Hive Requires Patience

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Hive is a technology, one the world is not quite ready for yet. Cryptocurrency is something new and the masses are going to adjust.

In this video I discuss how technology often takes time and it is easy to get impatient with it.

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I think it's great that Hive is growing gradually and "organically". The people who are on the platform are mostly passionate about it. Innovations that explode overnight often disappear overnight too. Facebook took a few years to establish itself with the masses. In the early days there was Facebook and Bebo, and no one was sure which one would be most popular.
I would like crypto to be used as an alternative to the big corporate control system. If it grows too quickly it will just become part of that.

I dont know if he actually said it @imagingfreedom, but I ready this quote attributed to Robert DeNiro:

It took me 10 years to become an overnight success.

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The challenge is somewhat related to the governmental fiat system dependency most of us have. The slower we sneak up on early majority adoption that happier we are as we build our stake, and the longer it can sustain momentum with FOMO not being the main factor.

We are heading there slowly but surely and governments recently printing relief money is going to help in its way!

No doubt governments, who are henchmen for the banks, are a major problem. I agree, the longer we fly under the radar the better. Built out as much as possible before they start to go into attack mode.

That is how we will best insulate ourselves from the blowback of those powerful entities.

I believe that each day, our market gets that much stronger. The numbers are growing slowly and the wealth held in digital assets keeps expanding.

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Hey great video,

I wish i had 10 minutes to write a relpy but im an a hurry, just wanted to drop a thumbs up

Your line at 14.10 till the finish is the 1 line i would take from this video if i had to pick one. You worded it perfectly there and hit the nail on the hit