Persistence with consistency brings Result as a Crypto Trader

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You must have been aware that there several times where by you desire a particular result, you keep putting your effort and everything to it. You want to make a trade works, you research on helpful tips that might really help you to be successful in it and you keep trying as much as possible to let it won out

Eventually you enter the trade and it seems like the moment you enter that particular, you begin to read loss, some trade ends in loss even after several research and testing several strategies. It laters ends up still in loss


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As human begin, that feeling of been fustrated and discouebau will want to come and most times that is when we give up when we are close to our success. I was actually watching some of my videos I created four years ago on my youtube.

Then four years ago, I was really putting all my effort and zeal to it but there was no result to show for it. I got discouraged and gave up. Four years later, I begin to regret my actions of giving up. I should have press more and perhaps if I have been consistent and persistence four years ago, my youtbi channel will have really grown

I remember also last three years ago when I started my journey on Forex trading, I was actually consistency and persistence to it though even with my little knowledge. After experiencing some huge loss, it push me to give up thinking I have no result to show for it. Years later also, I am beginning to regret my actions that I gave up.

You see at times when we are just about to give up, that's when we are close to it. A life of a crypto trader can really actually be fustrating at times when you beginning to try and try and try gathering more knowledge but it seems the rate you lose is much more than the rate you win, you might want to give up but don't. Keep trying harder. Keep gathering knowledge to improve yourself as a crypto trader because knowledge is really quite powerful

What you don't know, you don't really know and that's why you must upgrade yourself. Instead of feeling discouraged and fustrated as a crypto trader, continue in Persistence and consistency to keep gathering more knowledge and you will see yourself successful

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persistence and good decisions as well. I am very persistent but i make wrong decisions most of the time during trading haha

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