Time To SEO Your Content

There are a number of people putting forth effort to try and get Leofinance ranked better with the search engines. We have to understand this is a long term process yet it is something that is going to require the efforts of a large number of people.

Unfortunately, a few people optimizing their posts is not going to cut it. As I cruise around the site, I come across most that are missing some basics. This is getting to the point it is unacceptable.

There is a very simple reason for this: all of us are going to share in the benefits that Leofinance has to offer. It is time for everyone to step up.

Ad Revenue Going To Leo Power Holders From SEO

Do you hold any Leo Power? If the answer is yes, then you have a vested interest in what is being written here.

About a month ago, @leofinance made a post Introducing the New LeoAds Mechanic. It discussed how the proceeds that were generated from the ads on the Leofinance.io site along with the other applications would be used to by LEO and give it over to those who hold Leo Power.

In other words, anyone with Leo Power in their wallet has a vested interest in seeing the ad revenue increase as much as possible.

Again, it cannot be stressed enough, this takes the effort of everyone.

After that, a number of articles appeared detailing some ways to increase the ad revenue. Obviously, organic traffic is vital to this process. By focusing upon Keywords that bring traffic to Leofinance, we can put the articles we have on here to work.

Here are a few articles containing some ideas about how to increase the ad revenue:

Hive Backed Dollar

Here we have an example of what is taking place.

Over the past few months, many of my articles focused upon the Hive Backed Dollar. In each one, this is an article linked:

This is something that I am doing to try and help get Leofinance.io ranked with Hive Backed Dollar.

How are we doing on the different search engines:






The article didn't rank in the first pages. The only Leofinance article on page 1 with Hive Backed Dollar is:

We did well with the article in two of the search engines checked but missed on the big one. This is what we need to address.

And here is the first lesson: in your articles, make sure you have plenty of links to other Leofinance content. We want the search engines to hop on here and bounce around. Also, with links, we are making the linked content "expertise". Since it is cited, it is given more weight as relevant information to those keywords.

This is a rather simple process for anyone to do. Simply type Leofinance along with whatever keyword you want into the search engine and you will get relevant articles.

For example, "Leofinance keywords" brought up this gem:

SEO Using Headers

To many articles are omitting headers. This is something that can no loner be tolerated. Not only are headers important for optimization, they are vital for readability. Trust me, when you go through dozens are articles per day, those with headers are much easier to read. This is going to start affecting my upvoting.

For those who are unsure how to put headers in articles it is rather simple.

Click on the "H" on the toolbar:


Then you get the drop down menu:


Press the first header:


Then enter your text for the header.

This might not be the most optimized article going but it does have a number of links to Leofinance articles along with a couple headers highlighting key words.

Anyone taking the time to do this with their articles will be getting larger upvotes. Those who are lacking this could find themselves being passed by.

It is time to get Leofinance ranking and those who are interested in being part of the this community will step up.

Since Leofinance decided to share the proceeds from the ads with everyone in the community, it is time for all of us to step up our game.

Use these suggestions along with the other ones from @hitmeasap to optimize your content.

Together we can 10X the ad revenue for all who are staking it.

If you found this article informative, please give an upvote and rehive.

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Great tips! I put a lot of time into formatting my posts with headers, pictures, links and other markdown goodies. It does make things easier to digest, and I find myself struggling to get through long, unbroken text blocks.

How do you feel about posting to #LeoFinance from apps like Peakd and Ecency though... does that affect the viability of our SEO and engagement efforts?

I don't read the big blocks of text.

It must have lots of space, or I just can't.

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I agree.

I think many people are turned off by large blocks of text.

I use headers to break up these blocks, and focus on small bites of information.

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I feel like you added headings there as a joke... "large" blocks of text. !LOL

If so, well played!
And I agree with your points. 👍

This guy said he was going to attack me with his guitar.
I said is that a fret?

Credit: reddit
@shortsegments, I sent you an $LOLZ on behalf of @thatcryptodave
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How do you feel about posting to #LeoFinance from apps like Peakd and Ecency though... does that affect the viability of our SEO and engagement efforts?

To start, that costs you in rewards. There is a penalty, I think 20% on the LEO paid out if using another front end. So if you want to get your full LEO rewarded, using Leofinance or Leofinance Mobile is the way to go (does not affect the HP/HBD payouts).

Also, the SEO is based upon the front end used. An article posted through Peakd will have that as its main site in the search engine, not Leofinance.

As for engagement, that is up to individuals users. It doesnt matter where the post comes from, if people are engaging they are doing it.

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Also, the SEO is based upon the front end used. An article posted through Peakd will have that as its main site in the search engine, not Leofinance.

That makes sense. It would help if I didn't have five or six front-ends that I want to use at certain times, not to mention communities. Sigh... I need to simplify. I wonder if this is a common train of thought, and these more general Hive apps have become the easy button for users who want to bounce around.

I do post to the LeoFinance front-end though, having said all that... it's one of my mainstays, and that won't change. :)

When I do write articles, I make sure to use headers and also short paragraphs with short sentences.

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I think that’s a good style for people to emulate.

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Readability is important.

Hopefully you are dropping some links to older Leofinance content.

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I absolutely am.

Although mostly to my own content.

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Among the list of keywords, I think my interest is short of one word. I can write an SEO article about "SPS airdrop", but not about "SPS airdrop cards." As for the other keywords, that to me is really difficult.

I still remember in 2009 when I was writing in oDesk( now Upwork). All clients require an SEO-optimized article. I didn't have a problem with that since I was receiving my pay. But when it comes to my own blog, I really struggle writing for search engines.

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Well anything that is done is of help. We are looking at the collective, not the individual. Over time, as we improve a bit more, the overall effort will help the rankings.

Keywords have a way of just showing up. LOL

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I forgot how we do it during those days. A skill once learned but left unused will soon be forgotten. I am not sure if it was Google analytics that suggests those keywords SEO writers should write about.

Odds are what was effective in those days is likely changed. The search engines (okay Google) is always revamping their algos. So it is likely the "tricks' used in the past are now no longer effective.

It is a matter of finding the new ones.

That said, linked content still seems to be one of the keys.

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Yes, keywords are constantly changing. The tension is between writing creatively for human readers and writing for the machine. I am not sure if this is true. Due to SEO abuses done in the past, I heard someone say that SEO now is more organic. Literally, during those days you can read articles, in which keywords are properly placed but the following sentences in the paragraphs have nothing to do with the topic itself. It has been a long time since I stopped writing SEO articles. The challenge now is how to maintain both SEO and creativity, writing for both human readers and the machine.

Now you can think of it as pay with the enhanced curation for SEO promoting articles.

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Well, if writing about "SPS airdrop" really drives traffic, I can do that.

Yes, tag me #shortsegments
I will post the link on Twitter!

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Well, if writing about "SPS airdrop" really drives traffic, I can do that.

Keywords are crazy drivers of web traffic!

Your efforts will help us all in the end, and who knows which SEO effort will bring us a celebrity or billionaire to support our community?


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Ok, I have to review first some documents about the SPS airdrop.

You can do a post about the SPS airdrop and when it is ending.

Give a warning if you will. That could help the ranking.

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Ok, I will find time one of these days.

I will work on improving my articles. For me I am still suffering to find topics that I could add to #Leofinance, I never used to write anything on finance before.

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Well your activity on here means you are involved with cryptocurrency. That is another topic that is applicable on Leofinance.

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Involved, I definitely am, but not very knowledgeable, but I am getting there slowly!!

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Good Luck!
I will keep optimizing mine too.

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Thanks a lot for the insight, I will have to learn on how to put headers on my posts.

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Yes they are vital. We need to get people involved in doing this. Each little thing that another individual does helps the collective.

Once that happens, over a 6 month period of time, we might be getting some more articles appearing.

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I've been studying SEO for a couple of months and I started witnessing the increase in the ranking of posts. That's a big advantage for LeoFinance to bring organic traffic to the website without a marketing budget to be spent.

Happy to see that there is an awareness on SEO, as well.
Getting better everyday ✌🏼

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It is a huge advantage. Organic traffic cannot be overstated. It is crucial. We need the tentacles of Leofinance to spread far and wide.

Optimization of article is a key component from what I am understanding. If each person does a couple things to make their articles a bit better, we could see a massive step forward.

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That’s encouraging.

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I didn't know how important headers were but I would start including them in my posts now. Thanks for sharing.

To help improve leofinance audience.

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They are vital for SEO and important for readability.

If one puts up a wall of test, it is impossible to read.

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Yes, that's very true and I just started making adjustments in my recent post

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That is a good first step. Focusing upon readability is important. Also, helping to optimize helps your own posts and the site.

It is a win-win-win.

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Yes it is worth it, we all need to drive more traffic back to hive

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I always recommend using H1, H2 and H3 tags to structure a post properly. Google have admit that there are zero issues with a page having multiple H1 tags though, so it won't affect rankings in either way.

However, readability is most likely a direct ranking factor so a well-structured post, optimized or not, is crucial for readability. Add a bit optimization to a well-structured post and you have a winner.

  • It's that easy.

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Yeah. We all encountered those posts that were just a wall of text. It is tough to read.

This is all part of improving ourselves as content creators.

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I think this strategy is a winner.

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A real important issue. It is a long time concern of mine regarding Hive that I can barely find anything Hive related on google search. It is really hard to search for websites related to the chain if I only remember part of the address.

Part of that is the different from ends. A lot of the content is spread among the URLs, diluting the overall. We simply need more content on Leofinance along with ranking some better.

Plus the search engines arent real friendly to blockchain anyway.

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Agreed, I looked for HBD and not many came up.

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I once saw an article of mine on Google. I searched few days later, couldn't find it.

I think this helps alot. Thanks

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Google likes fresh content, but also likes older content.

That is why updating or refreshing the articles are important (something I have to improve upon). There is a lot to this. We just have to keep chipping away.

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It reminds me that I should probably get around to finishing that half-done article that I keep putting off but I'll try to include as many backlinks to LeoFinance as I can.

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LOL Yes I didnt mention that but a completed article is a requirement.

Half completed articles probably dont score well on any level.

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If we all join together, surely all that effort will give results in the future, that idea of ​​continuing to accumulate Leo Power based on what we have accumulated and through advertising is very good, I imagine some details will have to be polished, but very soon we will be leaders in the #Leofinance search for the benefit of all of us .

I am ready for SEO ing my content, probably one of the most underrated tools to bring traffic to Leofinance. What also works quite well is to go back and optimize already published articles. Something I will do every other day and by the end of the year all my published articles will have at least a little optimization. All new content I will try to optimize as good as possible.

That is true. Spending some time each week updating older articles is a must. I have to get better with it.

But we all have to start somewhere.

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This is like studying trading and futures in one day, but it is necessary to improve the place.

I will study this further to contribute as well.

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It certain is a science as much as an art.

So we have to learn as we go. Each improvement made by each person will net individual and collective dividends.

That is the goal.

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SEO is important

I use headers a lot

I try to check what’s trending on Twitter and write about it.

I use to put links to my previous posts on my old articles, but stopped, I will resume now and put them on my last 7 articles.

Thanks for the ideas.


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That is something else I didnt mention but putting things on Twitter is important. Even if it brings in a few clicks, it helps.

Plus gets the content out there some more.

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  • Yes
  • I routinely post my post links on Twitter
  • I also tag people I know on Twitter with my post links, then I copy other peoples posts from Leofinanace
  • I then post these on Twitter and tag people I know.
  • This sometimes results in 1000 interactions on Twitter with people liking the post link, forwarding the post link and some reading the articles.
  • Sorry if I tag you a lot, I don't know that many people and I have only about 450 Follwers on Twitter.

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Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
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To support your work, I also upvoted your post!

Check out the last post from @hivebuzz:

Hive Power Up Month - Feedback from May - Day 15

One thing I'd like to add regarding headers. Header 1 (one #) should be reserved for the titles of the posts. Everything in the article should be from Header 2 or lower (## for sections, ### for sub-sections, etc.). Otherwise great tips and tireless work to improve the SEO on Leofinance.

Boss just hearing about this header now. I joined this community with a day training and the person that introduced me here,is not even with the community. Thanks for the information.

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headers are very important and each time I write a post I do my best sometimes to include it but now I have to improve that for readability

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Using Headers with your main keywords is a great SEO practice. I will link the HBD crypto guide whenever there is a reference to HBD in any of my blogs.

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