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Authored by @@danielsaori

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Welcome to @dustsweeper’s Frequently Asked Questions. This post will hopefully give you a better understanding of what Dustsweeper is, and will hopefully answer all your questions. After reading, if something is still not clear, please comment or jump into our Discord server

The word comment is used throughout the text, referring to both posts and comments. The same concept applies to posts so the words can be used interchangeably.

What is dust?

A post or comment is considered to be dust if it has a value of less than $0.02 at the time of payout.

Anything less than $0.02 will not be paid out.

So even if your comment is worth $0.019, at payout you will receive nothing. Zero, zilch, zip, nada, nothing!!

Please see the end for a more detailed explanation of dust.

What is @dustsweeper

@dustsweeper is a service that will take care of your dust and protect your profits.

@dustsweeper will scan your comments on the 5th/6th day and upvote it above the $0.02 threshold.

@dustsweeper will vote your command above $0.026. Even if there is a price drop before payout, this should be sufficient to stay above the $0.02 dust threshold.

In the rare event one of your comments would drop back below $0.02 before payout, the cost of the vote will be returned to your balance.

How can I get started? - Transfers to @dustsweeper

Send a small amount HIVE or HBD to @dustsweeper. That’s all!!

Please send it directly from your account, using the hive.blog or peakd.com wallet, or keychain etc. Do NOT send it from an exchange, otherwise the bot can not track the sender.

You can get started even with a small amount, as small as 0.1 HIVE. That should be enough for at least 2 votes.

The money you transfer will be added to your balance as HIVE. So if you transfer HBD, the HIVE value will be calculated and added to your balance.

You will always receive a notification after a transfer. This notification is in the form of a 0.001 HIVE memo transfer. To avoid abuse, 0.001 HIVE is deducted from the amount added to your balance.
Previously this was only deducted for small transfers, transfers smaller than 0.2 HIVE, but recently changed to apply for all transfers.

What does it cost?

The amount subtracted from your balance for each @dustsweeper vote is equal to the profit you make as an author.

The calculation is based on the 50%/50% reward model, taking curation rewards and HIVE&HBD prices into account. The return from the vote itself is not meant to provide any profit. That is the whole idea. Your gain is purely from the saved dust.

So in other words, the service doesn't cost you anything. You can see it as making a deposit where the money will be returned with every @dustsweeper vote.

What is the exact upvote value?

If you have been with @dustsweeper since the start you might remember a fixed upvote value. That is no longer the case.

@dustsweeper is now voting only with the necessary weight to make your comments worth at least $0.026.

For example, if a comment has a $0.009 value, @dustsweeper will vote with $0.017, but if the comment has a $0.019 value, @dustsweeper will vote with only $0.007

The exact upvote value will be used in the calculation above when reducing your balance.

When does @dustsweeper vote?

There is no fixed time and this might fluctuate in the future. At the moment @dustsweeper votes until the Voting Power reach 80% and then sleeps for 6 hours.

Why did @dustsweeper not upvote my comment?

The most likely reason for a skipped comment is due to high demand. @dustsweeper needs HIVE Power, a lot of it, to be able to vote, but if there are too many comments and not enough HP, skipped comments are unavoidable.

Missed comments do not mean @dustsweeper skipped you. If @dustsweeper needs a break, she will start again from the same spot where she took the break.

Which comments qualify?

Comments with an upvote value larger than $0 and smaller than $0.020.

Comments with only self-votes are excluded.

To get a bit more technical, Dustsweeper is looking at the rshares value of the comment instead of the $-value. This is actually a recent change. Previously Dustsweeper used the 3-decimal $-value, where any comment with at least $0.001 would qualify. Taking rounding into consideration it meant a value higher than $0.0005. With the old system it was possible to have an upvote with a positive value that didn't qualify.
With the new system, any vote adding a positive rshares value will be included.

There are still cases where votes can add a zero rshares value. Please read further in the last section "What is actually Dust, Dust Votes and Minimum Payout Threshold?"

Does it matter when I join?

No, your old comments will qualify for @dustsweeper.

So if you join today and have a 4-day old comment, it will be upvoted by @dustsweeper before payout.

Can I Send A Friend @dustsweeper As A Gift?

Yes, you can!
Start the transfer memo with the text to: followed by the username. For example: to: danielsaori

The user receiving the gift will get a memo explaining it was a gift sent from you. The memo will also include the link to this FAQ.

What is my balance?

Check your balance with the following two options.

  • Login to Dustsweeper's Discord server and check your balance with the $stats command.
  • Make a transfer of 0.001 to @dustsweeper and you will receive a balance notification.

Can @dustsweeper be used when I upvote other people?

This is still not possible, but it is the next change to be implemented. Hopefully, this will be ready within the next month.

Delegating to @dustsweeper

It is possible to delegate HP to @dustsweeper and be paid while doing so. I am not promising riches, but it is a nice way to support a community service and being rewarded at the same time.

How it works?

If you are delegating HP to @dustsweeper you will be rewarded for every @dustsweeper top-up. If you delegate 10% of @dustsweeper's total HP, you will receive 10% of all top-ups. So if a user sends 1 HIVE to @dustsweeper to top-up their balance, you will be rewarded with 0.1 HIVE.

  • Delegate any amount to get started.
  • 5000 HP is currently the maximum for the reward calculation.
  • Anyone can participate, you do not need to be a Dustsweeper user.
  • Transfers/top-ups to Dustsweeper will be returned to the users, proportionally to each user's delegation.
  • Stats can be checked in Dustsweeper's Discord Server.

How much do I get paid?

It is very difficult to give an accurate estimate, especially over a short time frame, as it all depends on the frequency users are topping up their accounts.

Here are two observations I've done so far:

  • Over the last 20 days on HIVE, from 1st to 20th of June, the annual ROI was 15%. (The actual value was 28% but I disregarded from some very large top-ups just after going live on HIVE.)
  • During 3 weeks in mid-2019, the annual return was 16%.

When we have been more than two months on HIVE I will provide a better estimate.

When do I get paid?

  • Profits will be paid out daily as long as it is above 0.01
  • Profits will be paid in both HIVE and HBD.
  • Profits below 0.01 will be accumulated.
  • The only exception is if you stop your delegation, then any amount above 0.001 will be paid out.

Abuse protection

The 5000 SP maximum delegation is to minimize the risk of someone abusing the system. Without the threshold, a user could delegate a large amount of HP, top-up the account, and the un-delegate again. That way they would be able to claim a large amount of their own top-up.

With the 5000 SP threshold, we at least reduce the profitability for someone attempting this kind of abuse.

We still serve the right to adjust the Dustsweeper balance for any user deliberately trying to take advantage of this.

What is actually Dust, Dust Votes and Minimum Payout Threshold?

Right, I would like to begin by apologizing. I am sorry if this will confuse you, but I felt it would be good to do a proper breakdown and explain the various terms linked to Dust.

Let's begin with Dustsweeper. Dustsweeper is dealing with something referred to as Payout Dust, or more properly described as the Minimum Payout Threshold. This is the threshold set to $0.02 in the blockchain code. If the payout value of a post/comment is below this threshold at payout time, there will be no payout. This concept has not changed for a very long time.

Another term related to Dust is Dust Votes. A dust vote is an individual vote that is considered too small to exist. The blockchain will ignore such vote and it will have no monetary value.
With HF20 there was a change linked to Dust Votes. The parameter for a dust vote remained at "50M rshares", but how it was implemented changed. Before HF20, the 50M rshares parameter was considered a hard threshold, votes below this threshold was not accepted. If voting below this threshold, an error would occur and the vote would never be registered. At the time of HF20, around 1.2SP was required to reach 50M rshares.

With HF20, instead of being a hard threshold, all votes casted were instead reduced by 50M rshares. Small votes falling below 50M rshares were no longer blocked but instead given a value of 0.
Although these dust votes are now visible on the blockchain, I believe most frontends do not show them.

Dust votes are also relevant to Dustsweeper as only comments with an rshares value above 0 will be considered for a Dustsweeper vote. Although voted, with an rshares value of 0, the comment holds no monetary value, hence no dust can be saved from Dustsweeper's point of view. I hope that makes sense.

Thank you for reading.
Written by @danielsaori.

dust sweeper
Designed by @charisma777


@cryptocharmers info for you

I would have known about this service 9 months ago if we were connected then.

RIP my dust... LOL


I use it now. A pretty good percentage of my followers have low HP. I encourage them to vote on my posts and comments when they like them, even if they are below the payout threshold. Because of Dustsweeper, we both end up with a tiny reward and I think it helps keep people with low HP engaged and interacting on Hive. Also, you are going way back in your research!

It’s unbelievable how intricate the rules are surrounding these things.

More research needed!


Is this still available on steemit?

@dustsweeper I delegated 1 hbd and I have no notification

Hi! There was just a delay in the processing. I see the confirmation was sent 5-6 hours ago.

Hey @danielsaori, I tried reaching out to you on discord but I couldn't find you on the Leo discord server, what's your handle?

@dustsweeper how can I see my votes for the programme

Envié 1 hbd y no tengo ninguna notificación

I transferred 0.119 HBD (not HIVE) to @dustsweeper about 14 hours ago, but I didn't receive a reply. ☹️ Maybe the top-up was successful, and I just didn't get a confirmation reply. 🤔

Please assist me @danielsaori! 😅

The transfer service crashed twice and it took some time for me to notice it the first time. It's back again since yesterday and you should have had your balance topped up.

I have sent 0.500 HBD three days ago and 1.002 HIVE two days ago to @dustsweeper, but I still haven't received a reply. 🙁 I assume that the 0.500 HBD did not get credited because @dustsweeper still sent me a memo that my balance is below 0.03 HIVE. 😦

Please assist me again, @danielsaori! 😅

Thanks again for the ping. 😊
The issue is fixed and both amounts have been credited.

Thanks! 🤗 I thought @dustsweeper was not accepting HBD that time. 😁

now 0.290 HIVE is enough for only 1 up? How to terminate the contract with @dustsweeper?


Can @dustsweeper be used when I upvote other people?
This is still not possible, but it is the next change to be implemented. Hopefully, this will be ready within the next month.

How far are we with this? :p

Hey! It has actually been available for a long time. So the FAQ is a bit out of date... 😊
Whenever you do a transfer to Dusty the reply will include instructions on how to proceed. HEre is the text:

Your account is only protecting incoming votes. (Other people voting your posts/comments) - To change mode, send a memo to @dustsweeper with the words: ININ, INOUT, OUTIN or OUTOUT. E.g. INOUT will protect both incoming and outgoing votes, but will prioritize incoming. ININ will only protect incoming votes.

Ohh shit. I am way behind!

I just read the FAQ because I forgot how to gift people "shares" and came across the other thing aswell :P

@danielsaori dusty is not doing anything for the past 3 days

Hey, why do you think so?
Looks like Dusty is working: https://www.hiveblockexplorer.com/@dustsweeper

But there were a couple of hiccups in the last week where the transfer function stopped working. The public RPC nodes have not been the most stable lately. Maybe you were referring to that.

transfer function stopped working

public RPC nodes

all right, thank you

What is the commend to split a sent amount? I sent 2 hive either and try to sent it to 4 people, but it only registered the first person xD

Hi Kris, you can only send a gift to one user at a time.

If you want I can cancel the 2 HIVE transfer and you can do it again.

Ohh, though I could send to more.yes please cancel it

ok, done. I reduced the balance for drutter but left a small bonus.
Please send it again.

Will try to add the feature in the future to send a gift to several users at once.

I will do it after my Valorant game :p
That would be a nice feature

I see now that you forgot to start the memo with to:
So all top-ups went to your account 😉

To avoid having to resend, as it also screws up the delegation rewards, I will just adjust the balances manually. I will reduce your balance and increase it for drutter, medikatie, girlsofgreen, hempy

Hahaha. Its so hard to remember! xD

You are a star mr @danielsaori :D

Getting my dust picked up by the sweeper is a great idea. I'll get a piece of HIVE over to ya this afternoon.

Happy to have you on board.
I see that you got your first dust swept literally only minutes ago. 😊

So, @dustsweeper is a she? :) Good. I think, I need to use this service.

shame to see you go cause my balance is under .03 HIVE at over 2k HIVE somehow lol I vote too much maybe my low VP?


Will a post by a @dustsweeper "client" having a vote (or votes) that is too small (not even $0.0001) but still has a positive number of "rshares" still be upvoted by @dustsweeper? Thanks.

Yes, with the new version on HIVE, any comment with a positive rshares value will be considered by Dusty.

I voted your comment now with only 1%. Rewards still show 0.000 but it has a positive rshares value, so if Dusty has enough power, the comment should receive an upvote.

Thanks for your clarification!

Now I know that I don't need to upvote a post by about $0.0013 (the $0.0003 is to account for price fluctuations) because I assumed that a post of a @dustsweeper client whose total rewards is less than $0.001 will be ignored.

I have been using this service since it first came out.

I haven't done the math, but I do know that I see @dustsweeper upvotes on my dust payouts often.

Thank you for your service.

Get 1 HBD 😀

Awesome service. I have used this in the past and it is worth it.

Congratulations @dustsweeper! You have completed the following achievement on the Hive blockchain and have been rewarded with new badge(s) :

You distributed more than 155000 upvotes. Your next target is to reach 160000 upvotes.

You can view your badges on your board And compare to others on the Ranking
If you no longer want to receive notifications, reply to this comment with the word STOP

Support the HiveBuzz project. Vote for our proposal!

Good to know!

Is it possible to delegate rather than send tokens?

Well I have no idea how much I uploaded because the hive blog doesn't give me the bar like peakd ddoes anyway I saw that you uploaded me some places so that's it thank you

Hello. I am guessing that the transfer service doesn't work. Haven't received any reply.

@danielsaori this bot is a neat idea. However it has taken to sweeping up some qualifying posts from a spammer that likes to use stolen posting keys to upvote their posts and comments with hundreds of dusty votes. Some people have been countering those votes to just below the threshold but then dustsweeper brings them back over it.

These are the accounts they are currently using for spam:


Thanks for the heads up!
When I first had a look I wondered why these had been upvoted by @dustsweeper, none of them had an account and neither had the upvoters.
It was actually caused by a bug and triggered by one of the downvoters... :(
A user with a dustsweeper account, set to protect outgoing votes, would trigger this bug if they downvoted a post and if the post was still above 0.

So far I've only seen @shmoogleosukami impacted by this.
I will do a scan of all votes since the outgoing votes were implemented and refund the users.

Yeeey I seem to have broken something :D or rather revealed a bug anyways.

Let me know if I need to do anything or if you need anything from me or w/e.

Keep downvoting crap content. I'm sorry that Dusty tried to counter your votes. 😊

I've found 20 or so votes linked to the account above. I will run a full scan and then refund your dustsweeper balance. I'll get back to you in a day or two.

Thanks for taking a look :)

Ok, so this service won't help me mitigate undeserved retaliatory opinion based downvotes ?

Hi @dustsweeper

I am a newbie and transferred to your 2 Hive account via the Transfer to Savings option. It is the first time I have done this and the truth is that only this transfer option appears in my wallet. That is, I did not see an option that is only Transfer and I thought it was the same.

Screen Shot 2021-06-23 at 9.58.37 AM.png

Now I am seeing that the account of @dustsweeper arrived with a Savings Transfer and I imagine that it is not right. The bot can take it or I have to resend the money by another means. Sorry for the inconvenience, can that money be returned to me or did I lose it? Thanks for the support.

Screen Shot 2021-06-23 at 9.58.23 AM.png

No problem. Money returned. Please initiate a normal transfer and it should be good. Thanks!

Thank you! I'm going to transfer correctly now.

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@dustsweeper accepts delegations of Hive, but can it also accept delegations using Layer 2 tokens (say, POB, STEM, BHT, etc.)?

Posted via proofofbrain.io

Hi @dustsweeper, This service was suggested to me and I found it excellent, to take advantage of the micropowder I receive from UV...hahahaha...while I make some progress. I have already transferred 2HIVE

Oh this my first time I heard about dust , I didn8 payed if its under 0.02 for us as newbie we need to that's..

Just had a friend here talking about you and here you are! Everything whcih can grow my account or is fun is more than welcome !LOLZ
Will need to plan some time to read through all of this though....

What did the Golden Gate bridge say to the Golden Gate river when they broke up?
I'm over you.

Credit: reddit
@dustsweeper, I sent you an $LOLZ on behalf of @svanbo
Use the !LOL or !LOLZ command to share a joke and an $LOLZ.
Delegate Hive Tokens to Farm $LOLZ and earn 110% Rewards. Learn more.

Is this service still actual? Is there an other article with updated info? Except of Hive and HBD are there other tokens we could use to pay? Do I refrase correctly the answer on the question "What does it cost?" saying: When I've got a 0,01 vote, than a 0,016 will be taken from my deposit and I'll be paid out 0,026 and when I've got 0,00 vote, than a 0,026 vote will be taken form mu deposit and I'll be paid out 0,026? If this is affirmative, where is the profit for @dustsweeper ?
And additionally: isn't it very likely that most comments aren't upvoted and the ones that are upvoted will be upvoted for more than 0,02? Just a consideration...

There is no profit from using the #Dustsweeper service, though it still helps you avoid losing on author (and curation) rewards by sweeping tiny votes for you that would otherwise be dusted. 🤓 !PIZZA !CTP


$PIZZA slices delivered:
@kaseldz(5/5) tipped @dustsweeper (x1)
cryptothesis tipped methodofmad (x2)

I also can only recommend the dustsweeper - until your 1% vote value is >2c 😃. Then you don´t need it anymore.
And indeed voting after 24h decreases your curation rewards by 1/3. After 3 or 4 days it is even more, as far as I know. So ideally you should vote only within 24h after the post. By this your curation APR gets >8%. But yours is not too bad either (https://hivestats.io/@cryptothesis)
And I keep my voting power always around 90%. Not meaning that this is better, just I have good experience with it.

Hello folks, hello @danielsaori!

Let me ask something: is there still a reason to use DustSweeper after HF26, considering that now there's no Dust Votes anymore? As far as I understood from the hard fork, now all votes have their rewards distributed, and the minimum limit of 2 cents no longer exists.


Every day is new about me, every day, information or many information that will benefit you in your life, and this is what was achieved for me today thanks to my follow-up to your post, and I tell you that after my response, I will start implementing the important steps in the post, because I saw that this is very wonderful. We wish you profit and all friends.

@dustsweeper! You Are Alive so I just staked 0.1 $ALIVE to your account on behalf of @kaseldz. (5/10)

The tip has been paid for by the We Are Alive Tribe through the earnings on @alive.chat, feel free to swing by our daily chat any time you want.