Technology Completely Changing Business

My view is those who are not paying attention to technology are apt to completely miss what is taking place.

When it comes to career, investing, and all other aspects in the business world, this could be fatal. Sadly, people tend to ignore this vital component, insisting how things will be the same going forward.

Looking at where things are going is imperative. While there are certain phases things operate in, looking at the "far out" stuff in terms of potential is often a good thing to do. It might not come to fruition yet knowing that it is being worked upon is helful.

For example, what are we going to do about encryption?

I am sure, by now, you heard that our encryption will be obsolete by quantum computers. The fact that our encryption system was established in an age of classical computing, this could be usurped by quantum.

So how do we handle this?

There is no clear answer at this point but how about the infrared signals from your hand? How would you like to be able to decode messages with your hand? It would certainly make life a bit easier.

Of course, this sounds truly asinine. There is no way that is possible.

Well, actually, it could be.

A team of engineers from China is developing a new method for using infrared radiation emitted from the human hand to decrypt secret data and create passcodes, a report by Inverse explains.

In a paper published Monday, April 5, in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, the team detailed how infrared radiation from the hand (essentially heat emitted by our bodies) could be harnessed to allow for a host of security applications.

That is why this is the most amazing time to be alive.

We have people actually working on this concept.


Someday infrared radiation encryption could be something that all of us use. It is possible according to this team of researchers. Perhaps we need not worry about developing a new quantum based encryption system. Eventually, we could be it.

The most important discovery, however, was the fact that the decryption process could be honed to work at different depths, the authors explained in their paper.

This means that fingerprints — each with their unique contours belonging only to one individual — could be used as a non-copiable encryption key.


Technology goes through many phases before it becomes mainstream and adopted. In this instance, we have a proof-of-concept in a laboratory. This is still a long way from becoming reality. Thus, it is not something to really pay attention to at the moment.

However, based upon typical progress, we could see more written about this in a couple years if other teams of researchers pick up the ball and run with it.

Depending upon the progress, eventually a corporate entity could start to play with this and further push things forwards.

This could completely change our security and entry systems. If this could protect encrypted information, then we would like be able to program locks on cars and homes using the same technology.


How about package delivery?

UPS is getting ready to use evtols for package delivery. They company is moving forward with the plans, obviously awaiting certification.

Is this the future of package delivery? Again, it is hard to tell where it will all end up. There are many alternatives being pursued. Nevertheless, this is just another example of how rapidly things are changing.

Will this also affect the movement of people? If so, how does that change things for companies such as airlines, cabs, and the hotels.

A lack of planning about this type of stuff will surely cause a lot of pain. When industries are attacked from the outside, they can collapse seemingly overnight.

Over the years, we saw the demise of companies such as Kodak and Blockbuster Video. These were undisputed industry leaders. Unfortunately, they were in industries that ended up going away. A film and video rental company did not stand a chance in the digital era.

Personally I feel there is not an industry that is not going to be affected by the technologies of today. While some might still be down the road, anything that is in the proof-of-concept phase stands a good chance of being a reality within a decade. What kind of impact will that have on existing industries?

Technology is completely changing business as we know it. For those who are paying attention, this offers a great opportunity. However, if one is not paying attention, it is easy to get caught off guard.

When we look at industries such as healthcare, construction, and education, we see grand opportunities for disruption.

Over the next decade, we will see a number of household names going under. The only question is which ones will succumb.

What is guaranteed is things will not remain the same for long.

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I wonder what would happen if someone burned their hands. Would the hand radiation still be the same or would there be some type of backup way to unlock your accounts?

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Use the other one is my guess. 😁

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Lol. I guess we will just have to wait until it becomes a problem and see what happens.

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Fascinating Stuff for sure, I was just reading an @Elonmusk tweet about @neuralink, when your article dropped right in behind it

Elon Musk Twitter

First Tweet
product will enable someone with paralysis to use a smartphone with their mind faster than someone using thumbs
Elon Musk
1h later tweet
Later versions will be able to shunt signals from Neuralinks in brain to Neuralinks in body motor/sensory neuron clusters, thus enabling, for example, paraplegics to walk again

And you are 100% right those not paying attention to the technological advances of our times are going to completely miss that bus, maybe Neuralink could be used in some was to help create some kind of brain mapping signature similar but yet more complex than a fingerprint, One thing for sure, their are some genious minds alive today, this is the best time to be alive and hey we also have @leofinance and the @hiveblockchain

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Brain to computer interfaces are really interesting. It is one of those things that will not only help those with disabilities but also keep humanity on pace with AI. If we are "connected" to it in such a manner, than AI cannot get away from us since any upgrade to it will result in a similar move for us.

Will it work? Some seem to think so. At this point it is speculation but we are seeing a foundation with the likes of Neuralink.

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I love the Idea, that we could one day be one with AI, the possibilities could be endless, but I also fear the down side, could this AI be manipulated in a way that may put not only our individual lives in jeopardy, but the entire human race as we know it. The fear that AI will not only become the superior and dominant life force but also may view us as a threat to our very planet, I fear this will strongly dependent on the people that design, develope and Build future AI technologies as a whole and how they aim to achieve programable machine learning ethics in an actual machine, a machine that can truly understands the value of human life, I am hopeful, but cautious at the same time, for this will be an exciting and extremely challenging yet defining period in mankind's evolution, Neuralink may just give us that edge if utilized in the right way by the correct people and of course for the right reasons

Hand radiation encryption is not something I would have ever even begun to think about. Really incredible concept, I see how it could change messaging and privacy in the future. Wonder if we will see it in common use during our lifetime.

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Hand radiation encryption is not something I would have ever even begun to think about.

LOL who would?

Well obviously some people out there think about stuff like this.

It just shows there are some really smart people walking this planet.

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Really smart or really crazy, either way influential

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There are already talks of drone package delivery. It's clear that technology is revolutionizing everything, otherwise we wouldn't call it a technological revolution.

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Yeah talk is moving to prototypes waiting for approval.

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Hmm, if current encryption solutions will become obsolete before an alternative solution will be developed that isn't breakable by using quantum computing, we will have major messes all over the world and at many levels. Not that there aren't enough potential fires to be put off during this decade already.

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That is true although one of the first applications for quantum could be to design quantum encryption that instantly upgrades all of our encryption.

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Some of the tech stories that get me the most excited are the ones that have to do with science. I think there was one the other day that the used a laser to manipulate anti-matter or something like that. I think all of these gadgets and stuff like that are cool, but I am waiting for that one break through that totally changes science and physics as we currently know it. That will turn everything on its head. Like you have said about other tech stuff, I think we are closer to seeing this reality than a lot of people realize.

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The shift in physics from Newtonian to quantum is a big one. Opens up an entirely new outlook.

We are seeing people focus upon some really far out areas. So it will be interesting to see what progress is made.

This is why the world is going to change so much in the next couple decades. When we account for the research taking place, breakthroughs in these areas really have a profound impact.

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For sure! I got a quantum physics for dummies book a while ago and it was still way over my head. Probably the best explanation I have ever gotten of some of the concepts was from the book Timeline.

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Quantum is a rather tough topic to understand.

Even the basics are beyond most of us.

I am sure the Dummy version reads like a 4th year graduate book.

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Haha yeah, it was pretty intense!

I would rather not have lots of noisy drones or vtols running around in the sky where I live making a noisy city even noisier but that's why I want to eventually buy a house in a quiet place , to get away from it all

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I am actually not really optimistic about vtols. To me, they dont make a lot of sense. We already have helicopters and few use them. A vtol is noting more than adding 3D to our transportation. We can accomplish this with tunnels.

In addition to the noise, what happens when parts start falling off over cities. It happens and could end up on someone's head.

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The metro is a very efficient transport system but tunnels are very expensive

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They are but so are flying machines.

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Some days I feel like its 1984 - and I start to think about living in a cabin on a lake - miles from the nearest road, in a place that gets below 0 for half the year just to get away from it all.

Honestly some days just hoping to last another 2 decades in the workforce if needed before I replaced by AI/robotics

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hello @taskmaster4450le ,
now that I read your article sci-fi movies come to mind where beings from another planet scan people with the palm of the hand, it is possible that it is a type of technology implanted in the hand that allows the person to be a quantum computer, on the other hand the delivery of packages I imagine that it will have a more positive than negative effect for companies since placing an inventory from one place to another is quite comfortable and safe.

I'm promoting That curation trail on HIVE and it would help me a lot if you forward it, You can also check it yourself: you might find it interesting to join, I'd love to hear your comments.