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I was reading an interesting set of numbers today, that said that 7%, or approximately 270,000 Australian children under the age of 12 have a trading account and, 2% hold crypto. These are of course set up by the parents, with Millennial parents more likely than Gen-X parents to have opened an investment account in their children's name - which is good signs for the future in my opinion, as more children will hopefully be raised with some level of financial literacy, rather than being adults before taking their first foray into investing.

My daughter doesn't have an investment account, she has a savings account that my wife thinks is important, but I believe those times have changed, as the interest rate is so incredibly low, that putting money in there is costing money, not making it. However, she does have a little HIVE in her name that I will top up from time to time and I will give her the master key on her eighteenth birthday. She will be able to have the posting key earlier though.


Today someone was talking about thought leadership and I was wondering what actually qualifies as a thought leader. They seemed to think it was an influencer, but I don't think that this is the case, as an influencer needn't think much at all.

Thought leader
A Thought Leader is an individual or firm ascribed the quality of ‘Thought leadership'. Thought leadership is influencing a narrative by understanding what needs to be done. A Thought Leader can be recognized as an authority in a specific field and whose expertise is sought and often rewarded, that can be an expert, a historical figure, or a 'wise person' with worldly impact. Wikipedia

Of course, thought leadership doesn't necessarily require thought itself, it could be seen as influencing the thinking of others. But in my opinion, thought leadership is about leading people into making decisions, but not necessarily telling what decisions should be made.

I think this because the process of creation has three core steps to it; thought, word, action. But, while these steps can be applied to all kinds of creation, including those in only the mind, as a social construct of creation, it doesn't mean one person has to perform all steps. Collaboration is about division of labor and I see thought leadership as one of the roles in the process, but it isn't one that everyone can fill, even if a person is a decent thinker.

"Leadership" implies that there is more than one person and there is a transfer of information, which could simply be visualized as a "follow me" statement. However, in order to be followed as a thought leader, a person not only has to have the ability to think about what the future might look like and what may be required, they have to be able to transfer that information in a compelling enough way to the audience. It doesn't matter how "right" a person is, if no one is listening, they aren't leading anything.

But, communication and the ability to coherently express ideas are skills in and of themselves and without them, a single thought can live and die on the tongue of the thinker. However, most people do not actively spend time developing these skills in themselves. However, some do and that means that they have an advantage over those who don't even if the "thought" aspects of what is being said isn't at the highest standards. While we might not like to admit it often, looks matter, so does delivery.

In a world like the coming gig economy of crypto, this will mean that more people will have to take responsibility for their ability to deliver and while they might not be the greatest thinkers, if they want people to acknowledge their skills, they are going to have to learn how to present themselves well. This can mean different things depending on the field or platform, but a lot of people don't put too much thought into building the content around their focal point, which means what they actually want to say, doesn't get highlighted or gets lost completely.

One of the things that I have identified in the people that I consider thought leaders, is their ability to help my visualize what they are trying to say, by connecting it to what I know. As the description above says, it is about influencing the narrative, which is literally the "words" section of the creative path. Building this imagery allows the audience to skip a lot of the thinking process and move straight into the mental discussion and behaviors based upon it. They are being led down the path of creation toward action. They themselves might not be the active part of the process of course, as they might be a step in the collaborative chain, but they will be able to become leaders themselves, through the distribution of the stories they have learned.

For me, this is a very interesting topic and vital to my own career and much of my personal enjoyment, which is why my own inability to visualize well since the stroke is such a blow. However, regardless of my limitations, the importance of the power of stories should not be lost on anyone, as they are the guiding force behind much of what we do, intentionally and unintentionally.

For example, just because they have trading accounts and investments in their name, not all of those 270,000 kids in Australia today are going to have financial literacy by default, as this is a learned skill. Not all parents are going to be able to teach their kids how "to read" financially as they aren't going to be able to build adequate narrative for them to act upon. Reading is pretty easy, as it is just recognizing the symbols of the letters and punctuation, but understanding what is read is far harder, because that requires holding the concepts of what is written. Reading the word "monkey" is meaningless, if one doesn't know what a monkey is.

Finance is much the same, as the words are backed by many concepts and much of it is not intuitive to us at all. What can be learned however are behaviors, for example by mimicking parents, but also the stories of how things work in the real world. The lessons of economics and investing aren't the definitions from the dictionary, it is the examples we can connect with and they don't have to be taught through financial instruments. What I would hope for these kids is that there will be the stories they are able to visualize from their own world, and then have that overlaid onto whatever tools they are using. This way, they are not only able to picture what is happening, but as things are happening, they are also able to change their perspective by adjusting the picture they hold.

Einstein was paraphrased to say,

"If you want your children to be intelligent, read them fairytales and if you want them to be more intelligent, read them more fairytales."

The reason is that this is a core part of the creative process as hearing the words elicits mental imagery that they can use to create their personal story. The more they build this skill, the more able to take what they consume into hand and play within their imagination to generate something new, or discover alternative ways to use what they know. Those who do it very well, might even make a lot of value, as a byproduct of doing what they love.

Wouldn't that be a good outcome for a generation?

We are entering into the age of the 99% as investors and we are the ones here today driving the technology and processes that will get us there. What is starting to happen is that a lot of the early technological thinking has been done and now we are building the narrative that will inspire the activity that will lead on to more thoughts, words and actions.

Rinse and repeat.

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This new age speak of thought leaders is annoying as hell! The concept is something I disagree with, and so many put weight into it.

Good for small steps, I’ll have to start docking away a little bit of hive here and there for our son. I think this type of stuff is an excellent start for them! Our parents tried the best they can but I think savings accounts are more of a waste than other things sadly.

Yep - I agree. Lip service doesn't count as thought leadership.

Just think if your son learns about economics through usage of Hive applications :)

The world has gone past savings, investing the money is the only Noy way to get more money especially in crypto though it can be risky but it's worth it

yes, investing is the only way to really earn. Earning in work is good, but if not investing to increase its worth, people are missing out

Yes I do agree with you that not all the kids will have the financial acumen required even though they have a savings account. Crypto funnily enough does teach you how to save as it offers decent interest. Many kids will have a decent sized bag if their parents have added it to a defi type project or have staked it and not just sitting in a cold wallet somewhere. Maybe they will end up wasting it as easy come easy go is the generation that is around now and wen Lambo.

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It is not just the saving in crypto imo, it is the ability to interact with the economy directly and largely transparently. You can see the mechanics at work - which is a great lesson for anyone.

Her 18th Birthday? That's a Bold statement on the future trajectory of Hive, even I haven't thought that far into the future. Now you've got my imagination running wild😄

Well, it around about coincides for when the HIVE inflation rate is steady at 1% :)

In my opinion most of the younger generation who have any kind of crypto, handling crypto as an asset or game credits and not as money. The environment of crypto is closer to a game, or a collection book especially with the NFTs. By the time they will start to deal with finance their asset will give them a solid base for their decisions, and grant them many possibilities. But how many of them will be prepared enough for this kind of freedom?

I think at least some of them will be prepared culturally, as they have grown with it. I suspect that most of these accounts aren't going to hold extreme amounts of wealth in them, but could be enough to give a base to start exploring themselves from.

I Don't know why parents opening such trading & investment account at this age.Do they want them to invest those money when they go to school or college and collect pocket money or they want them to skilled much in advance in finance sector.

Most people never invest at all, because they have no experience with it. So, having a trading account of some kind means the barrier to entry is removed completely and there might be enough in there to make significant new investments with. With the lessons of parents on top, it can be highly valuable to the child for their education - far more so than a lot of what is taught in a school, including an economics school.

Great article Taraz. You have me really thinking about creating a Hive account for my eight year old nephew.

Here in the U.S. financial literacy is even worse than in Australia. Most Americans have way less than $1,000 in savings and little, if anything, invested. Americans in white collar jobs have a 401k, if they're lucky but most of these are loaded with fees and have barriers to using the money before a certain age. It's a precarious situation, a house of cards waiting to fall.

I think first teaching children the value of money and then teaching them how to make that money work for them is the greatest gift they can receive.

Most Americans have way less than $1,000 in savings and little, if anything, invested.

I think it is the same in Australia nd getting worse. The averages ae increasing, but those in the bottom bands are too. If I remember, it is something like 23% with under 1000 in savings in Australia, even though the average savings has gone up astronomically over the covid period.

It's a precarious situation, a house of cards waiting to fall.

Eventually, there is always a slip up. Like secrets, they always come out in the end.

I think first teaching children the value of money and then teaching them how to make that money work for them is the greatest gift they can receive.

Too many look to give kids money, not teach them how to make it for themselves. It is like the most basic life lessons are getting forgotten.

During my childhood, there was (or still there)moneybox in order for kids to save money. However that money would probably be used up for kids stuffs such as toy.

Opening a bank account for children under 18 came up later. I think it was a common account with a parent, and money would not be drawn unless the parent approved. Individual retirement system is now allowed for person under 18 in my country, which is a goo and long-term investment in a centralized financial system, to me.

Opening a crypto account for a kid and buying some coins in time would be sensible, why not? Good idea that you have opened an account for her in HIVE, very well. However, i think she is not in your own curation trail :)

Just think about putting money in a box now - all it does is lose about 4% (in much of Europe) a year.

My daughter's account delegates to me, so it is active.

I don't know too many kids that learn lessons as early as we would like them to though XD At least stuff does shift each generation (sometimes quicker than others).

Definitely not - but I think it would help to have something they own (but can't use that much directly) as a point of example and connection to the lessons

I think having a saving account in a cryptocurrency for your kids would be amazing but that's means I would have to teach them a lot about finance while raising them because it would pivotal.

but that's means I would have to teach them a lot about finance while raising them because it would pivotal.

Absolutely. It is part of your job as a parent in my opinion.

I need to start working on creating some form of savings for my unborn kid because with the way the economy of my country is heading, it would be very necessary in the future.

How about this. Thought leadership is the process of helping others to discover their own enlightenment, superb leadership is the ability to help others to become thought leaders. Just a thought.

For someone who struggles to visualize you certainly have a superb skill at presenting your vision with clarity. Also a wonderful tallent for penetrating thought and analysis, quite a perspective for being 'blinkered'.

Blessed be.

I think it is an aspect of thought leadership for sure. But, not everyone need be a thought leader, though I wish everyone would think a little more about what they are doing in this life they have.

My mind used to race and the challenge was to hold onto thoughts for long enough to detail them. Now, it still races but the challenge is having the thoughts flow into something coherent :)

Lol....oh I so understand that.

A beautiful photo here and I agree with Marian that she is cute.

I was reading an interesting set of numbers today, that said that 7%, or approximately 270,000 Australian children under the age of 12 have a trading account and, 2% hold crypto.

This is what we are trying to do with the children and youngsters that are now performing so well with our new coding training project.
As soon as they have completed the project I want to introduce them to Hive and leave the option with them to join or not.
Granted not all will accept, but there are some real bright sparks in the first class.
Much work still awaits as they will also need some training in finances and investments, but it is a good dream.

A thought will always only remain a thought, unless it is clothed in action.
I can't remember who said this.

It is interesting to see what happens with a group of students who are given early possibility.

The first year my father was teaching (he was qualified at 16), he used his first paychecks to buy books, uniforms and shoes (compulsory) for some local kids so they could go to school in Malacca. Years later, after one of the students retired as a General in the Malaysian military, he tracked down my dad in Australia and flew him home for a reunion. The room was filled with doctors, lawyers and business people who got free shoes and an opportunity.

What an amazing story here and your father was some man my friend.
I am nothing as great as him, but I bet that he was also a humble man and if he was then me and your father are kin.

I think that all of you have this trait within you.

I am not sure about humble, but not overstated :)

Hahaha, not the humble part, as that is for old fogies like me, but rather the helping part.

I would love to her blogs and you did an amazing job by having some hive for her also I agree that we should not let the money stay in banks and do investment even if we lose some but that's a lesson learn

She used to be an active blogger here, but got too busy with life :)

okay let me check it out

I just saw smallsteps blog its great but the last blog was a year ago well it's up to her to write or not have a great day

Well, she is 5 :)

Very great statistics right here.

Leadership in itself is not an easy task.

But I think the most important thing with leading is communication as you are trying to build a relationship with your follower.

Thought leadership would most mostly center on communication as its core element in my opinion

Yes. Communication is important - integrity more so.

I agree but I think capacity too

great to read that your counties future generation are interested in trading

Well, a country, not sure if it is mine anymore :)

I think that a thought leader is someone who has a knowledgeable experience which he'll pass down to his own very subordinates by narrating such ideas in a layman's terms or according to the level of understanding of an individual.

The system of life we are currently living on is as a result of the plans set aside for the future by these thoughts leaders!

Interesting article, at least I had few insight or knowledge added to mine.

Who we listen to affects what we do in our life and I think a lot of us surround ourselves with nonsense, yet it still affects us and therefore, our outcomes in life. Some people I know spend time scrolling Instagram and then wonder why they struggle to pay their bills.

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We have a saying that bears the meaning of...

Bad circumstances are excellent teachers. They would lead your thought in the right direction, as long as you're willing to survive and do something about it.

That AND operator is where the check often fails with people spoiled by comfortable life. That couch simply grows on you.

I'm trying to imagine it visualized right now — a human vegetable sporting couches growing from its stem.

Interesting ideas about being a thought leader. I especially like the Einstein quotes. I must admit that I think knowledge of how to perform coding is important, but I think I agree with Einstein in this way: creativity, imagination are very important because it allows you to look at the technological building blocks and envision what can be created from those components. I firmly believe what made Thomas Edison rich was not his technological expertise, but his creative vision about what could be done with technology.

As an example, the electric light monofilament was a technological advancement allowing a current to be passsed through a wire hundreds of times without destroying it. That’s impressive technology. But the creativity to take that science and use it to create a light bulb that can be turned on and off a thousand times is a creative application. Then creating a narrative where society no longer burns torches soaked kerosene with the resultant black smoke, and imagining a city street lit up at night by clean, non-polluting electrical lights, is another creative jump in application of science.

I think one important creative jump from your story is that as we teach children finance at younger ages, along with reading them fairy tales to develop their sense of creativity and imagery, they will create financial products we only dream of…

The future looks bright.

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