Have You Accepted That Crypto Will Give You Financial Freedom?

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Life changing money. Financial freedom. Abundance.

They all tell the same story. It is one where each of us are changing our lives, forever. We are no longer playing according to the same rules as before. That system was based upon scarcity; this one so much more.

Have you ever heard what happens to most lottery winners?

If not, it is really a tragic story. Those who win large sums, life changing money, tend to end up broke within 5 years. What was a rags-to-riches story ends up returning to the rags.

How can someone who was destitute get millions of dollars and still end up with nothing?

The answer to that question lies in between their ears.


In reality, wealth is a mental game. It is one where what takes place between our ears is a representation of what will happen to us. With the lottery winners, even though they suddenly had money, they still have the poverty mindset.

These individuals, when receiving vast sums of money, did not go out and buy wealth building assets. Instead, they purchase what represents wealth to them. This means the new cars, jewelry, homes, and clothing. Most of this stuff decreases in value the second it is purchased.

At the same time, due to a lack of financial education, they are susceptible to the actions of nefarious attorneys, accountants, and money managers.

There was an article that was posted by @mindtrap that really put one through an interesting exercise. It is a worthwhile read and something to ponder.

Here we see another example of how our approach to things is an inside job. Would you sell in that position? Where would you dump your tokens and take profit?

Our beliefs determine how we behave. They are a way for us to shortcut our decision-making process so as to be able to operate in an ever changing environment around us. These reference points serve to guide us.

The problem with them, when it comes to money, is we are often conditioned in poverty. Since we operate within a scarcity framework, we see people exhibit the same behavior even when they are operating in abundance. This is why people still feel inferior even when they have plenty of money rolling in. Thus, they have to "wear" it for all to see. It is a psychological way to compensate what they view as shortcomings.

Of course, these are present even without the money. In fact, it is also one of the main reasons why people do not accumulate. They buy into some internal belief that tells them they do not deserve it.

Therefore, we have to analyze our beliefs around money, wealth, and the accumulation of it.

With cryptocurrency, the opportunity is there for everyone. Here we see an industry that is ever expanding, providing people with even more choices. Many of them will provide a terrific windfall.

Mindtrap's article discusses the price of a token up in relation to Bitcoin. Thus, the focus was upon price. We can go one step further with a system like Hive. Here we have the ability to not enjoy the market-driven run described in that article but also increase the number of tokens held through our activity.

Thus, before the 100x runup, we have the possibility of doubling or tripling the number of tokens held. This takes a 100x and turns it into a 200x or 300x move based upon the money we put in.

Many people opted to do this during the 3 year bear market.

Have you accepted that crypto will give you financial freedom?

It is an important question. Many will be quick to say "yes" because, well who wouldn't? However, if we look at what people truly believe, things could tell a different story.

Are we still hung up on the fact that this might not work out? Do we spend our time waiting for "the shoe to drop"? Are we still negative about what is taking place? Is our short-sighted view telling us that this will not work out?

These questions help to delve further into what we truly think. Of course, others can often determine this simply through our actions. Those who understand this is a pathway to financial freedom operate in a completely different manner as compared to those who are still questioning it.

What is ironic is those who believe it, will make it come true. As for those still questioning, the clock is ticking on their chance to start accumulating.

During the bear market, many people left cryptocurrency. Those who were here spent the time being active, growing their accounts. We now see many returning. The problem for them is they lost those 3 years. However, even more importantly is, do they still carry the same outlook? If so, the next bear will cause them to exit stage left, just like before.

We still live in a fiat driven world. This is not going to change for some time. Thus, we are confronted with the opportunity just described.

By being active, we can enhance our returns in terms of the number of tokens help. Here, we can take our stake and add X% to it over the next year. We also have the opportunity that the value of the token, in fiat terms, will also increase. Thus we are left with outsized returns.

When this happens over the course of a number of years, the numbers can change radically. What was once a small pile of money suddenly becomes a lot larger. Hundreds become thousands; thousands become tens of thousands.

Eventually, if we are building and growing, perhaps we are confronted with Mindtrap's dilemma, watching millions become a billion.

Even if we fall short of that end, the reality is financial freedom is available to all of us through cryptocurrency. The question is do we truly believe that. If so, this will be reflected in the actions that are undertaken on a daily basis.

It is time we accept that this is what is being offered to us all.

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I taking massive actions daily. Engaging on the content I go through and enjoy. Planning & creating my next content piece. Collaborating with projects & ultimately having fun on twitter. I know it's worth it. The ride is bumpy but up we go. 💯

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The activity you are undertaking will end up helping you wallet a great deal over time. I have yet to see someone who did not get actively involved on Hive and not make it. The ones who did not, gave up.

Those who are here a couple years later, are in much better position than they were before.

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I agree @taskmaster4450. I am growing faster just by getting active on the chain. It's overwhelming and mind blowing. Loving the experience so far. 🦁

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I am sure completely crypto will give me financial freedom, AND let me get muy 401k tools but with better rate, AND specially with the completely auto custody.

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It all ads up over time. Crypto can lead to financial freedom yet other investment accounts can add to it.

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This is an extremely important topic.

I believe I'd be able to handle the money. I truly value financial independence and freedom and couldn't care less about status symbols.

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Those who build and grow tend to not really fall into it. They understand what it takes to create the money in the first place.

Anyone who struggled on Hive while staying persistent will understand how difficult it can be.

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That's correct.

The state of financial education is sorry indeed. Sadly, that education is often left for advertisers.

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Beautifully written, truth is; some People will and always become poor after they've come in contact with some ludicrous amount of wealth. Like you said people would rather show they're wealthy rather than building their wealth to ensure sustainability which eventually they can do by investing. Im someone who thinks to be rich isn't enough for to maintain that status is where the real work is and where People should focus in

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Wise words and I agree with you 100%! You brought up the lottery winner case but it's kind of the same on Hive. Some users can't resist temptation. As soon as they have some stake, they cash it out as showing off means more to them. Then come back, post about how hard life is to get more.

In reality, wealth is a mental game. It is one where what takes place between our ears is a representation of what will happen to us.

Education and mental strength is key here.

I keep hoping these people on Hive and Leo will learn something but in three years I see the same thing over and over again. I guess some people never change. Other people's appreciation (even if for just a moment) means everything, versus long time financial freedom. It's sad though.

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You point out something important. Most people simply do not learn. They keep doing the same thing over and over again.

I guess that is why they call it the definition of insanity.

The key to Hive success is to keep building. But cashing everything that comes in is not a path to huge success in my opinion.

One needs to be committed and part of that is financial.

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These people need to understand that the support (upvote) they get is possible because users like us have been building instead of cashing out. If most of us would cash out most of our earnings, there would be no support at all for anyone.

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Therefore, we have to analyze our beliefs around money, wealth, and the accumulation of it.

Yes, we must evaluate and analyze our beliefs what we can do and what we can accomplish. The most important thing is that there is continuous progress and development in order to maintain that.

And for your question, Have You Accepted That Crypto Will Give You Financial Freedom?
At least it gives me the opportunity to do so
Having a chance is the most important thing, which is what drives you to continue

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Having a chance is the most important thing, which is what drives you to continue

Only if one takes advantage of it.

It is open to all but many, if not most, walk away.

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I am making more than I can spend these days (and I don't spend a lot). Things are changing fast. I wrote a post recently about how surreal the whole experience is. It might not be so huge but I am making life-changing money and my goal is to increase my streams of income in a couple of months while I work on other projects.

They say money goes where it is treated well. I have had to learn the hard way. Hopefully, I don't mess things up this time.

It feels good to be free. Sometimes it seems surreal but I am enjoying every bit of it.

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I am making more than I can spend these days (and I don't spend a lot).

This is the simple key to financial success. Spend less than you bring in and invest the rest.

With crypto, especially on Hive, there are many ways to get rewards coming in. If one does not take it all out, the rest can be put to work to bring in even more tokens.

Over time it all will add up.

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The moment will soon come when you will not estimate the value in dollars ;=)

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I remember those days when people left cryptocurrency during bear season. They might still be weak with regards to investments, and never looked at its future.

As for me, I don't have a job, and I am invested with cryptocurrency.

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Recently, I saw a couple come back. They were ones who cashed out when the price of Hive was down in the teens. They believed there was nothing happening here.

Mind blowing.

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I personally seen this firsthand. Over ten years ago I got a job at a small software company. In the short time I was there they went from 50 employees to an international company. For better or worse most people now know the name of this company. The employees that were there before me got an insane amount of pre-IPO stock. Most of them were kids. Early 20's and it was their first job out of high school now they are worth 7 to 8 figures.

The insanity I saw after you give a bunch of 20 somethings a ton of cash. I worked with one guy that would hammered and forget where he parked his BMW. Take a Taxi. Bite the Taxi driver and get kicked out. Sleep in the street and get up to go to work the next day. Absolute insanity.

There is no doubt that we know the downside to having a lot of money, very quickly, and at very young ages.

We see this most often, at least publicly, with athletes. Suddenly 22 or 23 year old kids have millions.

They cannot handle it.

It seems we see a lot of that with Bitcoin yet, for some reason, they were able to handle it better. Maybe it was because they all HODLed.

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"Have you accepted our Lod and Savior Khal into your pleb heart" - when a Leo witness knocks on your door :))

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Yes I have.

Khal is the deity of financial freedom and plebe abundance.

We all bow down to his greatness.

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Bears are a part of life and once one starts to realize that building is an opportunity during bear season the tide will turn. But as you say, as many cut and run during a bear event they will always lose out.
It is all indeed a mindset thing.

My view is build in the bear times...build in the bull times...build when the bears and bulls are wrestling for control.

In other words, just keep building and growing the bags.

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Oh yes, I respect your view and we think alike on this issue, as I have been doing exactly the same.
Only wish that I had more IT and trading know how, but I am making do with what I have.

I bought BTS based on the idea of that post of @mindtrap. My moon bag 😀. Don't know which cycle though...

And yes I have accepted that crypto will give me financial freedom and its volatility towards reaching that goal.

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I have BTS too.

That one has not worked out so well.

Perhaps someday it will take off for us.

In the meantime, there are other fish in the sea.

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Anything is possible, especially in a bull market.

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Awesome article! Well written! I myself have been reluctant to dip my toes in until recently. I look back to when BTC was under 20k and climbing. I see it now and shake my head. Man I missed a huge opportunity. The problem is, crypto was foreign to me. Now I have a friend who has been awesome in explaining things to me especially hive. I’m in this for the long haul. I think this is the best idea since sliced bread 😜

Welcome to Hive @leveluplifestyle.

If you are consistent, active, and thinking long term, your account will grow over time.

We cannot rue the missed opportunities, only take advantage of what is now before us.

Hive and all that is on here is an opportunity from where we stand right now in my opinion.

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It will be a difficult transition for many to move from a system of scarcity to abundance. Since this $ symbol is so ingrained in people it is tough for them to accept anything else as value. Blockchain education will be key during this transition. Valuing intangibles like in game assets is a concept that is tough for some to accept. Moving to fiat is always the move that is made by most newbies. Now if we could only get a Hive debit card :)

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Well, in my discussion about the Metaverse and Virtual Worlds, I learned that most cannot envision what is meant by abundant or near infinite.

The switch to digitization changes everything. Yet in spite of some of the examples from the past, it still is tough for people wrap their heads around.

It is sad to see how it is all before then and they cant see it. I guess the programming of society is just that powerful.

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Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 51 of my contest just started...you can now check the winners of the previous week!

It is about how you value what you have and for myself Hive was not easy and a constant battle to be able to earn. This is far from the scenarios of easy come easy go as long as you see the value. Early on I was encouraged to look at Hive like a university degree of social media and then reassess after 5 years (@tarazkp's idea and influence). I think your journey on Hive is shaped by the people you engage with as like for like will find each other which provides even more support for those that are already established and those starting out.

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Great positive post, only way is up.

I think I would probably sell a portion of my holdings and let the rest ride. In that type of way, if its a bull market I earned some profits and if its a bear market, I can reload when the chart is right. I think its best to not stress as much and if getting a free trade is something I can get, then I see no reason to refuse it.

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Crypto is my only bet, I don't see myself being financially free from 8 hours a day job. With a long term target on crypto, the goal of building wealth will eventually fall in place.

Just give it time but I have to keep accumulating is what I tell myself.

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To be honest, I had already accepted the fact when I joined this platform.

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Most people never reach financial freedom, and if they do - usually by luck - they don't keep it, precisely because they have the wrong mindset.

Crypto presents extraordinary opportunities for ordinary people to change their lives. But if they keep the paycheck to paycheck mentality, they will never succeed in significantly making an impact on their lives.

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Totally and absolutely! I accept that cryptocurrencies will give me financial freedom; and I have always been clear that this implies a change of mentality, and I am working to achieve it! Good post!

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