My Hive account growth over last 30 days!

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Several days ago I made a post in which I talked about growing my account and my goals for the future.
The truth is that I achieved my first goal which was 1000 HP and I believe it was the most difficult part to continue in the future.
Τhe effort you have to make to start something from the absolute zero and do it 1 or later 1000 HP is incredibly difficult. From the absolute nothing, that is, to create hopes!
The first 1000 HP I took a long time to overcome but after I managed it now I walk for the 5000 that I believe will come faster because the curations have increased and also the votes in each of my posts.

bandicam 20201122 210007392.jpg

As you can see at the chart the last month i manage to grow my account from 880 HP to 1020 HP and i keep going .
I made a huge pump from 930 HP to 1000 HP with some earns from @Cryptobrewmaster blockchain game .
Here is my refferal for the game if you want to join!
Also i receive some earnings from @Rabona manager and from @Risingstar blockchain games.
Here is also my referal rabona link and here my risingstar referal link .

bandicam 20201113 212332783.jpg

Also my earnings from the curations have increased and this is a result from my manual upvoting and also from delegation help from @zuerich .Thanks a lot!

bandicam 20201122 210038480.jpg

The conclusion of month is that i earn 9.70 Hive from curations and 92.55 Hive from author rewards.
Maybe next month will be more productive and manage to win more upvotes, with the valuable help of my followers, and manage to close 2020 with over 1500 HP.
Thanks all you people for your support!

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wow way to go! i started at the end of June and was hoping for 500 hp by the end of the rear... investing nothing more than my time! im almost at 400 right now.

thanks for the inspiration😎

Your balance is below 0.3 HIVE. Your account is running low and should be replenished. Check out the Dustsweeper FAQ here:

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Good to hear that, congrats! I'm just over 100 LP away from 800 and Orca level. What I'm doing is powering up almost everything I get and enjoying commenting with my Pride Brothers. It's fun trying to make the top comments list, while powering up the odd LEO I get on my comments. After Orca, I'm going for 1000LP! :)

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Well done friend!

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good job!!

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Congrats on your achievement!

Thanks a lot!

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