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RE: The HIVE Supply Is Going Down | A Breakdown Of The HIVE Historical Supply

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Hey mate,

What is the current inflation rate of the rewards pool and what effect is it going to have going forward. From memory, I think next year, the rewards pool (under normal circumstances without ridiculous HBD) should start to shrink as well - as the inflation rate continues moving toward the 1% mark due in about 14 years.


The formula for calculating HIVE inflation:

Hive inflation = (978 - (head_block_number / 250000)) / 100 = (978 – (45,550,382/250000))/100
Hive inflation = 7.96%

This is from my post almost a year ago. So its under 8%. Change the curent block and you will get the right number now. I'm afk :)

Cheers :)

Will be interesting to see a few years from now when the pool is 30% smaller

Its 7.5% now