Earth2 - Part 4: What more and how to get some money from it?

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Earth2 - Part 4: What more and how to get some money from it?

Maybe in my previous post about SportCity and I’ve been waking your attention about the virtual land in the Earth2 Metaverse and you’d like to know more about it?
(If you missed the 2 first parts and you want to read back, you can click here for part 1 and here for part 2; both give an idea where I would like to go with the SportCity community here on Hive and in the Metaverse(s?)
... Or you’re thinking “ok, but are you guys just buying virtual land, trying to sell it later on and that’s it already for over 2 years??” Like I’ve promised I’ll write a blog now about what has been changed during the last year and what is upcoming.

Categorisation of Virtual Land
Indeed, the main part is still buying (and selling?) virtual land, which is categorised in Tier 1 (Class 1-4) and Tier 2 (only one class). T2 has been developed to give people which have not been early investors the chance ot enter at an affordable price cause these lands started off from 0,10 USD/tile, where T1 costed already several USD per tile of the same size. The consquence was that T1 would not be available any more for new land. So what’s on the market can be resold, but no new T1 can be bought. Meanwhile we know (however everything we know for the future is always subject to change) that we’ll be able to “upgrade” T2 land to T1 with Essence.

Essence is the crypto coin which hasn’t been launched yet because probably the devs are waiting for an optimal moment for it, probably a general Bull Market in crypto and a better use case, to avoid that people start to sell off everything.

**What to do with Essence? **
We’re already gathering Essence by claiming Ether (in-game currency) daily and transforming it if we wish so and shortly we could get Essence as well through raiding properties (more about both in Earth2 - Part 5: Raiding with or without civilians)

What is there more to sell?
Apart from virtual land which we can already sell and Essence which will be worth selling, also from the beginning we’re getting jewels. These jewels can be crafted into different jewels, they can be staked in properties in order to produce more Ether (which can be kept or transformed, we know we’ll need some soon for civilians, see PART 5), or soon they can be staked into Cydroids for raiding soon (see Part 5); At the moment basic jewels (I’m getting 8-9 per day) are worth 0,08 USD at the market. The price has been dropping from about 12-13 cts over the last 2 months after it came from 0,07-0,08 cts the deepest point they had been dropping not giving them a further use case than staking in properties till Raiding has been announced. Now the question is if everybody who wants to use them for his Cydroids has got enough and thus the price will not be going up? Or soon there’s coming an extra use case and people are going to start buying jewels again? To sell or not to sell???

Last but not least there are the **Holobuildings **for the creative players among us. They should be used for store resources, but that’s an other part of the game which isn’t clear yet. Fact is that there are some very creative geniuses which are getting extra income of building and selling their Holobuildings.

More Movement and community
Earth2 has got a very living and active community on Discord (also Youtube, Twitter, Tiktok, Facebook, Twitch, etc.) where people share strategies, opinions, guesses etc but where also are organised quizzes and riddles and competitions (buying tiles in Megacities and projects) which one could win tiles with. Even one organisation is already organizing a game. The objective of “Evolve” is to develop a game called “Flying Balls” in stadiums which we’ve been purchasing (calling this building would be overrated at this point). The idea is that Megacities (Or “districts” Like Sport City being part of State1) and guilds, holding a stadium could compete each other in a League. Somehow they have managed to set up such a competition already outside of and were able to motivate us to participate. It has been broadcasted over Twitch. Promising stuff, but unfortunately SportCity has drawn a very strong team to compete against and lost already in the first round.

More about Raiding properties?
Stay tuned for Earth2 PART 5. is #alive, now I would like to get SportCity #aliveandthriving


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There's coming another part with explanations. The webiste is and if you would like to know something about it, son't hesitate to contact me here or in Discord. !LUV

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For some people it clearly is. They find a some ways to make good money in crafting jewels for example. Also Holobuildings seem to bring money. LIT only for the very early adopters. And I've been making some good money from Red Energy. The question is just: Till which point one keeps on re-investing and when to start to take money out.... !LUV !LOL !PIZZA

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