Amazing recount of what really happened on Steem and the birth of Hive

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Everyone here likely knows the story of when Justin Sun bought Steemit Inc and thought he owned the blockchain and the community as well.

No matter how involved you were in this, you likely didn't know a lot of the details from behind the scenes, like the fact Justin Sun was buying 300,000 Steem tokens a day to maintain control of the top witness positions or that @blocktrades likes the smell of citrus.

Decrypt just dropped an epic recount of the events that unfolded to get us to where we are today on Hive. I highly recommend reading it as even I learned something from it.

The article was written by Tim Copeland, and was the result of months of work and starts all the way back from the birth of Steem.

Let's get our story out in front of as many people as we can, we deserve to be heard!

Please share everywhere you can. People need to know the truth.

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It was definitely a fantastic article and retelling of the entire ordeal to date. The one part that irked me a bit, though, was this one:

Specifically, the witnesses were able to unilaterally lock out Sun after a simple majority vote passed 19 to 1. They had orchestrated the plan in a private Slack group, ran a software upgrade on the blockchain and froze the Tron Foundation CEO’s funds.

“It was like shooting first and then talking with them,” one Steem community member recently complained to Decrypt. The person—who is actually a Sun supporter—asked that his real name be withheld because he had received death threats.

This glosses over the two weeks of trying to talk to them, the AMA which answered nothing, and, most importantly, Tron using their "non-voting" stake to vote for block producers on the Tron blockchain which is exactly what the Steem community was worried about.

And me:

The person—who is actually a Sun supporter—asked that his real name be withheld because he had received death threats.

that discredits the fight.

In any case and even if it's a bit romanticized I would have learned some things, had additional information about others. Really a must-read article when you're on this blockchain, thanks for sharing it @themarkymark.

Good point, but in all fairness he want is a journalist and I expect most of us who care already were desperately trying to reach out to Justin Suns community members to find a more logical approach to the use of the funds.

Just in case anyone's forgotten, that's where you can find the original version of his post where the meme came from, with the infamous 'closing question'

I'm also pleased to say there's a link to it on this article I wrote for leopedia: what's in a block? which reminds people that, after seven day, what's on the chain, stays on the chain, even if you edit your front end post after that!

I was hoping this post would get more attention in the article. It really told a lot of the story.

Interesting, I didn't know that's what it looks like on the backend. Pretty cool, I may need to stop commenting on some posts that I don't want to be associated with me in the future lol nothing awful but not the greatest.

I love that picture!

That article is great, it really goes to town, I like that one of the headings is the infamous quote itself!

this shows the power of the blockchain. even man how literally owns it, can't erase his stupid statements.

You couldn't write the script, could you!

My recollection has more @netuoso in it. Interesting article, and a great quote about Hive becoming more valuable than Steem quickly, proving that the community has more value than the token.


@yabapmatt mentioned that there was quite a bit during the initial Steem->Hive pre-transition period that was kind of left out. Like the fact that we tried very hard to bridge communications between Steemit and Tron to prevent a blockchain split from ever happening.

I spoke directly with various ex-Steemit employees (at the time current Steemit employees) to share information about the upcoming Tron takeover and get their input as to how to proceed. I could say that without me, Hive would not have been created the way it was when it was. However, without me, possibly someone else would have decided to take the charge and lead a blockchain split after the writing was more clearly written on the wall.

Hive is an actual community of people working together to build out the platform, whereas Steem was just Steemit with a bunch of leeches trying to siphon money/tokens before Steemit could destroy the token price.

Fwiw, Steem potentially would have never happened without @blocktrades leading Hive to have also never happened. Cause and effect is a really tricky thing to understand and I personally think in this situation it is impossible to really single any one person out for the creation of Hive.

Finally, Tim Copeland asked me for input on the article and if he could interview me regarding it. I was unable to provide input at the time he was needing it due to various personal/health related issues. I am sure I could have been spotlighted in the article if I really wanted to be :P

I was unable to provide input at the time he was needing it

I am glad to learn both that there is a good reason for the lack, and that you are better now.



Oh it is so good i joined later then never. I did not even knew what was happening. Now being on hive gives that feeling of hope again. I feel like the early days of Steemit again. When people were posting, socialising, having a great time

It read like a good book. A thriller of course ;)

The most frightening part of the book is the fact that you upvoted your own two sentences comment with $0.11.
A lot of people do not even earn that much with their blog posts. And they put hours of work and effort into their posts.

The mistake Justin Sun was believing that I could buy people.

Hive proved him wrong.

They hope to get their funds returned but it’s a long shot.

🥵 I hope y'all get your Steem back soon. You can use it to buy some yourself some citrus or whatever.

I've been MIA for a while dealing with real life stuff, but I was around for most of this and remember the events well. It's a good article. Really speaks to the heart of what happened in this fiasco.

Thriller Crypto has named Steem as one of the altcoins to be "purged". Funds have never been confiscated on Hive, but what happened on Steem proves how easy it could happen on any bitshares derived chain. I am more concerned my ids exist as digital form in many different websites when we know databases get hacked. I don't know if I can really recommend cryptocurrency anymore if these days, you can get access to them only by a significant risk of becoming an identity fraud victim.

Than again, also UpWork is demanding the same kind of thing.

Tron Foundation’s CEO, Justin Sun, the P.T. Barnum of crypto,

This about sums it up.

A very good article. It does detail Sun's intentions from the start. This also validates some of the moves made contrary to what many professed. The idea that Sun was looking to be a willing partner was absurd from the earliest stages. Even giving him some benefit of the doubt in the beginning, it was quickly shot.

Ultimately, Sun did create a much better chain. It was his actions that set things in motion for the fork into Hive, a blockchain that is stronger than Steem ever was.

i did not know much about him, but after few days where he contradicts him self day after day, it was obvious that you can't trust him. after few weeks of following his statements you can see him just as a pathological liar.

it is fascinating to me that he is still a "big" player in crypto community.

Seeing his moves on Tron prior are what really made my mind up early of his intentions.

Ultimately, Sun did create a much better chain. It was his actions that set things in motion for the fork into Hive, a blockchain that is stronger than Steem ever was.

Justin Sun has by far been Hive’s best marketer. He really is a great marketer.

That is a simply amazing telling. I didn't realize just how many heroes were involved.

How many were there? because I pretty much only read of three primary - and yet we were literally HUNDREDS that poured our every hour into rallying the troops - even voting for people they didn't approve of. Posts put out, thousands of tweets a day by countless people.... and alas... no mention of that! Just Dan, Acidyo, and Marky pretty much. yip, they did it all! woohoo!

And the story continues, I hope we can slap his face once more having Hive over Tron some day 😁. Great article.

Great article from Decrypt. Everyone should take the time to read it!

“My vision is to make Hive the most attractive platform for the development of innovative, decentralized applications,” - Notestein

Explained a few hidden facts from the time of events, parting words should be the glue that binds Hive together now and into the future!

Thanks for this link, informative read so much was happening at the time many will not realize how much a part members played and people in the background quietly getting on with making things happen the right way.

great article!

I’ll share with everyone and everywhere

Tweets are done

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I just read it when someone retweeted the article. Gotta say, it reads like a movie script! 2020 is shaping up to be a really weird year...

What an incredible read! A lot of things I didn't know. I like the history surrounding Steem when it first started, I never got all the details until now.

Whaoh! A lot of behind the scenes story in one article. Now I clearly understood everything like I was there when it happened.

my mom is still mad at Justin

Very interesting article, I know something but not all. Thank you for sharing. 😎

it was fascinating to watch live how the HF unfolded. have bittrex decided to just give coins to it's owners it would be best story ever.
i commented when it was happening that if i saw that in a movie, i would be "yea right, this could never happen" :D

hope you all get your $ back in the end.

That was a good read, good timing also as we approach our first HF on Hive.

too many dan's. Had to google their names plus hive to figure out which was which. i didnt know BT was original steem team.

The force is strong with Dan's....

I wasn't a Steemit team member, but I previously wrote some of the code that they used (the peer-to-peer networking layer). And they ended up working out of my basement, so I did contribute some design ideas and gave some free business advice at times, since they didn't have a lot of previous business experience.

For my personal knowledge, one of the three other developers 4 years ago was @gtg?

No, the original devs at launch were Dan (Larimer), Ben, Michael, and Valentine. @gtg was contracted later part-time for devops and computer security work.

Thanks a lot for your answer 👍

It’s nice to know that you were there behind the scenes since the beginning being that you have such a sway here. Of course I feel the more distributed the better but I really appreciate all you have done to keep this community that I love alive. I feel we are moving in the right direction, just need more good PR (like this article)

I’m relieved to know that the people who put the most effort and money into this place are people who have a deep understanding of it. And I think the community really appreciates any and all transparency, I love to know more about witnesses and whales cause the more I know I can trust you, the more I want to put into this ecosystem.

I don’t think I’ll ever reach anywhere near your level of influence here but I never though I’d be a dolphin either so at least I hope to be one of many new whales to come.

Wait so we have

Dan Notestein, a self-made millionaire and coder.

Who obviously lover of citrus smells

Dan Hensley, an energetic 6’3” millionaire with slicked-back dark hair

He obviously loves beach views (is it just me or is he describe as Cristina Grey here??)


TheMarkyMark, a Steemit stalwart

What???? But how tall are and are blond, dark hair, grey hair? Do you like citrus or more sweet smells? I feel like we need to know!!! We all already know you like pool views tho.

I have to admit that Tim Copeland is a great writer, I read the post and it felt like watching a movie hehehe.
I love the way he wrote it with passion and it is so easy to follow and understand everything that happened.

That's gotta be an awesome read 💪! Justin Sun imo is a literal comic book villain but for everything crypto.

Great read, highly accurate. I would say it went down exactly how the article states.


Thanks for always keeping us informed... You're doing pretty great.
More grease to your elbows

That's great! Thank you!

at some point, hive is big, we should make a movie with DAO fund from that Thriller :D

Would be fucking awesome, and 100x better story as the facebook one.

“Stealing is bad.”

Memorable line!🤣

Thank you for your kind warning!

How did that Korean Robin Hood hacker take the funds? Inside job?

Fucking commies...

Lol declare your real identity or fuck off. Thanks.

this should be required reading on the faq page or welcome to hive email💚💙❤🤙

Neither the ecennians will gonna hold trx, btt and jst.