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RE: Spinvest pool for WLEO/ETH liquidity pool - update.

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Hey @jk6276,

I hope it's not too late to join. (According to this post, it's not, unless wLEO was just launched.) I'd like to jump into your spew pool!

Quick background story: Until yesterday I didn't even know about wLEO, what it was, or this liquidity pool with its reward bounty. I had just come back from the desert of disconnectivity, and a post by @revisesociology got me interested in it. After a few hours of deep-end immersion in posts and videos on LeoFinance, I knew I didn't want this opportunity to pass by. I actually have about a third of an ETH (0.34-something) that I thought I should do something with, and I have enough liquid HIVE to buy the equivalent of LEO for it (that should be pretty exactly 1000 LEO at the moment). But then came the cautioned advice regarding the GAS fees. Though this amount of LEO and ETH would qualify me for the bounty, it could be eaten up by the GAS prices.

So instead, I am looking at your SPEW pool (kinda cool name, IMO). I've just read the previous two posts, and feel pretty good about sending my LEO to @spinvest-eth. (Done.) But what about my ETH? Can you make use of it too? I could trade it for wLEO once it's launched, and send that into the SPEW pool too... But wouldn't it be easier, and more useful, to use it for the ETH side of the SPEW? Please let me know, and if so, I'll send it to the ETH address provided.

Anyway, thanks for this awesome initiative. I can't wait to see where it goes. (To the moon, of course, where else?) 😋


Hey, great to have you onboard. If you would like to add your ETH into the pool, that will work. I can add it to the tally, and udpate your pool share tomorrow.

I can't wait for this to kick off now.



Awesome! So just to make sure: The ETH wallet I should send it to is the one mentioned in the original post, right? This one: 0x9744dF35394B77860337d4b17a844B87EF341e83

That is the correct address. The amount of leo that everyone has sent has been fantastic, but it has left us a little short on ETH now so your addition of ETH will really help, plus add to your share of the pool.

Appreciate the support.

Okay, my ETH is sent out. Could you please verify when you've received it?

And yes, it seems like your SPEW pool has worked well, at least there are quite a few of us who are interested in it. Congrats! Now let's hope our investment will be worthwhile too.

I'm glad my ETH can be of some use, other than just sitting around in my wallet. Looking forward to the launch, and the next update post, featuring my name on the list of participants. :-)

I can confirm the spinvest-eth Ethereum wallet has received 0.343475 ETH, and have updated the pool data accordingly.

WLEO.ETH pool.png

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Yup, that was it. Thank you!

Awesome, awesome, awesome!!! And look at that: our SPEW pool is worth almost 23K LEO!!! Mind if I publish a post about this tomorrow? I mean my looking into the upcoming wrapped LEO, and my intent of jumping into the wLEO liquidity pool, then finding this wonderful SPEW pool? It may even get some more folks interested in the last minute, though I'm sure those who follow what's happening already know about this.

Go right ahead - always happy to see people posting about this.

Total funds we have so far is $4700 altogehter, should earn us a nice little chunk of the bounty, depending on how much ends up in the pool altogether.

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