Money As A Vehicle For Experiences

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There's this common saying that states that experience is the best teacher, in that the essence of it stays with us and we tangibly understand what it is about.

Unlike opinions or even beliefs, where we only have an inkling of what things are about.

To live is to experience. Life is about experiences. In my opinion, It is experiences that give meanings to life.

Money can mean different things depending on the context. In this post, money is given a well known definition of a tool to get things done faster or better. Just like any tool, it can be used for good or bad.

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The Influence of Money in the Modern World

Despite my admiration for the olden days, especially its way of living, I have to do well with the fact that those times are long gone. We live in a different epoch now, with different norms and condition.

One of the norms is centered around money, which has come to be seen as a symbol of status, success and power. The 'almighty dollar' is often used intentionally or unintentionally to influence decisions and leverage things in one's favor, sometimes without one being deserving of it.

Another way of saying it is money rules the world and the more one has of it, the more they're able to 'rule' the world.

Of course, this isn't the only perception of money despite it arguably been the prevailing one.

There's also the growing perception of money as a source of freedom and opportunity, enabling one to pursue their passions and interests, such as exploring new places and partaking in new experiences.

In the modern world, the lack of money can prevent one from partaking in certain experiences simply because it is gated behind a paywall, so to speak.

On the top of the list will be travel. Travel can bestow one with a rich set of experiences but the process still costs money in many parts of the world.

Up until recently, higher education and entertainment was also on the list. But these have now mostly been made very affordable or sometimes free with technological advancements.

On a general viewpoint, the rising costs of living has a noticeable effect on the availability or unavailability of certain experiences.

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The Purpose of a Vehicle

Going from point A to point B is the main purpose of a vehicle. But it also has other functions and capabilities.

Oftentimes, we overlook the purpose for the functions and capabilities. And this has us thinking that success, status and power are what money is mostly about.

There's nothing entirely wrong with this per se. Without context, only few things will make much sense in this world. Success, status or power can be a great leverage to have on a good cause.

But I view these as functions and not the main purpose of money. For me, one of the main purposes of money is to facilitate experiences that contribute to our growth and evolution.

This will stay with us long after the monetary transaction is done.

We ought to 'purchase' experiences instead of things that we don't need, which more often that not end up becoming a burden to us.

Thanks for reading!! Share your thoughts below on the comments.

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Money or crypto are tools to complete our tasks.
It will be dangerous to abuse the power that money gives to a person once considered a billionaire.

Rightly said! It is a tool to complete our tasks and the line begins to blur when we abuse this tool in all sorts of ways. It's like playing with fire, in many cases, we eventually get burned by it.

Thanks for stopping by :)

For me, one of the main purposes of money is to facilitate experiences that contribute to our growth and evolution.

This indeed is the best use of money although many things are a necessity like feeding. shelter and health which should be taken care of first. Then we delve into the interesting part of gaining beautiful experience with lovely memories and a wealth of knowledge.

Lovely read💕

Yes, indeed! The necessities that deal with survival is the part that needs to be sorted out first. We have to survive first, then thrive :)

Thanks for the kind remark and for stopping by :)


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