My Latest Project: Introducing LeoGlossary

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This is something that I was mulling over for a while. Now, it is being unleashed to the Leofinance community in an effort to help advance the entire platform.

What is LeoGlossary?

Basically it is using the immutable text storage feature of the Hive blockchain to help create a database of financial and cryptocurrency terms.

While this might not seem that exciting, by the end of this article everyone will understand the importance of what is being designed.

Article Optimization

Over the last few months, we saw a lot of discussion on Leofinance about optimizing articles in an effort to generate organic traffic. @hitmeasap does a weekly report detailing the progress the site is making in that area.

There are many aspects to this, most of which are outside the scope of this article. However, one key feature is the idea of providing links in one's article. Of course, the goal is to do that with other Leofinance content.

When we delve into this realm, we quickly find out there is a lot to it. Search engines (Google) have gotten adept at stopping people from rigging the system. Thus, generating organic traffic truly is a process.

Nevertheless, as content ages and is cited, it becomes the "expert" on that topic. This is how reaching the first page is achieved.

Time is something that we can do nothing about. Yet, with Leofinance, we have a lot of articles going up each day. Here is where the potential resides to really do some damage.

LeoGlossary is designed to help with this endeavor.

Key Terms

Leofinance is a financial and cryptocurrency site. This is the general focus of most of the posts. For this reason, we have a huge opportunity to leverage our posts for higher search engine rankings.

Here is a result from Google when typing in "interest rate swaps":


Here is what came up when stock options was typed in:


Notice how Investopedia comes up as the #1 ranking for each. According to, this site is rank #1,111 globally and #502 in the US.

The idea behind LeoGlossary is to get some of the key terms ranking by focusing on definitions. Over time, as these are linked in other articles, we can see the ranking of Leofinance move up across the board.


It all starts with the "Main Menu". This is a page that everyone is going to want to bookmark. Essentially, it is the epicenter of all that we are doing.


As we can see, it is a simple page with a glossary of terms. The key is each will have a link to another page.

Here we open up the Cryptocurrency page:


There is a short definition on the topic along with a link back to the Main Menu.

Please note that each term has its own URL that can be linked in any article on Leofinance. We can use it both in the body or the comment section.

Reference Center

It is important to get a section of Leofinance operating as a reference center. We need a place where people return on a regular basis.

Obviously, the long-term goal of this project is to get words ranking so that when people do organic searches, Leofinance is on the first page. As we all know, this will take a while.

However, anyone who followed the work of @hitmeasap, @finguru, and @forexbrokr, know the tips for optimization they put forth. Hopefully, LeoGlossary is another feature that can add in this effort.

Over time, there will be more definitions added to the Main Menu. As it fills in, most articles on Leofinance can have at least one link to the LeoGlossary. Remember, this has a address, so it is helping the ranking of the main site.

Just think of the number of articles each person wrote with the word "Cryptocurrency" in it. What will happen if a couple dozen of us go back through them and link to this page? Over time, we will start the process of moving this up the rankings.

We will also be adding to some of the definitions as time allows. For the moment, it is most important to get a host of links available and ready for use.

How You Can Help

Like most things on Leofinance, this is a community initiative. For that reason, there are a few things that would be helpful:

  • Start using the LeoGlossary list to get links for your articles. Go back through older ones and update.

  • The default for the @leoglossary account is set to decline rewards yet I am not sure how well that is working. That said, do not upvote the LeoGlossary content. It is not meant to be a money maker but rather use Hive's permissionless, immutable decentralized database as the basis for our storage.

  • Send out whatever links you can on other social media platforms. If you are reading an article with a comment section, drop a link to one of the terms on LeoGlossary.

  • If someone wants to create an image that we can use for the profile pic, that would be great also.

Let us know in the comment section how useful you think this will be for you.

If you found this article informative, please give an upvote and rehive.

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Would have love to link this to my new post but it's already out there, will definitely add some keywords linking to leoglossary in my next post. It'll do the community more good to try to add one or two links per post when they can.

Feel free to grab the links. Will be adding more with each passing day.

Let's try to get some of this stuff ranking.

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"Over the last few months, we saw a lot of discussion on Leofinance about optimizing articles in an effort to generate organic traffic. @hitmeasap does a weekly report detailing the progress the site is making in that area."

Haven't been doing those for the past 3 weeks though, but I could rather easily share the stats for each of the past 3 weeks if anyone is interested.

I've been struggling in real life the past month or something like that, so I haven't been able to be as active as I want to

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I hope the issues work out. It is tough when things crop up at times.

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Leo glossary concept sounds really good. I liked the key point as you show how sites ranked #1 for SEO. Hope this project will run successfully. Good luck.

Glossaries can do well. It is up to us to get the linking taking place. This all feeds back to Leofinance.

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Ok sir, thanks for letting us know.

Good idea! As soon as I get back to writing I'll do my best to link to the Glossary whenever applicable!

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Be sure to grab a couple per article. This will really help to ensure we get the best possible ranking on some of these URLs. If that is the case, then we can lift the entire site.

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The LeoGlossary is a very interesting idea to learn much more about both economic terms and Cryptocurrencies since something new could come out every day due to the constant movement

It is an educational piece as well as a reference center.

That is true. Hopefully we will see people using the links to get the rankings improving.

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Such a great idea… this should help, when more will use the links in their posts, to rank higher.
Thank for that!
Hope it picks up.

Make sure you grab a few for your articles.

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Will do for sure… it’s helpful.

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I think it's nice but I also think that the content might need to be updated from time to time. Things change as news comes out and having more relevant examples is always good.

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Congratulations. You are nominated.

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This is not an easy task you have embarked on. I know because I started working on a guide account and a FAQ account on the previous blockchain using this idea of index pages.

One thing you'd need to keep in check is the size of the index pages (the glossary). They tend to grow, and Hive posts have a limit (basically the limit is the size of a block, but char count is much lower than that). One idea could be to break the glossary into multiple posts if it grows too big (maybe one per letter, or one every few letters).

Plus keeping the information updated is always a challenge.

I'll do my best to link back to the glossary links throughout my posts going forward. I don't think this is a bad idea.

They outlived the dinosaurs. They also survive nuclear radiation. The visual isn't appealing, but survivability is.

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I think it's a wonderful and accurate statement... It's very funny because it's so unsavory!... And, ya know-bees.

I know linking back to Hive/Leo Finance helps SEO but it's sometimes difficult to find other articles that pertain to the Blog Post I am creating. Sounds like this will be a handy tool to quickly find relevant Blog Posts to link to! Great concept!

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This is a brilliant initiative and work you are doing TM. It will become an important "library" in and out of LeoFinance and of Hive. Will definitely remember to add in links from here in future posts. Thank you

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Ah, this is your project! I bookmarked the main menu page a while ago. Great idea! I could easily see this there between 'Explore' and 'Curator's Picks' in the future.

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This is a cool idea 💡, I sure will be making use of LoeGlossary 👌

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Amazing idea. I know how everytime I do financial research investopedia comes out on first page.

That's how wikipedia had been ranking in the past for almost everything. Later on, wikiHow did the same too. Now, investopedia takes the financial position.

Oh, there's another blog trying to compete with investopedia too. Something called, nairametrics.... you may not be familiar with this one since the search results might be based on a particular country and location.

In all all, leo glossary is a wonderful idea. Now, I need to revisit my old personal finance posts and link to it.

Well done on this, taskmaster. ❤️❤️

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This is a great idea!
Could you pls put this link also on the profile description? It is difficult to find it, maybe it can also be put at the end of all definitions?
Like: To get to the main page click here
Supporting & Following!

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Awesome work, will be sure to use those links in my blog contributions. Thank you for your efforts.


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Start using the LeoGlossary list to get links for your articles. Go back through older ones and update.

You got it! 👍

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