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Hello, my dear Splinterverse fellows. I hope everyone is doing great and enjoying the game regularly. Rebellion, the newest edition of the core cards, is now available and ready to go on a journey packed with many exciting new events in the Splinter Universe. Because it introduces so many new gameplay options and approaches to Splinterlands. It will also attract additional players to the game.

After many weeks of new rebellion cards, the market has begun to cool dramatically, and now is a wonderful moment to acquire some of the greatest cards based on your preferences. Personally, I'm not focused on the rebellion as much as I am on finding the missing cards for my Chaos legion sets in order to get them to the gold max level first.

*I also opened numerous rounds of packs to get some of the better cards but only received a handful, so I stopped purchasing packs but found the greatest value in the peak monsters for my essential cards. I recommend that you all get some cards now since the airdrop conflicts will once again cause the market to heat up. During the Christmas season, this is the ideal time to prepare for the next airdrop conflicts.

Today, I'll go over several techniques and better combinations for using the new rebellion cards. If you are a frequent player in the contemporary format, you should be aware that the untamed edition is no longer available, which is a positive move in the right direction for Chaos Legion owners like myself. However, I haven't played much in the contemporary league since I had difficulties and so left it unplayed. My trophies are below 500, and I am intending to start playing again now that the space is looking positive.

The new cards are more important than previous editions' capabilities, causing a paradigm shift in the game by presenting new strategies and compelling players to adjust their ways. They provide strategic depth and complexity, enhancing competitiveness and variety, improving playability and accessibility, reinventing the plot, and laying the groundwork for more material and expansions. The addition of summoners provides new players with powerful tools to build competitive decks and compete against seasoned players, making the game more accessible and enjoyable. The new cards' individual personalities and talents add complexity and richness to the story, bringing players further into the Splinterverse's environment. These strong cards' long-term effects guarantee that the game will continue to expand and keep players involved by laying the groundwork for future chances and challenges.

The Rebellion has created an abundance of new strategic possibilities in Splinterlands. Each splinter now has its own unique move that may be used to kill foes. To get to the centre of these combinations, we need to play and experiment with a variety of techniques. In this section, I will offer several combinations for various sorts of strikes as well as highlight some noteworthy characters that I have encountered or attempted in a short amount of time.

Earth is one of my best choices as it is in the top two splinters that I frequently use. So, I will share some amazing combos from low MANA to high MANA matches in Splinterlands according to various situations.

Earth team

Low Mana matches
Combo: Mylor Crowling (3 Mana)+ Croire (6 Mana) + Blacmoor trickster/Blackmoor nymph (3 Mana) = 12 Mana

The 3 MANA summoner mylor is a great one with the enabling thorns to all my monsters will work together against the MELEE attackers of the enemy team.

Putting fast, low-mana fighters on the board, like the Croire a lot of excellent abilities and self-healing is a great way to win a low MANA match against the all kinds of attacks.

The Blackmoors with 3 MANA are both excellent with magic and range attacks which can be decided with the battle requirement. It is a great low-mana combo. Some other low-mana combos are also possible with the recent rebellion cards as follows.

Combo: Lurking Puffer (2 Mana)+ Croire (6 Mana) + Satha Toledo (5 Mana) = 13 Mana

This 13 MANA combo of monsters is great with a great interconnected system, as the TANKs and the tank healing ability will make this combo a good one.

The weapon training ability will make the attackless attacjer into a proper attacking TANk in very low MAN cost in this low MANA combination.

Medium MANA

Combo: LIOCEROS (7 Mana)+ Blackmoor Nymph (3 Mana) + Zebajin (7 Mana) + Satha Toledo (5 MANA) + Gobson Sniper (5 Mana)= 27 Mana

This combo is solid medium MANA matches where all kinds of supportive cards are included, though some cards with sneak or opportunity are missing here. Rebellion has fewer cards as there are already many existing cards with such a situation.

Also, the Lioceros is an amazing card with the great ability of Thorns and the Trample, which can be truly beast against any team! The Final 4 MANA monster, are also powerful monsters with magic attacks and range attacks with a significant number of health.

For medium MANA matches, more cards from the following list can be added according to the rulesets and the opponent's tendency to make adjustable teams in the water team.

Besides, the new 3 MANA combined summoner is a great way to modify the combo according to the match rulesets. Now, the diversity of the matches has increased a lot. The number of possible cards is insane. And the capability of all these cards is also very unpredictable, with tons of abilities.

High MANA match
In my opinion, Rebellion has not enough amount of HIGH MANA cards for the earth team for battle such as the 60+ MANA matches, but there are some of them from the Chaos Legion and also in the Neutral section of the Rebellion card set. Those following cards that can be used in the high mana matches very effectively. So I am not able to make any High MANA combo in the earth team with the rebellion team but I am suggesting some High MANA amazing REBELLION cards below. These high-mana monsters are amazing to have in battle. They have enough abilities to suppress the enemy with any splinters in the Splinterverse.

It is possible to reform the monsters with special abilities and rulesets of the battle for any situation of the battle. And there can be a lot more strategies that I can think of now which will also keep evolving with the game itself.

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I hope you find some of these cards will bring more fun to Splinterlands. And if you have any kinds of queries, you can ask me in the comments. I will try to answer at my level best. Thanks a lot for your time and attention, I will catch you at the next one.
Have a great day!

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Thank you so much for your time and attention.
I will catch you at the next.

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