Seems we are stills heading downward - BTC around $19k

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Yesterday was another edition of the LPUD for the month of September which I believe you definitely participate in it. Yea I tried as much as possible not to miss out as I was able to Power up 150 Leo. Though it might look small but trust me it was worth it to me.


I am looking forward really to powering up more Leo in the next edition I mean next month. Yes probably even close to 500 Leo. I am hoping I can really achieve that feet.

By the way, Last few days bitcoin was hovering around $20k and I made a post about how possible we can still see some downward if you haven't checked it out, you can do so as this is the link below

BTC currently trading around the $19k and I believe this is not just the end. Perhaps we might see it dip further to like the region of $18k or even $17k before the month ends. I will advise anyone not to enter market for now and if there is a serious need to do so, Don't stay long in the market. Get out of the trade as early as possible before you see caught unaware

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Good call. And I think you are right. We will see another push down on BTC. I am surprised that HIVE is holding at $0.55. We'll see if it dives when BTC dives again. I am adding Leo also. It's great to cast one vote and get two rewards!

Yea. The idea is to stack as much as possible. Stacking Leo is a good option

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