For sure 🦁

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Time flies when you are having fun. Honestly I didn't think a whole year has passed. I'm qualified for the airdrop as well. Congratulations to the entire community!

It truly does. The past 6 months have been challenging but incredibly progress-driven. I wouldn't have it any other way

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Thanks :)

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