Bloomberg predicts $400,000 BTC by the end of 2022

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I'm pretty bullish on Bitcoin, and even I wouldn't have predicted $400,000 BTC by the end of 2022. I'm thinking we will hit around $100,000 potentially by the end of this year or maybe the end of next year, but $400,000? Hot damn! Not sure I agree though.

Now I would just chalk this up to hopeful dreams, but this Bloomberg. Bloomberg is considered one of the most knowledgeable organizations in the world when it comes to finance. In fact, if you are willing to spend $48,000 you can get a Bloomberg data terminal in your office for 2 years.


"The company has been publishing a monthly edition of a “Crypto Outlook” report for some time now, covering a series of developments in the wider world of cryptocurrency that might be of interest to the financial sector. The April edition of “Crypto Outlook” was published on April 6, claiming that the “rising tide” of bitcoin adoption is foretelling a bullish phase of growth for the world’s number-one decentralized digital currency.

Specifically, the report made the bombastic claim that bitcoin will reach a price of $400,000 by the end of Q4 2021, basing this claim on several data points. First of all, the analysts have come to this figure through a series of calculations on bitcoin’s history, tracking its overall tendency for value to increase next to other factors like liquidity, volatility, number of bitcoin mining subsidy halvings and more. Although Bloomberg has quite sophisticated data analysis under its umbrella that back up bold declarations like this, there are also a number of broader factors that could lead to this price bump in 2021."
Bitcoin Magazine

In most countries, you could live of 1 BTC if it was $400,000. Even at half that, that is a lifetime salary in many countries.

There is no question this train has no brakes and the future is very bright for Bitcoin as it continues to overshadow everything else. Just recently Bitcoin's market cap passed MasterCard and Visa combined crossing $1.1 trillion dollars. This "magical internet money" is here to stay and will change all financial institutions if they want it to or not.

Bitcoin is currently #6 top asset measured by market cap with Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, and Google the next targets to beat.


As my good friend Hodor has said, HODL.

This is not financial advice, you need to make your own decisions and use your brain. I cannot make those decisions for you, if you need advice, call your mom.

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Thanks for sharing the work and information, @themarkymark, but I'm going after Ethereum and Litecoin. I want a bunch of hundred thousand Dollar coins, instead of just a few measly million dollar coins.

Not a smart approach.
If 1 Satoshi becomes to large, a small change in BTC code will bring 1/1000000 of one satoshis to life.

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It's about the adoption rate. The US still has not joined the crypto space, neither has China the other largest GDP. Once these countries citizens start using crypto at a much higher rate than 7%, the price will go up by an insane amount.

It looks like btc needs to get to $120k to become #1 top asset by market cap. That will be interesting to see. I wonder who would integrate bitcoin to their business first, Apple or Amazon? There is a rumor that Walmart bought $1 billion btc.

When walmart finally announce the purchase of $1 billion btc, it will actuate a global monetary paradigm shift and a maximum exposure.

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Hmm, that's very bullish indeed. Btw, title and first paragraph should be corrected, it says "2022" instead of "2021".

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They are correct. They said 2022.

The quote above from Crypto Outlook says "Q4 2021". But Nasdaq website got the title wrong too and content said 2021.

By the way, the exact quote I found was:

Our graphic depicts bitcoin on similar ground as the roughly 55x gain in 2013 and 15x in 2017
To reach price extremes akin to those years in 2021, the crypto would approach $400,000, based on the regression since the 2011 high.

That's even crazier and I just don't buy it. $100K is the most I can imagine by year end and I'm I still think that's being aggressive.

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I agree, $400K sounds extreme. But I believe we will go above $100K, maybe even above $200K. Depends how fierce will be the resistance at $100K.

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I'm sure some of those top companies would already have some BTC which they are not disclosing. It may not be public yet but I'm sure these big companies are a huge investor already. Even investors like Warren Buffet might bad mouth BTC on media and silently hold it behind the screen. Just speculating. :-)

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Apparently I am not allowed to post.

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When I got here 4 years ago, I said I would post every day. Recently I've fallen to once every 2-3 days.

$400,000 might be too crazy to get there, but if an analyzer says It's like that, it could be.

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I agree, 400000 sounds a bit crazy. But why not to see this as a 6x ? What is 6x in crypto? Only 6x? Peanuts. Nothing.

Ask this to doge holders.
6x is a ONE WEEK business !

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yes, it could happen, the $400,000 figure is huge.
Btw, Judging from the history of Doge, it would be ridiculous to arrive at current prices, but it is real now.

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I'll have to do something about this soon and find a better way to invest. Thank you for the notice!

I wouldn’t bet against it, but I don’t think it’ll come to fruition

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Is this only because inflation will be totally out of control in terms of FIAT currencies?


A one word answer to your question

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Glad I'm not the only one that sees it this way... :)

That's such a severe turnaround from they saying it was fake internet money just a few years ago

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So who said that 1sat = $1 isn't joke ?

So, it's just a matter of two things:

Accumulate more and HODL.

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It just feels good to see someone is more bullish than you are, right ?

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For sure, especially considering I'm pretty bullish.

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Super bn cada vez mejor y en alza aca apoyand espero tu apouo igual por mi blog

Looks pretty much for the range of 1 year and 8 months from where Bitcoin is presently. I'll be on a look out, but I doubt it

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We will see at the year end that how much of the prediction comes true. But We all know in deep that it's going to rise, higher price than what it is know. It can just take a few more mega chips buying in & announcing for the 100k or 400k or even a million dollar. It takes time, so HODL.

Interesting, we're still Bullish on Electroneum and some other alts, its been insightful watching who's invested in BTC Mr Tesla etc - where it goes nobody knows - mass adoption is needed and simplicity, something we're seeing in alts, it'll be interesting to see how that Ethereum goes too, do you think it has the potential to overtake Bitcoin? Thanks Marky

I can't see ETH overtaking BTC.

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That's the thing nothings carved in stone, its not very likely but who knows, thank you

I am bullish on this one too :) 400k seems a little utopian but lets hope for the best :)
What would it do with $leo? And $cub? I hope I can retire by 2025 :)

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Even stacking satoshi on freebitcoin would make sense :)

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That scale is set too high,I wouldn't agree less

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Raoul Pal has run sum numbers. He says that he and Plan B have skewed their predictions to the low side. Pal is thinking that if BTC becomes overbought, as it has in the past, by one standard deviation, it lands at about $500,000. If BTC is overbought by 2 standard deviations, then $1 Million. These are historically and statistically real possibilities, that BTC could be overbought heading into 2022. Then it could trade sideways until next halving. I hope they’re right.

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In this program is good and it is important for all people to know and to find new media all community.

I am very bullish on BTC and Bloomberg is probably the institution in the world with the most financial data. But with that said, that Bloomberg talks about forecasts in the crypto markets after the things he has said in the last 10 years about BTC is an insult to human intelligence.

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I cannot make those decisions for you, if you need advice, call your mom.

LOL it is difficult to explain to my mom what bitcoin is

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At this point, it's a free for all with the bitcoin predictions, but I strongly believe that BTC might reach 100k by the end of the year. Maybe not 400k though, that would mean th eentire crypto market cap would get a big boost, and that won't happen unless new money comes in.

Great post regardless :)

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But We all know in deep that it's going to rise, higher price than what it is know.

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400k would be nice I have to say. Unfortunately when these big names start being very optimistics it scares the shit our of me haha.

I tend to do the contrary ^^

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"If you need advice, call your mom."

Hahahahaha. You got a laugh out of me.

I don't know if I reach it or not, but if that happens, it would be really crazy. As the months go by we'll see if this beautiful dream comes true.

Thanks for sharing.

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I collected BTC with faucet and PTC sites. 5 years hard work and now I have 0.4556BTC. I never thought to sell those BTC but if the price will reach to $400,000. Hmmm...

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wow i hope so almost makes up for ignoring the guy who told me about bitcoin in 2005 or whenever it was 1c lol

Well, we are not far from the truth. Bitcoin looks likely to hit more than even that mark. It's exciting to be motivated to hodl more bitcoin on a truly non-custodial wallet application like that of

Stop making this kind of shit. Everyone knows already.