I wasn't a Steemit team member, but I previously wrote some of the code that they used (the peer-to-peer networking layer). And they ended up working out of my basement, so I did contribute some design ideas and gave some free business advice at times, since they didn't have a lot of previous business experience.

For my personal knowledge, one of the three other developers 4 years ago was @gtg?

No, the original devs at launch were Dan (Larimer), Ben, Michael, and Valentine. @gtg was contracted later part-time for devops and computer security work.

Thanks a lot for your answer 👍

It’s nice to know that you were there behind the scenes since the beginning being that you have such a sway here. Of course I feel the more distributed the better but I really appreciate all you have done to keep this community that I love alive. I feel we are moving in the right direction, just need more good PR (like this article)

I’m relieved to know that the people who put the most effort and money into this place are people who have a deep understanding of it. And I think the community really appreciates any and all transparency, I love to know more about witnesses and whales cause the more I know I can trust you, the more I want to put into this ecosystem.

I don’t think I’ll ever reach anywhere near your level of influence here but I never though I’d be a dolphin either so at least I hope to be one of many new whales to come.